How to pack and move your pantry

When you are getting ready for a move, there are so many different things to think about. It can get pretty stressful, especially when you are wondering how to pack certain items. Now, you are probably thinking about how to pack and move your pantry, and that is exactly what we are going to talk about here and now. However, before we start make sure you are ready for your move by selecting one of Boynton beach moving companies for the best moving experience out there. Now, let’s see how can you pack and move your pantry in no time.

Pack and move your pantry with some tricks

Of course, you will need some tricks when you want to move your pantry. Moving a pantry is considered a small move, therefore there can be some problems but nothing to worry about. So, what can you do in order to get this right? It all depends on the fact what exactly do you have in your pantry.

It is not easy to pack your pantry

Is there any food? There probably is, as in any other pantry, so this is the first thing you will move. In case you have jars filled with jam, or whatever, you should pack them carefully. You will need a lot of paper. Any paper will do, just gather all the old newspaper you have and start wrapping. This move is also budget-friendly because most of the packing material you may need to pack and move your pantry you already have. What can you need:

  • A lot of wrapping paper
  • Some boxes
  • Bags
  • Towels
  • Tape
  • Scissors

This is it more or less, and probably you have it all. If not, it is very easy to get this packing material for a very low price or even for free.

Storage containers will do the trick

Having a number of plastic bins can really do the trick. You can easily pack everything inside these practical bins. However, depending on how many jars, canned goods, and rest of the things you keep in your pantry you got, you will have to figure out the number of the plastic bins you will need. So, if you need a large number of these containers maybe this is not the way to go. On the other hand, if you are planning to store some of the items from your pantry this is definitely the solution you have been looking for.

How to pack frozen food

When you need to pack and move your pantry, it is very similar to when you are packing and moving your kitchen. A lot of people are keeping the same things in the pantry as they are in the kitchen. For example, if you have a freezer in your pantry you will obviously keep the frozen food in there. But, how can you move it? This can be a bit tricky. In the sense that if you are moving a short distance and you think you are safe and that your frozen items will not melt, you are wrong. It all depends on the weather of course, but either way, this is not a way to handle this.

frozen peas
Get a portable freezer for all the frozen food

What you can do is to get those little portable freezers. Depending on how much of the frozen goods you have you will need more than one portable freezer. These little handy things are not cheap so the best-case scenario would be to ask someone who has it to loan you. On the other hand, there is an even better solution. Simply hire the professionals to move you. Local movers Florida, have everything for your moving needs.


As in any pantry, you probably have a lot of bottles in there. Filled with wine, juice, or something else. Moving these bottles is not as easy as it may seem. If they break, then all the content will be all over your transport vehicle. That is the last thing you need. So, how can you stop this and how can you move the bottles from your pantry in the safest way possible? Well, there is an easy solution, but it won´t be easy, physically. You will need bottle carriers and a set of extra hands to help you carry it to the car. Do not do this on your own, because you may get hurt.

glass jars
Make sure that all glass objects are safe

Pack and move your pantry- Perishable food

Another question you may ask is what to do with the perishable food that you have to move from the pantry. This can be somewhat tricky especially if you are moving a bit further. People tend to keep can goods and other food that cannot get bad that easy. However, there is also that other perishable food that if kept in bad conditions it may go bad. So, what to do? The best way to handle this is to freeze what you can and get rid of the rest in a way to eat it. So, maybe a big moving dinner is ion order?

Pro tips

Little pro tips for your move are to make sure to lift with your knees and not your back. Having a pantry to move can mean that you are moving a lot of heavy items. Also, make sure to wear proper clothes. Therefore, dress properly, this means that you cannot wear any kind of sleepers and wide clothes.

Moving, in general, can cause a lot of stress. When you are about to pack and move your pantry, by simply following these tips you will be able to move it in no time, and stress-free. Just make sure you have everything you may need. Think about the packing material, and everything that you may need, have some friends over to help you and wear proper clothes for this endeavor. It is that easy, good luck!

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