Exploring Top Suburbs for Families in Orlando

Step into the friendly neighborhoods of Orlando’s suburbs, where safety, community, and convenience come together to make perfect homes for families. Explore these areas and see what makes them great for you and your loved ones. From good schools to parks, cultural vibes to affordable living, come along as we find the best suburbs for families in Orlando. And if you decide to move to one of these neighborhoods, Best Movers in Florida are waiting for your call!

Decide Which Suburb Is the Best For You!

Before deciding where to move, check out the top 5 suburbs for families in Orlando:

  • Gotha
  • Horizon West
  • Heathrow
  • Oviedo
  • Wekiwa Springs
family having fun in one of the top suburbs for families in Orlando
You can choose one suburb that suits your needs.


Gotha, just outside Orlando, is a special place for families. It’s safe, and people here really care about each other. Gotha has great schools where kids can learn and grow. Such as Gotha Middle School, The Crenshaw Academy, and Premier Academy. There are lots of parks and green spaces to play and have fun outdoors. The history of Gotha adds a nice touch, and there are cool local businesses and yummy food places too. Families can enjoy nature walks and community events here. Gotha is like a warm hug for families, making it a top choice for those who want a peaceful and family-focused place to live.

Horizon West

If you’re considering moving to this area with the best movers Orlando are the best choice. Don’t miss one of the best neighborhoods near Orlando, Horizon West. It is a perfect place for families. The community cares a lot about safety, and the houses are planned well. You can visit Horizon West Regional Park which is the perfect place for rest and outside fun. The average rent for an apartment in Horizon West is $2,183. Also, you can visit Horizon West Fest which is held annually. Horizon West is like a mix of new technology and business opportunities. It’s not just a place to live; it’s a chance for a bright future. Horizon West is a modern and exciting choice for families who want a mix of new things and a friendly community.

Festive celebrations in Horizon West

Horizon West comes alive with festive celebrations, offering families different events and activities to enjoy the holiday spirit.

  1. Community Tree Lighting: The heart of Horizon West is adorned with festive lights during the community tree lighting ceremony. Families gather to witness the magic as the tree illuminates, marking the official start of the holiday season.
  2. Holiday Parades: Horizon West hosts lively holiday parades featuring colorful floats, marching bands, and, of course, Santa Claus. Families line the streets, enjoying the cheerful atmosphere and spreading joy with their neighbors.
  3. Winter Wonderland Events: The suburb transforms into a winter wonderland with special events. Families can enjoy activities like ice skating, snow play areas, and festive crafts, creating cherished memories together.
  4. Holiday Markets: Local holiday markets showcase handmade crafts, unique gifts, and seasonal treats. Families can explore these markets, finding special treasures while supporting local businesses.
  5. Cookie Decorating Contests: Horizon West hosts friendly cookie decorating contests where families showcase their creative culinary skills. It’s a sweet way to bond with neighbors and share delicious treats.
  6. Santa Meet-and-Greets: Children in Horizon West eagerly anticipate visits from Santa Claus. The suburb organizes Santa meet-and-greets, allowing kids to share their wish lists and capture magical moments with the jolly old fellow.
  7. New Year’s Eve Celebrations: As the year comes to a close, Horizon West rings in the New Year with festive celebrations. Fireworks, countdown events, and family-friendly gatherings mark the end of the year and the beginning of new possibilities.

Heathrow is one of the best suburbs for families in Orlando

In the middle of Orlando, Heathrow is a friendly place for families. Kids can go to really good schools where they can learn a lot. Such as Heathrow Primary School and UTC Heathrow. There are also parks and outdoor places where families can play and be healthy. Heathrow loves bringing people together, and they have fun events for families. Plus, there are nice places to shop and eat. Heathrow is like a fancy and welcoming neighborhood that shows how a good community can make living near Orlando awesome for families.


Oviedo is known for its historic houses and buildings, as well as its population of chickens that roam the downtown area. Just outside Orlando, Oviedo is a cozy place for families. Oviedo has awesome schools where kids can learn a lot of cool stuff. There are also parks and places to play outside, so families can stay healthy and active. Oviedo Medical Center has great medical professionals and offers many services. Families like it here because it’s calm and peaceful, but you can still feel the excitement of being close to Orlando. It’s the perfect mix for families who want a relaxed yet lively place to call home. Best long distance moving companies in Orlando can relocate you from anywhere in the US.

children in classroom
Oviedo is one of the best suburbs for families in Orlando because it offers many good schools.

Wekiwa Springs

Here, a typical home costs $385,100, while renting a two-bedroom unit in Wekiwa Springs costs $1,900 per month. Wekiwa Springs is close to an awesome park, and families can go there to enjoy nature and have picnics. Kids can go to really good schools and learn lots of interesting things. It’s a relaxed place, away from the busy city life, so families can chill and spend time together.

People here are like a big family, and there are fun events for everyone. Wekiwa Springs is like a special spot that shows how families can have a great time surrounded by nature, not far from the excitement of Orlando. Residential movers Orlando can relocate you to Wekiwa Springs.

Transportation options for families in Wekiwa Springs

Getting around Wekiwa Springs is made easy with a variety of transportation options for families. The suburb is well-connected, and families have convenient ways to travel.

  1. Family-friendly roads: Wekiwa Springs has well-maintained roads that make it easy for families to drive around.
  2. Public transportation: The suburb is served by public transportation options, such as buses, making it convenient for families without a car. Public transit ensures accessibility to various parts of Wekiwa Springs and nearby areas.
  3. Biking trails: Wekiwa Springs encourages a healthy and active lifestyle with dedicated biking trails. Families can enjoy cycling together, exploring the scenic beauty of the suburb while staying active.
  4. Walking paths: Wekiwa Springs is designed with walkable paths, allowing families to stroll around the neighborhood and enjoy the outdoors. It’s a safe and pleasant way to explore the community.
  5. Rideshare services: Popular rideshare services operate in Wekiwa Springs, providing families with a convenient and efficient way to travel when needed. This option is particularly useful for those without a personal vehicle.
  6. School transportation: Wekiwa Springs prioritizes the transportation needs of families with school-going children. School buses and safe pickup/drop-off zones contribute to the convenience of families with kids.
family having fun
After moving to Wekiwa Springs, you will have many things to do in your free time.

Orlando’s Suburbs Are Perfect for Families

Suburbs for families in Orlando provide many opportunities for those moving there. Families can pick from different options. Safety, good schools, fun outdoor activities, and a friendly community are important in all these places. As you search for the perfect home, these suburbs show that they are not just places to live but communities where families can grow, make memories, and be happy!

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