Moving From Florida to Arizona

Moving from Florida to Arizona is more than just changing where you live—it’s starting a new way of life. Arizona has its mix of cultures, weather, and communities that you’ll get to experience. Best Movers Florida will help you as you make the switch from Florida to the beautiful landscapes of Arizona. Before you find the right movers with their help, you should find out about things like the weather, finding a place to live, and the differences in culture. Whether you’re moving for work, a change of scenery, or just trying something new, these essentials will lead you through the journey of going from Florida to Arizona!

Cost of Living Comparison

After relocating with local movers Florida, you will discover that Arizona is much cheaper than Florida.

  1. Utilities: While the cost of utilities can vary, Arizona tends to have lower energy costs on average, contributing to potential savings in monthly bills.
  2. Everyday essentials: From groceries to transportation, examining the cost of everyday items in Arizona versus Florida will give you a clearer picture of how your day-to-day expenses might change. Food and beverages per person a year in Florida are $3,886, while in Arizona $3,346.
  3. Tax considerations: Understanding the tax implications of the move, including income tax rates and sales tax differences, is crucial for financial planning.
  4. Healthcare costs: Exploring healthcare expenses and insurance variations between the two states to ensure you are adequately prepared for any changes in medical costs. Health Care costs per person a year in Florida are $7,676 and in Arizona $6,828.
  5. Education expenses: If you have children, looking into the costs and quality of education in Arizona compared to Florida will be essential for an easy transition.
  6. Entertainment and leisure: Assessing the costs of entertainment, dining out, and leisure activities will help you budget for your lifestyle in Arizona.
  7. Transportation costs: Consider differences in transportation costs, including fuel prices, public transportation expenses, and potential changes in commuting patterns.
  8. Savings opportunities: Identifying potential areas for savings in Arizona compared to Florida, providing a comprehensive overview of the financial landscape of your new home.

Housing market comparison

If you are thinking about moving with the help of long distance movers Florida, it’s important to understand a few things. In general, houses in Arizona are usually cheaper than in Florida. This means you have more options that match your budget. If you’re thinking about renting instead of buying, it’s good to know the average prices for that too. Keep in mind that prices can change depending on the city or neighborhood. For example, housing and utilities in Florida are $9,656 per person a year, while this number in Arizona is much lower, $8,184. 

a kitchen in a house
Moving from Florida to Arizona comes with cheaper housing options.

But overall, Arizona tends to be more budget-friendly when it comes to finding a place to live. This is the comparison of housing prices in Florida and Arizona:

  • Median monthly mortgage cost: Florida: $1,618, Arizona: $1,545
  • Median studio rent: Florida: $1,137, Arizona: $973
  • Median one-bedroom rent: Florida: $1,142, Arizona: $1,047
  • Median two-bedroom rent: Florida: $1,352, Arizona: $1,251
  • Median three-bedroom rent: Florida: $1,542, Arizona: $1,478
  • Median four-bedroom rent: Florida: $1,828, Arizona: $1,688
  • Median five-bedroom (or more) rent: Florida: $1,981, Arizona: $2,169
  • Median gross rent: Florida: $1,348, Arizona: $1,253

Job Market Comparison

Checking out the job situation in Arizona compared to Florida is super important for an easy move. After relocating with interstate movers Florida, you will discover that jobs in Arizona can be a bit different. Some might pay more or less, and some industries might be bigger than others. The salaries people get in Arizona could be because of how the economy works there and the kinds of jobs people do. Some of the most popular jobs in Arizona are Engineers, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technicians, Translators, Roofers, Construction Workers, Medical Professionals, Teachers, and many more.

people shaking hands
Before relocating from Florida to Arizona, it is important to check out the job situation in Arizona.

Looking at how many people have jobs (or don’t) in both states can give you an idea of how stable the job market is. Also, figuring out the main industries in Arizona, like tech, healthcare, and making things, can help you know where the job opportunities are. The average salary in Arizona is around 53.029$.


When you’re getting ready to move from Florida to Arizona, it’s really important to think about how far apart the cities are and how much it might cost to get there. Florida is on the east side, and Arizona is in the southwest, so there’s a big stretch in between. If you’re moving from a city like Miami in Florida to Phoenix in Arizona, it’s quite a long way around 2.362 miles. Figuring out how you want to get there, whether by driving or flying, is a big decision because it can affect how much time and money you’ll need. After relocating with international movers Florida, you will be much closer to the East Coast.

Education Opportunities

group of people looking at lap top and talking about moving from Florida to Arizona
Arizona also has some really good universities and colleges.

When you’re relocating from Florida to Arizona with residential movers Florida, it’s really important to check out the schools and colleges. Arizona has lots of different schools—some are public, and some are private, so you have choices.

It’s a good idea to look into which school districts are good, how well they teach, and what fun things they offer outside of regular classes. Arizona also has some really good universities and colleges if you’re thinking about going to school for more learning or to boost your career. Some of the universities include Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Grand Canyon University, University of Phoenix, and many more.

Most Popular Cities in Arizona

These are some of the most popular cities in Arizona to relocate to. In case you want to move your office, these cities are a good choice, too! Commercial movers Florida are the best solution if you need help.

