Moving From Coral Springs to Hollywood

Start your move from Coral Springs the right way! This change promises a lifestyle filled with sun, culture, and endless possibilities. Hollywood awaits with its inviting beaches, dynamic community, and robust job market. We have made a guide just for you to make moving from Coral Springs to Hollywood easy and quick. Reach out to some of the best movers in Florida today and set the wheels in motion for a worry-free move. Don’t wait to make your dream move a reality!  We are giving you everything that you need to know!

Expenses in Hollywood Compared to Coral Springs

When it comes to living expenses, Hollywood and Coral Springs offer similar expenses. But most importantly, if you have experience managing your finances in Coral Springs, you won’t have any issues when moving to Hollywood. There are slight differences and we are going to include them for you.

person calculating expenses
Compare the cost of living before moving from Coral Springs to Hollywood.

Here is a closer look at the numbers:

  • One person spends around $656 on food per month compared to Coral Springs’ $661;
  • Gas is just a bit cheaper in Hollywood, at $3,64, while in Coral Springs it comes at $3,71;
  • Utilities per person come at around $101 in both cities;
  • A visit to the doctor averages around $125 in both cities;
  • Dinner at a restaurant will cost you around $25 in both Hollywood and Coral Springs;

To be clear, numbers paint a picture of similarities, but moving can overstep your budget. Budgeting is your best bet when moving. Ask for help from the best Hollywood movers, who have a proven reputation. They will not lie to you or add hidden fees to your move, so you can be peaceful. The similarity in costs underscores a shared quality of life, where the decision to move hinges more on personal preferences and the unique charm each city offers, rather than a significant difference in living expenses.

Housing in Hollywood Is More Affordable

Coral Springs and Hollywood present distinct financial differences for prospective residents. Coral Springs, with an average home price of $540.395, is a significantly higher investment for homebuyers compared to Hollywood’s more accessible average of $451.589 as of 2024. And for that price in Hollywood, you will find a range of different neighborhoods that will meet all kinds of needs, which we will look into later on.

Renting in Hollywood

When it comes to rent, Hollywood averages around $2.558 for both rent and utilities, closely shadowed by Coral Springs at $2.611. Rent presents closely matched figures, and here the choice between these two cities may come down to personal preference and lifestyle fit. While Coral Springs offers upscale housing options, Hollywood’s real estate market provides both affordability and variety, making it an attractive choice for different budgets and lifestyles. If you opt for this move, use the help of the best movers Coral Springs. Since they know the area, they will ease the change, their help will make your move to Hollywood align with your expectations and budget.

The Job Market in Hollywood

Hollywood, FL, offers many career paths in booming sectors like healthcare, technology, and tourism. This diversity isn’t just about the jobs available; it’s a catalyst for innovation and professional growth, making Hollywood a beacon for those eager to advance their careers. Its status as a beloved tourist destination further benefits small business owners, providing a fertile ground for business expansion and success.

two colleagues solving a business problem
Popular moving destinations in Florida have the best job market

If you’re in Coral Springs and eyeing a move to Hollywood to capture these opportunities, consider doing business with commercial movers in Coral Springs. Their expertise can simplify your change, allowing you to focus on the exciting career prospects awaiting you in Hollywood. This strategic move welcomes you into a community ready to support your aspirations.

Income comparison for those moving from Coral Springs to Hollywood

When comparing Coral Springs and Hollywood, FL, it’s interesting to note that both cities offer very close living costs. Also, very similar average yearly salaries of around $64.000. This can work in your favor, since living in the city of Coral Springs can give you an idea of what you can expect. But as mentioned before, plan out your budget and ask for help so you don’t spend too much on your move. With the best packing services FL. You will be free to enjoy this colorful community and get a fresh start without the worry of escalating living expenses or damaging your belongings.

a man in black blazer and blue shirt
Hollywood can provide you with great work opportunities.

Employment rate

Hollywood, has an impressive employment rate of 97,2%, slightly higher than Coral Springs, but still noticeable, at 96,9%. This statistic says a lot about the job market across various sectors in Hollywood. Including healthcare, technology, hospitality, retail, and last but not least tourism. The city’s range of possibilities and a strong economy for professionals in various jobs looking to grow their careers or businesses in a new and exciting environment. For those considering moving from Coral Springs to Hollywood, a slight edge in employment prospects.

Schools in Hollywood

For those starting the move with younger children, the cost for a month of daycare or preschool hovers around $845, mirroring the rates found in Coral Springs. This consistency in childcare costs allows for an easy change when moving from Coral Springs to Hollywood, especially when working with the best movers in Coral Springs to ensure a smooth move. Hollywood includes several standout schools known for their academic excellence and innovative programs. Among these, Hollywood Hills High School is recognized for its strong curriculum, while Sheridan Technical College offers unique vocational and technical training for older students.

Also, there are a lot of opportunities for younger children. The area is home to some very high-rated preschools within the country. And also elementary schools, ensuring a solid educational foundation. Engaging with reputable movers ensures families can focus on settling into their new community and exploring the best educational opportunities Hollywood has to offer.

