Florida is a great state for people who enjoy the sunshine. Whether you are a young person who likes outdoor activities or a more senior person who would like to spend some time in a warmer climate, Florida is the place for you. And, if you want to avoid big cities and rush hours, you can move to Clermont. Here is all you need to know about Clermont and the premium local movers Florida, such as us, that can help you get there. When it comes to looking for movers Clermont FL, be assured that you’ve come to the right place.

About Clermont

In the Lake County, Florida about 22 miles west of Orlando lies the quiet city of Clermont. It is the home to one of the Floridas first landmarks, the 1956 Florida Citrus Tower. Clermont is also the home of The United States Triathlon National Training Center.

Training for triathlon
If you want to train for a triathlon, you’d best move to Clermont


As Clermont is located in Florida, it has a lot of sunny days. 236 sunny days per year on average. The highest temperature is usually in July with 92 °F (33 °C), while the lowest is in January at 70 °F (21 °C). Even though the temperatures are not extreme, the humidity can be. Therefore, Clermont’s climate can be uncomfortable to live in. But, the people of Clermont mitigate the hot weather with regular visits to Waterfront Park during the summer.


The estimated population of Clermont is around 31,000. That is 12% higher than the last census of 2010. The biggest population increase happened between 2000 and 2010. During that period the number of people living in Clermont rose from 9,333 to 28,742. That is more than 200%. Most of them (71%) are white, while the percentage of black people is around 15%.

Life in Clermont

The word way to describe life in Clermont is average. Normal, down to earth people to their jobs that are mostly revolving around service and tourism. The recent improvements in safety and education make it one of the best places for families in Florida. Median household income is $39,290 while the median home value is $227,510. Cost of living is around the national average and so is the cost of rent. A lot of people move their businesses to Florida, as it has no income tax.

Living in Florida
Florida really is a gorgeous state to live in.

How can we help you move to Clermont

While Clermont can be a nice place to live in, you will need someone to help you move. Luckily there are companies, such as us, that can help you relocate. Whether you are moving long distances, locally or moving your business, know that we are the movers Clermont FL you can count on. Feel free to call us in you need any advice or help.


Packing is best done by the same company that is going to move you. While there are a lot of moving companies Clermont FL you’d be smart to pick a reliable one and let them deal with all the segments of the relocation. We will properly sort, pack and label all of the things that you want to be moved. While some things, like clothes or books, can be properly packed by an amateur, we strongly suggest that you call us for anything that is fragile or heavy. Most of the moving accidents occur because of improper packing. In order to avoid damaging your items or hurting yourself, you should lets u deal with packing.


After you pack your possessions, you will have to relocate them. We will make sure that you do it in the most time effective and cost-efficient way. Moving is a serious project that requires time and planning. Since we have experience in moving people to and from Clermont, we can plan and realize your move in days notice. But, we strongly recommend that you give us some time to prepare as it will cost you less and we will be able to do a better job. Whether it is local or long distance, when it comes to finding movers Clermont FL, and you want them to be reliable, you best give us a call.

Special circumstances

Sometimes moving to Clermont comes with special circumstances. It may be that you need your piano moved. Or, that you need someone to help you move your aquarium. The more complicated your circumstances are, the more capable your movers Clermont FL need to be. As we have substantial experience in moving to Clermont, we will professionally are reliably deal with any moving circumstance you put us in. Just remember that time is money. This goes double for special moving circumstances. We will gladly figure out the most cost-effective way to deal with your situation, but the more time you can give us the better.

Moving a piano
If you want to move your piano, you need to hire proper movers Clermont FL.

How to find good movers Clermont FL

When looking for moving companies Clermont FL you need to keep in mind that the moving company you choose will either be your best friend or your worst enemy. There are a lot of moving companies Clermont FL that have bad business practices and, frankly, do not deserve your time and money. We want you to look for movers Clermont FL with a right mindset, as we know that if you value reliability and professionalism, you will come to us.


What you need to keep in mind when sorting moving companies Clermont FL is cost-effectiveness. You want your interstate movers Florida to provide you with the biggest bang for your buck, not to be cheap. An honest day’s work deserves an honest day’s pay. You can be sure that if a mover is too cheap their quality of services is unreliable or even dangerous. We give our best to do our job as it should be done, and hate it when bad companies cut expenses and risk damaging possessions of their customers. Do both yourself and us a favor, and hire movers Clermont FL that take pride in their work. Don’t risk your time and money by hiring someone who just wants to rip you off.

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