Where to find affordable moving boxes in Florida?

Cutting costs when moving is always a smart idea. Moving will cost you no matter what, and figuring out what kind of move you are doing will help you figure out required budget. When it comes to moving and storage Florida is very efficient. Whether you are moving on your own or you are hiring a moving company, there are ways in which you can reduce the moving cost if you are smart and organized. One of the good ways in which you can lower your moving cost is by doing the packing yourself. Beside moving supplies, you will have to get containers for your stuff. And here is how to get affordable moving boxes Florida style.

Check nearest office supply store

Office supplies tend to be big and expensive so its no surprise that they are shipped in big, strong boxes. They are also fragile, so they are packed with a lot of packing materials in order to avoid the risk of breaking. Go to your nearest Office Depot and ask them to save you some boxes. There are a lot of office spaces in Florida and a lot of businesses so there is no shortage of Office Depots to supply them. Ask them especially for a printer of scanner boxes. They usually come in large and thick boxes which will be excellent for packing. Ask them at least a couple of weeks in advance as they may not have boxes now, but will be able to save you some if given enough time. Or ask when the new shipments are received if you don’t think that they will save you enough boxes. You will have a better chance of getting them whole when they arrive since they are usually pressed on the day of arrival to make them easier to recycle.

Check bookstores

Unless you are moving rocks or gold, books will be the heaviest thing that you pack. Even though they may seem easy to carry one by one, soon you will find that 10 of them weigh a lot. And a box can fit a lot more than 10 books. Sure, you can mix your books with other lighter stuff like clothes, but try and avoid confusion on where all your stuff is. If you want to pack your books in a single box you will need a sturdy one. And where better to look than in a bookstore. Go to your nearest one and ask if they could save you a couple of boxes. You should try and figure out with the bookstore worker how much boxes do you need so that they will know how much to save. Also, try visiting chain bookstores in order to get bigger boxes for your books. Try to get advice on how to protect your boxes from potential rain, since a little water can ruin a lot of books.

Books on a shelf
To an inexperienced mover, this looks light.


MC Donalds and Starbucks

Sounds weird, but hear us out. Most of the supplies shipped to MC Donalds is frozen. Therefore, the risk of boxes being smelly and sticking up your possessions are minimal. Also, MC Donald’s shipments need to stay frozen when they are transported so they cannot afford to have bad boxes. Ask at you local MC Donalds if they can save you some boxes for your move. Not a lot of people do when looking for moving boxes in Florida, and MC Donalds gets their shipment twice a week so you shouldn’t have any problem with finding necessary amount of boxes for your move. Similarly, Starbucks gets their shipments quite often and in big containers. Ask them to save you some. Just remember to smell both MC Donalds and Starbucks boxes to be 100% sure that they don’t stink up your items.


Schools get a ton of deliveries. From food to office supplies, to gym equipment. It won’t be hard to find suitable boxes for whatever you need to pack. Go to your high school and talk with janitorial staff. They should help you out with saving boxes. Just figure out what kind of boxes you need and how many. You don’t want to overburden yourself with unrequired packing supplies, so try to calculate as best you can.

Check online for moving boxes Florida

There is a number of ways in which you can use the internet to help you move with a bit of help from locals. From finding packing supplies to moving boxes Florida is full ways in which you can save a buck when moving. Finding free boxes is one of them. For instance Looking up on Craigslist you can easily find numerous sources for free boxes. Just look in the free section. You can also use Freecycle to check out if someone is already offering some moving boxes in Florida. U-Haul Box Exchange is another great way in which you can easily find free boxes. Just remember to return the favor and not throw away your boxes when you are done the moving. There is always someone moving to Florida and there will always be someone who will need packing supplies. When searching for free moving boxes Florida can be a nice place.

Bad quality boxes
When looking online for moving boxes Florida can be treacherous

Ask people close to you

By this, we mean people that either physically or emotionally close to you. If you’ve had a good life so far, those people are both. Try asking your friends or your family if they have any spare packing supplies and moving boxes. People have a tendency to keep quality stuff and a good quality container is worth 10 lower quality ones. Just remember to take good care of such valuables. When looking for moving boxes Florida has the most welcome people. Ask your neighbors if they have some spare boxes or if they know someone who has recently moved. You will be surprised how generous people can for a person in need, especially if they went through the same ordeal recently. Good should be returned in kind so be sure to save relocation supplies because moving boxes Florida definitely needs.

Two friends laughing
Having good people around you is always a blessing.



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