Moving From Clearwater to Pompano Beach

Moving from Clearwater to Pompano Beach marks an exciting new chapter, and finding the right support is crucial. At Best Movers Florida, we understand the complexities involved in relocating, whether it’s for a new job, a change of scenery, or any other reason. We will help you find a team of experienced professionals who provide top-notch moving services tailored to your needs. Make your move efficient and worry-free, and focus on settling into your new environment and enjoying all that Pompano Beach has to offer!

Economy of Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach and Clearwater each have strong economies but with distinct characteristics. Pompano Beach relies heavily on tourism, with its beaches and lively boardwalk drawing visitors year-round. The city’s economy also benefits from a robust marine industry, thanks to its proximity to major ports and waterways. Industries such as manufacturing, retail, and healthcare provide numerous job opportunities, too. In comparison, Clearwater’s economy, while also driven by tourism, especially around Clearwater Beach. Its marine attractions include a notable technology sector and a growing healthcare industry.

a board of data when moving from Clearwater to Pompano Beach
The city of Pompano Beach is always on the rise, every day being a new opportunity to start a new business or grow a business!

When considering a move, Clearwater movers can assist you in shifting to Pompano Beach, where job opportunities in hospitality, marine trades, or retail await. Both cities offer great job markets, but Pompano Beach focuses more on tourism and marine-related industries. Moving from Clearwater to Pompano Beach is a great idea, and you should find success when doing so. Whether seeking a new industry or environment, both cities present excellent opportunities for growth and success.

Employment rate and salaries

Pompano Beach and Clearwater offer competitive job markets with comparable salaries. In Pompano Beach, the average salary is around $44,000. In Clearwater it’s around $46,000. The unemployment rate in Pompano Beach is 3.3%, which is lower than the national average of 4%, indicating a strong job market. Clearwater also enjoys a low unemployment rate of 3,4%, making both cities attractive for job seekers. Those planning a move can benefit from movers in Pompano Beach, who assist with the shift to the new area with stable employment and competitive salaries. So, moving from Clearwater to Pompano Beach is worth giving it a shot! Both cities present excellent opportunities for professionals looking to grow their careers while enjoying a balanced lifestyle.

two people shaking hands when moving from Clearwater to Pompano Beach
You can expect to find great work opportunities in Pompano Beach while maintaining a similar salary.

The Cost of Living Comparison

The cost of living in Pompano Beach and Clearwater varies slightly, but both cities remain affordable options in Florida. For those considering a move, long distance moving companies Clearwater can help ensure you settle into your new home with ease. Here’s a quick breakdown of costs:

  • The cost of living for a family of four, including rent and all other costs combined comes at around $6,000 in Pompano Beach and $5,600 in Clearwater;
  • For a single person you can expect to pay around $2,400 in Pompano Beach and $2,600 in Clearwater;
  • Food expenses come at about $630 in Pompano Beach and $620 in Clearwater;
  • The cost of gas per gallon is pretty close at around $3.4 in both cities;
  • Doctor’s visits are similar to gas, and prices are also the same $110 in both cities.

With these figures in mind, you can make an informed decision about which city best fits your lifestyle and budget. Both cities offer thriving communities and a range of opportunities, making either a great choice for your next move.

Cost of moving from Clearwater to Pompano Beach

The cost of moving from Clearwater to Pompano Beach varies significantly based on the size of your move and the items being transported. Prices can range from as low as $200 for a small move to as much as $7,500 for larger, more complex relocations. Factors such as the volume of belongings, the need for special handling of delicate or heavy items, and additional services like packing and storage all influence the final cost. Long distance movers Pompano Beach offer various packages to accommodate different needs and budgets, ensuring you find the right solution for your move. By understanding these factors, you can plan and budget effectively, making your relocation from Clearwater to Pompano Beach as easy as possible.

two men carrying the couch
Special item handling fees are in place to cover the use of specific packing materials, equipment like cranes or custom dollies, and the expertise of movers skilled in handling such items.

How to save up when moving?

To move efficiently and stay within budget, start by planning early and creating a detailed moving checklist. First, declutter your home and sell or donate items you no longer need. This reduces the volume to be moved and lowers costs. Make sure to work with a reliable moving company with actual experience, and look for a transparent deal, without any hidden costs. Packing yourself can save money, so gather free or low-cost packing materials. Label boxes clearly to make unpacking easier and avoid damage. Finally, watch out for hidden fees, such as extra charges for heavy items or long carry distances. By staying organized and mindful of expenses, you can achieve a cost-effective and efficient move.

Home Prices

Housing costs in Pompano Beach and Clearwater are relatively comparable, with the average cost of a house around $370,000 in both cities. For those looking to rent, the prices vary based on the size and location of the property. In Pompano Beach, more expensive options include one-bedroom apartments at about $1,800 and three-bedroom apartments at $3,700. In Clearwater, similar properties are slightly higher, with one-bedroom apartments at $2,100 and three-bedroom apartments at $3,800. More affordable rentals in Pompano Beach start at $1,400 for a one-bedroom and $3,000 for a three-bedroom, while in Clearwater, prices range from $1,500 to $3,000. For an easy move, consider hiring residential movers in Clearwater to assist with your relocation needs. They can help ensure your belongings are safely transported, making your move to a new home stress-free.

