Important Florida stats you should know before moving there

When moving to a new country, it is always good to learn what to expect from your future home. So, knowing a few basic things about Florida will help you to adjust faster. And, Florida stats you should know before moving will help you to find the right town for yourself. The year around summer paradise can easily make your expectations unrealistic. However, checking the stats, you will easily see things behind the beautiful scenery. For example, check the real estate. That way, you will easily realize which towns are affordable for you. Or, maybe you are retiring. So, you will want to move to a place with a large retirement community. Well, check the stats. So, knowing the area well, Best Movers Florida can help you narrow down the best places to live in Sunshine State.

Things that you should know ahead of the moving time

One of the first things to know is that South and North Florida are different. The more diversity you can expect in the southern part of the country. There, you will notice strong Latin American and Caribbean influences. It also has a very rich nightlife. The northern part of the county has a somewhat different climate than the southern part. And, it is generally quieter. Also, it is not offering so exciting parties. So, maybe already this is enough for you to make the decision. And, in case you decide to move to the South, you can easily choose among the FL moving companies


Big Waves Under Cloudy Sky - Florida stats you should know.
In Florida, rainstorms occur almost every afternoon and last a bit less than an hour.

Florida stats you should know regarding whether, and heat

Thinking about Florida, many envision palm trees, white sands, and mesmerizing blue ocean waters. So, moving there is good to know what to expect weatherwise. Most of Florida is in the sub-tropical climate zone. And, that means that summer temperatures are usually ranging from  75° F to 95 °F. During the wintertime, you can expect temperatures of 41 °F in Key West and Tallahassee. However, in Miami, the winter temperature rarely goes below 77 °F.

Rainstorms and hurricanes

Rainstorms are a usual phenomenon in Florida. They occur almost every afternoon and last a bit less than an hour. However, the Floridians love those showers and coastal breeze. They are bringing the welcome freshness in the afternoon hours.  Living in Florida, you also have to prepare for possible hurricanes. They occur from June to November. And, their peak time is in August and September. However, the good news is that they are not as frequent as many think. So, you may spend your entire life in Florida and never experience a hurricane. Still, it is good to check the hurricane safety tips before hiring long-distance movers in Florida.

Wildlife and sports Florida stats that you should know before moving

Besides, in case you love wildlife, you will enjoy a 1.5-million-acre wetland of Everglades National Park. In short, once you grow tired of beaches and sunbathing, you can visit this special place. And, you can explore sawgrass marshes, coastal mangroves, and pine Flatwoods. The Park is located at the southern tip of Florida. And, is easily reachable. Exploring the Everglades’ abundant wildlife, you will meet hundreds of species:

  • Land and aquatic animals
  • Various insects
  • About 500 native bird species (including the most iconic Northern Mockingbird)
  • Plants


In case you love sports, you’ve probably heard about the Daytona 500.  It is already legendary. And, it attracts numerous visitors. In case you are a baseball lover, you stand a good chance to enjoy watching the Grapefruit League, baseball teams. They come every spring to train in Florida. In case you are a golf lover, the interstate movers FL will bring you to the right spot. Florida has a high number of golf courses. And, it annually hosts numerous golf tournaments.

Green Trees.
You can easily reach the Everglades National Park.

Florida housing market

Regardless if you are renting or buying, it is good to know the housing prices in advance. That will show you which areas are affordable for you. For example, in case the prices are too high in Miami, you may decide to move to one of the suburbs. On average, the home value in Florida is $397,280. However, you have to keep in mind that houses in beachfront towns are usually more expensive. Renting a two-room apartment will cost you about $1,484 monthly. The price for a two-bedroom unit is $1,810/ month, on average.

Flood insurance

This is one of the common insurance policies in Florida. It is important since the flood risk is very high. However, you will not be obliged to have it for all areas. So, before closing a deal, check whether you need it. And how much it will cost you, since it can considerably influence your monthly budget.

Also, in case you are taking a mortgage to purchase a house, this coverage is mandatory. But, it is usually not included in a homeowner’s insurance policy. So, you will have to purchase the flood insurance separately.

Florida stats you should know about income

Here are the income stats, based on the last census. However, those are the general figure for the whole state. And, they may defer, regarding the part of Florida that you are moving to. So, here are the overall income statistics:

  • Florida’s median household income is $57,703
  • The average household income is $83,104
  • The income per capita is $32,848


Stats about the job opportunities in Florida

The same goes for job opportunities. In various parts, you will have various major employers. However, most of the jobs you can expect to find in the hospitality industry. And, some of the most in-demand occupations in Florida are

  • Amusement and recreation attendants
  • Motorboat operators
  • Commercial drivers
  • Construction workers
  • Building cleaning workers
  • Aerospace engineering technicians
  • Farm advisors, and pest controllers
  • Forensic science technicians
  • Electrical technicians

    Boats in the dusk, Tampa, FL - Florida stats you should know.
    Tampa is known for numerous festivities.

Important stats of the several Florida towns

So far, we could see the average Florida stats. However, as in any other country, they vary from area to area. So, here we will present the information related to several Florida towns:


General information

  • Metro area population – 3,097,859
  • Average salary – $49,590
  • Median home price – $301,963
  • Median monthly rent – $1,115

Florida stats you should know living in Tampa

The Tampa Bay area is known for its excellent education. It has many colleges. It also hosts universities and technical schools. And, due to so many students, the median age in Tampa is about 35 years. Tampa is also known for its many professional sports clubs. Besides a leisure lifestyle, Tampa hosts some interesting festivities. Every year, you can join the margarita festival. People also love the Italian festival and Cuban Sandwich Festival. Is this already enough attractive to you? If so, contact Tampa’s best movers.  They will know how to organize your relocation. And they will do it fast and efficiently. 

