Moving From Davie to Tampa

Moving from Davie to Tampa is a significant change. For work, family, or personal reasons, we, at Best Movers in Florida are the first step to your moving success! Tampa offers many opportunities and a fresh start for many. We will provide valuable tips and resources to help make your move as efficient as possible. From organizing your belongings to settling into your new home, you’ll find practical advice to make a successful experience. Find out how to plan, pack, and adjust to your new surroundings in Tampa with confidence!

Economy of Tampa

The economy in Tampa is pretty much mixed. It’s claimed to be one of the driving economies within the state of Florida. Major industries include finance, healthcare, tourism, and technology. The port of Tampa is amongst the biggest ports in the state, contributing to trade and employment. To add to that, the tourism industry is a very big thing. It is further supported through Busch Gardens, with Florida Aquarium supporting many jobs and businesses. Health is also considered one of the cornerstones in Tampa, as it is home to big healthcare establishments. To add to that, the tech industry is often one that attracts the ideas and energy of people from startups to well-established companies, hence encouraging innovation and job creation. So, if you are thinking about moving from Davie to Tampa movers in Davie will help you get to your new home.

two people shaking hands, when moving from Davie to Tampa
There are a lot of economic benefits you can start enjoying when moving from Davie to Tampa!

Tampa’s average salary and unemployment rate

When considering a move, and before you book moving services Florida, compare salaries and employment rates. In Tampa, the average salary reaches $61,000, higher than Davie’s $49,000. This difference impacts your quality of life and financial stability. Tampa has an unemployment rate of 3.6%, showing a healthy job market. On the other side, Davie has a slightly higher unemployment rate at 4.1%! Also, Tampa’s higher average salary makes it more attractive for many professionals. If you’re thinking about moving from Davie to Tampa, this financial advantage, along with the mix of job opportunities, offers a better standard of living and more career growth potential.

Cost of Living in Tampa Vs Davie

The cost of living in Tampa is relatively affordable, especially when compared to Davie. Families considering a move should look at key expenses to understand the differences. On average, living expenses for a family of four are slightly lower in Tampa. Here are some average costs:

  • Total monthly expenses for a family of four (with rent) is around $5,900 in Tampa and then $6,100 in Davie;
  • The total monthly cost for a family of four (without rent) is around  $3,100 in Tampa and $3,000 in Davie;
  • Food for a family of four will be about $1,700 in both cities;
  • Transport is $250 in Tampa compared to $160 in Davie;
  • Utility bill is $220 in Tampa vs. $180 in Davie;
  • A gallon of gas will cost you $3.10 in Tampa compared to $3.34 in Davie;
  • The doctor’s visit will be about $100 in Tampa and about $160 in Davie;
  • Dining out is about $22 in Tampa and $18 in Davie.

While Davie has slightly lower costs in some areas, Tampa’s overall affordability and broader job market make it an attractive option. If you are considering a move, consult with long distance movers Davie. They can help you with every aspect of your move to this amazing city!

Cost of Moving From Davie to Tampa

The cost of moving from Davie to Tampa depends on the size of your home. For a studio apartment, expect to pay between $550 and $720. Moving a one-bedroom apartment typically costs between $800 and $1,050. For a two-bedroom apartment, the estimate ranges from $1,100 to $1,450. A three-bedroom home will cost between $1,400 and $1,850. For a four-bedroom house, costs range from $1,800 to $2,300, and for homes with five or more bedrooms, estimates range from $2,100 to $2,800.

a pair of movers moving form Davie to Tampa
Make sure to check all the prices and discuss the move with your movers!

These estimates include packing and transportation, but you still need to contact the moving company to learn about everything you need to know. Hiring residential movers Davie can make the process easier and make sure your belongings arrive safely. When planning your move, consider these costs and choose a moving company that offers reliable service and fair pricing. Preparing ahead and understanding these expenses can help make your move to Tampa more budget-friendly.

Housing Costs

Housing costs in Tampa are relatively affordable compared to Davie. Make sure to hire some of the best residential movers Tampa after you find the perfect home for your needs. The average price of a house in Tampa is $450,000, or $296 per square foot. Davie’s average cost is slightly lower at $430,000, or $290 per square foot. However, prices in Davie have been trending downwards in recent years, which isn’t usually a good sign for potential buyers. When it comes to renting, a three-bedroom apartment in Tampa costs around $2,400 per month, while a similar apartment in Davie can be close to $3,000.

a modern house when moving from Pompano Beach to Tampa
Nice and modern houses with a reasonable price are available for purchase in Tampa.

For a more expensive option, a three-bedroom apartment in the city center costs about $3,250 in Tampa and $3,300 in Davie. A cheap one-bedroom apartment in Tampa costs about $1,400, compared to $1,600 in Davie, a more expensive city center one-bedroom apartment costs around $1,700 in Tampa and $1,800 in Davie. These estimates provide a close idea of what to expect when moving to Tampa, but further research is recommended.

