Best neighborhoods in Boca Raton for families

This city of around 90,000 people, between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, is a little paradise. The only trash on the streets is fallen palm fronds. The houses have columns and are painted blue, yellow, or pink. Mercedes limousines, Porsches, and BMWs drive along the streets, past yacht clubs, jewelers, and plastic surgery practices. You constantly have to be careful not to run over one of the golf carts that cross everywhere. Once you see it, you will hire Best Movers in Florida to relocate you there right away! Boca Raton has the villa density of Beverly Hills, a touch of the artificiality of Las Vegas, and weather like in the Caribbean. Boca, as locals say, is a beautiful place for those who can afford it. You just need to find the best neighborhoods in Boca Raton for families and move here!

How to start looking for some of the best neighborhoods here?

Once you start looking for some of the best neighborhoods in Boca Raton, you will have to make a list of all the things you are looking for in a neighborhood. There are many things people potentially look for in a neighborhood that they feel is perfect for them. You can start with simple things, like- do you have pets and kids? If you have kids or pets, the chances are that you will need a place that you can go with them. Something like parks and tracks in nature. You will also look for a good school district.

a house
There are amazing homes here and you will fin the perfect one with ease

If you are single, on the other hand, you might look for a fun place, close to downtown, where you can go out and have a drink. And, if you need to live close to your job, look for a neighborhood near your office. If you are moving your business with you, make sure you hire commercial movers to take care of it. This way, you will narrow down the choice and find what you need in no time! Some of the best neighborhoods are:

  • Boca Raton Square
  • Millpond
  • Palm Beach Farms
  • Paradise Palms

You will love all of these places, and you need to keep in mind that they are some of the most expensive places to live in in the USA. So if you have a budget, a factor that in as well. According to statistics from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Boca Raton is among the communities with the wealthiest residents in America. So, choose your favorite neighborhood and you will get moved by residential movers in Florida right away.

Boca Raton Square is one of the best neighborhoods in Boca Raton for families

Boca Raton Square is located in the east part of Boca Raton. This is neighborhood was one of the first communities that were developed in 1960. Homes here are mostly three to four bedrooms on quarter-acre lots. Boca Raton Square is only 10 minutes drive to the beach so you can easily get to the beach on a daily basis. Most homes in Boca Raton Square have pools so if you have kids, they can enjoy a swim whenever they want.  If you are thinking about the best neighborhoods in Boca Raton for families when it comes to schools this is the right place to be. Here is located one of the best ranking schools in South Florida. Addison Meisner Elementary school has a ranking of 10. Even though so many benefits, Boca Raton Square is really affordable area for Boca Raton. It is definitely a good place to live.

palm trees
There are some amazing neighborhoods in Boca Raton and Boca Raton Square is an amazing one as well


Millpond is a single-family home community that is located off St. Andrews Boulevard and central Boca. Homes here are usually from 1,800 to 3,400-square-foot. This non-gated community was built in the early 1980s. It is also considered one of the best neighborhoods in Boca Raton for families. This community has its own private park where your children can enjoy playing. Homes here are built in the northern style with bricks and wood typical for this neighborhood. Streets in Millpond are beautiful with sidewalks that are tree-lined. It is a safe and very sociable community, perfect for raising a family. You and your kids can do many activities here, from hiking, biking, or relaxing on one of two lakes. If you are planning to move here home are in the prices range of the mid 500.000 to around 800.000 dollars.

Palm Beach Farms

It is also a beautiful neighborhood that is desirable and good for raising your children. It is located only a couple of minutes from Boca Raton’s downtown. This majestic community has much to offer. In Palm Beach Farms you can find different styles of homes, with individual sizes and price ranges that can fit your needs. Most houses here are a little bit larger than the ones you can find in Boca Raton Square. The price range here is from mid 500.000 to just over 800.000 dollars. In Palm Beach Farms you can find some homes that are located on the waterfront, and they are situated along Hillsborough canal. Living here you can enjoy a beautiful view through your window and have a backyard that many dream of. It is a community that is peaceful, where neighbors know each other and where you can feel safe and protected.

a palm tree
You will love the beaches and your home if you move to this amazing place

Paradise Palms is also one of the best neighborhoods in Boca Raton For families

If you and your family are nature lovers, this is the right place for you. Many homes in Paradise Palms are built-in quaint ranch style that has private swimming pools and beautiful tropical landscape backyards. You will love living here with your family, and spending your time on the beach or in your new home. These homes are amazing, they are all beautiful and with local movers in Florida, you will be relocated in no time. Paradise Palms is a perfect place to live with a family. That is why you must look here for your new home as well.

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