  1. Phoenix: This is Arizona’s big capital city, and it’s the fifth-largest city in the whole U.S.! Phoenix is known for lots of things, like its culture, yummy food spots, and fun things to do outside.
  2. Tucson: This city is in the Sonoran Desert, and it’s got a mix of cool history, with old adobe buildings, fun festivals, and a lively arts community.
  3. Scottsdale: If you’re into fancy stuff, Scottsdale is the place to be! It’s known for being all posh, with fancy shopping, awesome golf courses, and a nightlife that’s always buzzing.
  4. Mesa: This city is kind of like a big neighborhood in Phoenix. It’s good for families, and there’s a lot of cool art and culture stuff happening here.
  5. Chandler: If you like tech stuff, Chandler is your spot! It’s got modern stuff, good places to eat, and neighborhoods where families like to live.
  6. Gilbert: This is a growing town known for being safe and having great schools. It’s a mix of a cozy neighborhood and a bit of city life.
  7. Tempe: This place is home to Arizona State University, so it’s got a young and lively feel. There’s always something happening, especially along Tempe Town Lake.
  8. Glendale: Famous for its sports and entertainment. Big stadiums and arenas bring lots of action here.
  9. Flagstaff: If you like mountains and outdoor adventures, it’s good for you. It’s in northern Arizona and is close to the amazing Grand Canyon. Super charming downtown too!

The Average Cost of This Move

When you’re moving from Florida to Arizona and getting help from professionals, how much it costs can change depending on a few things. Like, how much stuff you have, how far you’re going, and if you need storage services Florida. Usually, a full-service moving company might charge you somewhere between $2,000 to $5,000 or maybe even more for a long-distance move like this.

man packing boxes into a van
Make sure to check the costs of hiring a moving company.

This price usually covers everything from packing services Florida, loading it onto the truck, moving it, unloading, and even unpacking. It’s a good idea to check with a few moving companies to see how much they charge, look at what people say about them, and make sure you know if there are any extra costs for special things you have. This way, you can plan your move better and make sure it goes smoothly.

Climate Considerations

Moving from Florida to Arizona means getting used to very different weather. In Florida, it’s warm and humid with lots of rain, and sometimes there are big storms. But in Arizona, it’s more like a desert with hot summers and not-so-cold winters. The air in Arizona is pretty dry, which means it can get super hot during the day and cooler at night.

a beautiful nature landscape
When relocating to Arizona from Florida, expect a different climate.

Because it’s not humid, you might feel the temperature changes more. So, it’s important to drink a lot of water, protect yourself from the sun, and wear clothes that are good for hot and dry weather. Arizona has beautiful clear skies and sunny landscapes, but being ready for the weather changes will help you feel comfy in your new desert home.

Outdoor Living in Arizona

Activities you can do in Arizona:

  • Hiking Trails: Arizona is a hiker’s paradise, offering diverse trails such as Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, the Grand Canyon’s rim trails, and Sedona’s red rock pathways.
  • Grand Canyon Exploration: A must-visit destination, the Grand Canyon provides not only awe-inspiring views but also opportunities for hiking, river rafting, and stargazing.
  • Desert Botanical Gardens: Discover the unique flora of the desert at locations like the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, showcasing the beauty and resilience of arid land plants.
  • Golf Courses: With its sunny climate, Arizona is a haven for golf enthusiasts, offering world-class courses like TPC Scottsdale and Troon North Golf Club.
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides: Experience the breathtaking landscapes from above with hot air balloon rides, offering a serene and picturesque view of the Arizona terrain.
  • Mountain Biking Trails: For adventure seekers, mountain biking trails like those in Flagstaff and Sedona provide thrilling rides amid stunning scenery.
  • Stargazing: With clear desert skies, Arizona offers excellent stargazing opportunities. Consider visiting Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff for an immersive astronomical experience.
  • Water Activities at Lakes: Despite being a desert, Arizona has picturesque lakes such as Lake Havasu and Lake Powell, where you can enjoy water activities like boating, fishing, and kayaking.
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries: Explore wildlife sanctuaries like the Out of Africa Wildlife Park, where you can get up close with diverse desert animals.
  • Camping Adventures: Whether in the Sonoran Desert or the Coconino National Forest, camping lovers can enjoy the natural beauty of Arizona’s landscapes.

Healthcare in Arizona

Arizona has really good healthcare that helps everyone in the state. Big cities like Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff have top-notch hospitals and clinics where you can get medical help. They make sure healthcare is easy to get, so people can see doctors and get treatments without any trouble.

a doctor looking at microscope
Arizona offers very good health care to its residents.

Arizona is also doing a lot of smart and new things in medical research. They have places that are working hard to find better ways to help people stay healthy and get better faster. Whether you need regular checkups, special treatments, or emergency help, Arizona has a good system to take care of everyone. It’s smart to check out the healthcare places in your new area and know how your health insurance works so that you can get the help you need easily.

Arizona Awaits: Closing the Chapter on Florida Living

Moving from Florida to Arizona means thinking about a lot of things, like the weather, fun things to do outside, and changes in schools and healthcare. Arizona has its special things, like the cool desert landscapes and interesting cities like Phoenix and Tucson. As you go ahead, knowing about the housing market, jobs, and how much it costs to live there will help you make good choices. Arizona has good healthcare and schools to make sure you and your family are taken care of.  Knowing these can help your move go easily, and your new life in Arizona is full of fun, new friends, and a happy time in the sunny desert. Have a safe trip on this new adventure!


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