Best Neighborhoods in Tampa

Before moving from Davie to Tampa, it’s very important to look at the differences when choosing your new neighborhood. Here are some of the best neighborhoods to consider and some of the neighborhood newcomers to the city often choose:

  • Hyde Park is a place with nice streets, historic homes, and a happening shopping and dining scene. The median price of a house here is around $780,000, or $597 per sqft;
  • Channel District is your place if urban living is your vibe, here’s the place. Offers chic modern apartments, close to most downtown attractions. Here you can usually find homes with a price of around $605,000 or $486 per sqft;
  • Seminole Heights is historic and hipster, with low-key casual dining and vintage shops. You can find homes here with a median price of $540,000 or $350 per sqft;
  • South Tampa is primarily residential, with good schools, parks, and housing. Here you can find yourself a home for around $800,000 or $427 per sqft;
  • Westchase is a master-planned community with a suburban feel, top-rated schools, and lots of amenities. You can find a house for around $540,000 or $290 per sqft;
  • Riverside Heights offers nice views of the water, parks, and more and more restaurants and shops. Find yourself a house here for around $1.3 million or $456 per sqft;
  • Ybor City is rich in history and culture, and famous for its nightlife, cigar shops, and historic buildings. And last of our suggestions, here you can find yourself a house for around $256,000 or around $300 per sqft.

Each of these neighborhoods offers advantages and could cater to any kind of different lifestyles and preferences, you may have, making Tampa an attractive place to call home.

How to Budget for Your Move?

Budgeting while moving can help reduce stress and help you stay on track financially. Start planning early to avoid last-minute expenses, and declutter by selling or donating items you no longer need to reduce moving costs. Compare prices from different moving companies to find the best deal. One of the most important tips is to hire professional movers. They know what they are doing and can save you from headaches. Consider booking services from Tampa movers to save time and prevent damage to your belongings. Moving during off-peak times can also help lower costs. Keep track of all expenses to stay within your budget. By following these tips, you can make your move more affordable and less stressful.

a couple writing on their laptop
Make sure to make a checklist for the most important things you need and which you don’t!

Schools in Tampa

Tampa offers excellent educational opportunities for families. Some of the best schools in the city include Plant High School, known for its strong academic programs and extracurricular activities. Nearby, Berkeley Preparatory School provides a rigorous curriculum from preschool to high school. For younger children, Gorrie Elementary School is highly rated for its engaging and supportive environment. Middle school students excel at Coleman Middle School, which offers a comprehensive academic program. To avoid any issues and help your children prepare for the move, consider booking professional packing services Florida. These services can help make the move easier, allowing your family to focus on settling into your new community and school. With top-notch educational institutions, Tampa is a great place for families prioritizing quality education.

Higher education

Tampa has a number of reputable colleges and universities, offering a great deal of variety in terms of programs and opportunities for higher studies. The University of South Florida is one of the state’s large public universities, famous for research programs and other associated diversification studies. It has a range of opportunities, beginning from engineering to business. When comparing to the rest,the most prominent one is the University of Tampa, more private with a personalized experience in education; it offers strong programs in business, nursing, and liberal arts. The next famous one is Hillsborough Community College, which makes education accessible and allows transfer options to four-year institutions.

a tablet, and a couple of notebooks on the table in college when moving from Davie to Tampa
Make sure to visit your new school before moving, if you have some spare time.

Tampa is home to several different schools in the pursuit of specialized education, like the Florida College of Integrative Medicine and the International Academy of Design and Technology. Thus, students from every part of the country and even from far across the globe come to this city for studies, making Tampa the place for higher studies. They have good academic programs and really cool campus life, which is already a great reason for you or your kids to continue your education here, in Tampa!

Lifestyle in Tampa

Life in Tampa is an entertainment paradise with its vast numbers of activities and attractions. Tampa Riverwalk links the numerous parks, museums, and numerous restaurants along the waterfront. If you treasure history, then Ybor City is the place; full of Cuban traditions and antiquated buildings in addition to the Tampa Museum of Art. And to not forget, the Straz Center for the Performing Arts take care of the cultural events. There are games to be enjoyed by sports lovers by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Lightning, and Rays. With an excess of social clubs, community events, and lively nightlife in SoHo and downtown, meeting other people is easy. Outdoor activities are all around, with nearby beaches, boating, and fishing spots.

happy woman with hands up
The city of Tampa offers an amazing lifestyle!

This Is the Right Place to Move to! Tampa Could Be the City of Your Dreams, So, Consider It! You Will Love It!

The move to Tampa is a great one to make. The city is full of cultural, educational, and recreational options. The market for jobs is strong, and the average salaries are on the rise within distinctly different neighborhoods to fit just about any taste. Besides, the city has some of the best schools in this area, ranging from kindergarten through grade 12 up to higher education facilities. There also remains the beauty of the city, from the Tampa Riverwalk down to Ybor City. Take some of the pressure off yourself by hiring professional movers to help you with the move. Through and through, Tampa basically embodies the best concoction of good jobs, quality education, and a high life. With proper preparation, and of course support, moving from Davie to Tampa will be an experience that you cannot regret at all!


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