Life in Key Biscayne After Moving From a City

When you decide to leap from bustling city life to the serene and scenic surroundings of Key Biscayne, a beautiful island paradise in Florida, it’s essential to find out about life in Key Biscayne after moving. Best Movers in Florida will help you make this transition to your new island home stress-free.

What Will Life in Key Biscayne After Moving From a City Look Like?

After choosing the best movers in Miami to facilitate your relocation, it’s time to envision what life in Key Biscayne will look like. Moving to Key Biscayne is more than just a change of address. This island stands out with its special charm. Leaving the busy city life, you’ll enjoy the calm and beauty of Key Biscayne. It offers a peace that’s hard to find elsewhere.

a beach in Key Biscayne
When exploring life in Key Biscayne after moving, you will see that beaches are one of its most beautiful aspects.

What to Do in Key Biscayne?

Once you’ve chosen movers in Fort Lauderdale to facilitate your move to Key Biscayne, it’s time to start a journey of discovery. You’ll find beautiful beaches to explore and a friendly community that makes everyone feel at home here. Key Biscayne offers a variety of activities perfect for singles and families.

Enjoying Key Biscayne’s natural beauty

Key Biscayne is a paradise for those who love nature. From the moment you arrive, the island’s stunning beaches will catch your eye. You’ll see wide stretches of soft white sand and clear blue waters that are perfect for swimming or sunbathing. It’s a great place to enjoy nature away from the city’s noise.

But there’s more to Key Biscayne than just its beaches. The island has beautiful green areas full of local plants and animals. You can kayak through mangrove forests or walk the trails at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park to see the island’s diverse wildlife. Whether you’re really into nature or just want a peaceful break, Key Biscayne’s natural beauty is something everyone can appreciate.

two people eating and thinking about life in Key Biscayne after moving
When thinking about life in Key Biscayne, don’t forget to try the cuisine the place offers.

Exploring food options

Key Biscayne is not just beautiful to look at; it’s also a great place for food lovers. The island offers a wide variety of flavors to enjoy. You’ll find many dining choices that suit different tastes. Seafood is a big part of the food scene here, thanks to Key Biscayne’s location by the Atlantic. Restaurants serve fresh seafood dishes like tasty shrimp, lobster, and grilled fish, all fresh from the sea. Eating seafood by the water makes the meals even better.

If you’re looking for something casual, there are plenty of cafes and bistros around Key Biscayne. These spots have a wide selection, from big breakfasts to sandwiches and salads. They’re perfect for a quick meal or a relaxed coffee break. The island’s cafes are known for their friendly and laid-back vibe.

Family-friendly environment

Key Biscayne also offers a perfect setting for families, with great schools, plenty of parks, and lots of fun activities for kids. It’s an ideal place for raising children in a supportive and stimulating environment. A big plus for families moving here is the focus on education. The island’s schools are top-rated, focusing on both academic excellence and personal growth. Teachers are dedicated, to making sure students get a strong education that sets them up for the future. So, as you organize your move with best movers in Boca Raton, you can rest assured that Key Biscayne will meet your high expectations for your family’s education and lifestyle. The top-ranked public schools in Key Biscayne are:

  • Mast Academy
  • Key Biscayne K-8 Center
  • Amikids Miami-dade South

The cost of living in Key Biscayne

Living in Key Biscayne, Florida, comes with a high cost. The overall cost of living here is 97% higher than the national average. When it comes to housing, Key Biscayne’s median home price stands at $1,977,459. If you’re looking to rent, expect to pay around $6,012 per month. Even monthly energy bills are quite high, averaging $188.14.

Groceries also cost more in Key Biscayne, with prices about 20% higher than what most Americans pay. For instance, a loaf of bread costs $4.66, a gallon of milk is priced at $2.92, and a carton of eggs will set you back $2.70. These figures highlight the significant financial consideration needed when planning a move to Key Biscayne. While the island offers a unique lifestyle and beautiful surroundings, it’s important to be prepared for the higher living expenses.

Job opportunities

In Key Biscayne, job opportunities mainly thrive in specific sectors. The average household income is a substantial $264,913. This reflects the island’s prosperous job market in areas like Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services, Finance & Insurance, and Real Estate & Rental & Leasing. These sectors employ 1,045, 1,004, and 821 people respectively. Despite these opportunities, Key Biscayne faces an unemployment rate of 8.2%, which is higher than the national average. This suggests that while there are lucrative careers, particularly in high-skilled industries, not everyone on the island finds employment easily. The economic landscape shows a mix of high earning potential against a backdrop of some employment challenges.

movers transporting boxes
Before thinking about what life in Key Biscayne after moving is like, make sure to hire good movers.

Embracing a New Beginning in Key Biscayne

Making the move from a city to Key Biscayne is a decision that can elevate your quality of life. If you’re wondering about life in Key Biscayne after moving, from pristine beaches to a welcoming community, Key Biscayne has it all. It is heaven for those seeking a change of pace and a new beginning. So, if you’re ready to embrace the beauty and serenity of Key Biscayne, let the Best Movers in Florida help you make the move with ease!

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