Higher education

Hollywood, and cities very close by offer some of the best education in the country. Numerous colleges and universities offer possibilities to the most popular academic interests and career aspirations. Unlike Coral Springs, which has limited options directly within its boundaries, Hollywood is in closer proximity to several notable institutions. Nova Southeastern University offers advanced degrees in fields like medicine, education, and business, drawing students from across the region. Last but not least, the University of Miami. Famous for academic programs and research opportunities in marine science, engineering, and business. Great public transport allows you to get from the Hollywood center to the University of Miami in under an hour.

Students celebrating graduation after moving from Coral Springs to Hollywood
Move to Hollywood and make sure to reach the goals, you’ve always dreamed of!

Educational opportunities expand significantly for those moving from Coral Springs to Hollywood. Make this your move with help of the professionals. Contact long distance movers in Coral Springs to help you. This will help you to open up new academic steps and not worry about your belongings. You don’t have to worry about them! Whether you’re seeking to advance your career with further education or explore a new field of study. The colleges and universities near Hollywood provide a supportive and enriching environment for achieving your goals.

Neighborhoods in Hollywood That Locals Suggest Looking Into

The city will provide you with a spectrum of possibilities. From families and young professionals to retirees. The neighborhoods of Hollywood meet a lot of different preferences and budgets. For those moving from Coral Springs to Hollywood, using the help of the expert residential movers FL can prepare and move your items to this colorful city. These are the best neighborhoods locals suggest for first-timers to the area:

  • Hollywood Hills and Emerald Hills both stand out for families;
  • Downtown Hollywood appeals to young professionals eager for entertainment and dining options;
  • East Hollywood, with its proximity to the beach, attracts those looking for a wavy lifestyle;
  • Driftwood offers a budget-friendly option without compromising on the community feel;
  • Hollywood North Beach which offers a quieter residential area;
  • Hollywood Lakes, is a desirable area for those seeking a suburban lifestyle with easy access to the beach and downtown;

Each neighborhood in Hollywood presents its unique charm, as well as a unique price, so make sure to look at what matches your needs. But, either one of the neighborhoods you pick will be positively surprised!

Public transport within this area

Hollywood stands out for its comprehensive and efficient public transportation network, catering to the needs of everyone from daily commuters to tourists. The city offers a well-connected transit system, including different bus routes, the Tri-Rail train system for broader travel, and a charming trolley service that links key local destinations. With Broward County Transit’s nine routes crisscrossing the city and also 95 express routes for work commutes, getting around Hollywood is convenient and straightforward. The price of a monthly public transport ticket is slightly higher in Hollywood, at $72, compared to Coral Springs, which is about $9 cheaper. This difference reflects Hollywood’s extensive public transportation network. This accessibility ensures that whether you’re heading to the beach, downtown, work, or other notable locations, there’s a public transport option ready to take you there.

Experiences You Can Expect From Hollywood

Moving from Coral Springs to Hollywood opens up a world of attractions and experiences. Hollywood, FL, is not just about its famed beach. Living in Hollywood means introducing yourself to a community where every day is an adventure. From the beauty of the Anne Kolb Nature Center to the artistic pulse of the Hollywood Art and Culture Center, life here is rich with experiences. The colorful Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, with its endless dining options, and shops. In Hollywood, you’ll find a great amount of community events. Recreational activities, and green spaces that will suit all ages and interests. The city’s social scene is dynamic. And it provides a lot of events and cultural festivals during the year. Hollywood’s widely known beachside promenade, the Broadwalk, is an important place for social gatherings, offering concerts, farmers’ markets, and cultural festivals, which bring people from all over the world.

people having fun at a beach
Hollywood’s entertainment scene is a welcoming new experience for those moving in.

Tips for kicking off the new life after moving from Coral Springs to Hollywood

Starting your new life in Hollywood is an adventure waiting to unfold. Begin by unpacking your essentials and setting up your living space to feel like home. Next, venture out and explore your neighborhood. Find your new favorite coffee spot or local park to unwind. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and join community groups to connect with like-minded individuals. Dive into the local culture by attending events or trying out unique dining experiences that only Hollywood can offer. Keep in mind, that the initial days are about discovering what makes this big community tick. Use the help of moving services Florida to deal with your items, so you don’t have to worry. Take it one step at a time, stay open to new experiences, and soon, you’ll find yourself easily incorporating into the rhythm of Hollywood life, crafting memories that will last a lifetime.

Girls giving each other a box
The moving process can be fun for the whole family, so make sure to have fun with them during unpacking.

Moving From Coral Springs to Hollywood Is a Big Step, and You Should Think About It!

Hollywood presents a fantastic opportunity for new beginnings, enriched by a dynamic lifestyle, a lot of educational prospects, and a promising job market. The city will provide you with a great public transportation network. This will further improve the living experience. Providing you with easy access to its many attractions and communities. If you’re drawn by the allure of its beaches, the dynamic social scene, or the ease of mobility. Hollywood caters to a broad spectrum of needs and preferences. This city includes a lot of opportunities. Begin the move with trusted movers and step into a community ready to welcome you. Your Hollywood adventure awaits – it’s time to make the move.

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