White yachts on clear blue water.
Pompano Beach has beautiful coastal neighborhoods.

The Most Popular Neighborhoods in Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach offers a variety of neighborhoods, each with its unique charm and appeal. When considering a move, it’s essential to explore the most popular areas to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Residential movers can assist with switching to any of these sought-after neighborhoods:

  • Harbor Village is known for its waterfront properties and luxurious homes, perfect for boating enthusiasts. You can find a home for a median price of $1,760,000;
  • Santa Barbara Estates offers a mix of upscale homes and condos, with easy access to the beach and downtown area. Here you can find a home for about $900,000 on average;
  • Cypress Harbor features beautiful canal-front homes and a peaceful, family-friendly atmosphere. Here you can find a home for a price close to $1,250,000;
  • Pine Crest is a big neighborhood with a mix of single-family homes and apartments, ideal for families and professionals. A home here can cost you about $730,000 on average;
  • Garden Isles offers serene living with many homes having direct canal access, great for water activities. Last but not least, here you can find a house for about a price of $740,000.

Each of these neighborhoods provides a unique living experience in Pompano Beach. Trust residential movers FL to help you move efficiently to your new home, ensuring a hassle-free moving experience.

Education Opportunities

Pompano Beach has a variety of excellent schools, making it an attractive place for families. Pompano Beach High School is renowned for its strong academic programs and commitment to preparing students for college. The school offers Advanced Placement courses and various extracurricular activities. McNab Elementary School focuses on creating a nurturing environment, emphasizing both academic excellence and personal growth. For younger children, Bright Horizons School provides a highly developed curriculum designed to foster creativity and critical thinking. Also, Pompano Beach Middle School offers a range of programs, including STEM initiatives and arts education. Families considering a move can book moving services Florida to ease the move. With such comprehensive educational options, Pompano Beach is an excellent choice for families seeking quality education for their children.

Higher education

Pompano Beach offers excellent options for higher education, catering to various academic interests and career goals. Broward College, located nearby, provides a long list of associate degree programs, certificates, and continuing education courses. Known for its affordability and strong academic support, it’s an excellent choice for local students. Aldo, Florida Atlantic University (FAU) has a nearby campus offering undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as business, engineering, and healthcare. FAU is recognized for its research initiatives and community involvement. Keiser University’s Fort Lauderdale campus is another option, providing career-focused programs with a flexible schedule for working adults. With these higher education institutions, Pompano Beach is an ideal place for academic and professional growth.

a tablet, and a couple of notebooks on the table in college when moving from Davie to Tampa
Make sure to visit your new school before moving from Clearwater to Pompano Beach, if you have some spare time.

Lifestyle of Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach offers a variety of activities and sights, making it an excellent destination for anyone moving. Known for its beautiful coastline, Pompano Beach features stunning beaches perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports. The Pompano Beach Pier is a must-visit, offering excellent fishing opportunities and breathtaking ocean views. For those interested in nature, the nearby Butterfly World in Tradewinds Park showcases lush gardens and thousands of butterflies. Golf lovers can enjoy the world-class Pompano Beach Golf Course. The city also has a rich cultural scene with the Pompano Beach Cultural Center hosting various events, from art exhibitions to live performances. The annual Pompano Beach Seafood Festival is a highlight, celebrating the local cuisine and community spirit. Moving from Clearwater to Pompano Beach allows you to enjoy these unique attractions, making your new home both exciting and special.

People partying after moving from Riverview to Hollywood
After you make the move visit the beautiful beaches with the people that are dear to you.

Tips for Moving From Clearwater to Pompano Beach

When moving, especially from Clearwater to Pompano Beach, it’s essential to plan and stay organized. Here are some extra tips to ensure a cool experience:

  • List all tasks, from packing to changing your address, to keep track of everything.
  • Before packing, sort through your belongings and get rid of items you no longer need. Donate or sell what you can.
  • Clearly label each box with its contents and the room it belongs to. This makes unpacking easier.
  • Include items you’ll need immediately upon arrival, such as toiletries, snacks, and a change of clothes.
  • Inform your bank, utility companies, and other essential services about your move.
  • Photograph the wiring setup of electronics before disconnecting them to make reassembly easier.
  • Keep Important Documents Safe, store essential documents like IDs, passports, and contracts in a secure and easily accessible place.

By following these tips, you can make your move more efficient and less stressful.

With our help, your stuff will be safe, and you are now ready to move to Pompano Beach!

Moving from Clearwater to Pompano Beach offers many new opportunities and experiences. By enlisting the help of professional movers in Pompano Beach, you can ensure an organized and efficient move. Pompano Beach provides a variety of activities, excellent schools, and strong job prospects, making it an attractive destination for families and professionals. Proper planning and the use of quality moving supplies can protect your belongings, while tips such as creating a checklist and labeling boxes will help the process run easily. Explore the unique attractions and community of Pompano Beach as you settle into your new home. Enjoy the start of your new journey in Pompano Beach!


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