Economy and job market in Tampa

Tampa has a rich job market. Many companies are often opening job positions. Some of those are Raymond James, Citigroup, and USAA. Also, remote work has gained in popularity in the last two years. So, many residents are working from home. And, many are working for the biggest employer in Florida – Disney World. The commuting time is short, so they can easily reach it.



General information

Metro area population – 6,090,660
Average salary – $50,060
Median home price – $247,112
Median monthly rent – $1,363

The Miami metro area has lower median home prices than other areas. That is due to affordable prices in the Miami suburbs. However, the average home price in Miami is $531,706.

Aerial view of downtown Miami and Brickell from a morning flight.

Miami is, besides NYC, one of the largest financial centers on the East Coast.

Living in Miami

Miami is known as one of the most popular Florida cities. And, this town is especially attractive to young professionals. However, being at the beginning of their career they can only afford to live in the suburbs. And, they are usually choosing Doral, Coral Gables, or Key Biscayne. After they get better posts, they are using the services of Miami movers to relocate to the city itself. What attracts them the most, is the rich Miami nightlife. The city is famous for live music. And for the numerous night parties. 

The job market in Miami

Hospitality is still one of the major employers in the Miami metro area. However, the city is home to many famous companies. Some of them, such as Lennar and Ryder System even have their HQs in the city. Besides, many other companies have their branch offices in Miami. Among them are

  • Cisco
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • FedEx
  • Exxon

Besides, there are about 150 financial institutions in Miami. And, that is making it, besides NYC, one of the largest financial centers on the East Coast.


General information

Metro area population – 1,503,574
Average salary – $48,270
Median home price – $303,789
Median monthly rent – $1,093

Living and working in Jacksonville

You will find Jacksonville in the northeastern corner of Florida. Locally known as Jax, it is the biggest metro area. There, you will find a rich diversity. And a rich historical and cultural heritage. The city is known for its numerous bridges. They are connecting the downtown area with the surrounding beaches. Jax offers its residents numerous outside entertainments. And, the best movers in Jacksonville can confirm that the number of citizens is constantly growing. Thus, the city is investing a lot of effort to expand the job market. Moving to Jacksonville, you will enjoy the low cost of living. And, you will love its beautiful beaches and great weather. 


Jacksonville, FL - Florida stats you should know.
Locally known as Jax, it is the biggest metro area.

Florida stats you should know before moving to Tallahassee

General information

Metro area population – 382,197
Average salary – $46,500
Median home price – $190,500
Median monthly rent – $991

Living in Tally

Interestingly, the capital of Florida, Tallahassee, doesn’t have the Floridian vibe. Besides, in case you use the services of Tallahassee’s best movers, you will enjoy all four seasons. Tally, as they call it locally, is located in the gently rolling hills. The hills are consisting of red clay. And, they have a lot of natural springs and underwater caves. So, it is attracting many tourists who love to explore such places. Also, Tallahassee is well known as a college town. And, with so many young people around, you can expect a lot of fun time. 

Economy and job market

The main industries in the city are:

  • healthcare
  • hospitality
  • construction
  • manufacturing
  • technology

So, if you are in one of these professions, you will easily secure a good job. And, you may find moving to Tally an excellent decision. 

Florida stats you should know when moving to Orlando

General information

Metro area population – 2,508,970
Average salary – $46,140
Median home price – $338,974
Median monthly rent -$1,210

Living and working in Orlando

Orlando is one of the top family vacation destinations, and not only in Florida. In case you decide to use the services of the best movers in Orlando, be ready to share your hometown with Mickey Mouse. And to live nearby Hogwarts. Simply said, you will be daily facing the rivers of tourists. So, Orlando will be an interesting place for your kids. And in case you are in the hospitality industry, it will make you happy too. You will be able to choose among many good jobs.

Besides living on the edge of the dreamland, you will also find many parks in Orlando. So, you will be able to enjoy a lot of outside activities and sports.

Daytona Beach

General information

Metro area population – 646,288
Average salary – $40,930
Median home price – $278,897
Median monthly rent -$1,076

People Walking Around Disney Castle.
Living in Orlando, you will share the town with Mickey Mouse.

Living and working in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach has become a synonym for the NASCAR Cup Series motor race, known as Daytona 500. However, that is not all that this interesting town can offer. It is also full of museums. And there, you can enjoy many performing art centers. However, in case you are more in sports, you can enjoy fishing. Or maybe you will prefer golfing. And, you will certainly enjoy its beautiful beaches. In case you are in search of good jobs in the hospitality industry, you should hire Daytona Beach’s best movers to move you to this enchanted place. Besides, there are excellent job offers in some other industries like:

  • Agriculture
  • Oil & Gas, and Mining
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesalers
  • Retail
  • Transportation


General information

Metro area population – 371,453
Average salary – $47,980
Median home price – $345,000
Median monthly rent -$1,317

Living and working in Naples

Located in the southwest corner of Florida, Naples is considered one of the best places for living in Florida. The weather in this city is wonderful. The Golf waters are nice and its beaches are white as sugar. Naples is a popular place to go for shopping and dining. And what makes it very attractive to many tourists is dolphin watching. Are you ready to join this nice community? If so, you can count on the excellent services of the best movers in Naples.  And, moving to Naples, most of the jobs you will find in the hospitality industry.

Moving to Florida

After learning the Florida stats you should know before moving there, you will know exactly what to expect. And, we hope that you could learn a lot about Florida livability. Knowing the housing costs, and the job market is a good starting point. They will help you to narrow the area that is good and affordable for you. Also, the basic descriptions of amenities that you can expect, can help you further in your choice. Bottom line, we hope that we could give you a general picture of what to expect. And, that you will be happy with your new place in the Sunshine State.


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