Moving From Florida to Georgia

Moving from Florida to Georgia marks a significant life change. This journey, filled with excitement and new opportunities, can also bring its own set of challenges. Understanding the essentials of moving from Florida to Georgia can ease the transition. With the right guidance and resources, this move can be a refreshing start to a new chapter in your life. To assist you in this journey, relying on Best Movers Florida ensures efficient moving experience. As you prepare for this new adventure, remember that the right support makes all the difference. Welcome to a seamless transition to Georgia, where new memories await!

How Much Will the Cost of Living Change After Moving From Florida to Georgia?

In Florida, the average annual living costs are around $50,689, which is slightly above the national average. But some cities in Florida experience living costs that are 8% lower, while others can go up to 21% higher than the average U.S. city. Florida residents pay about $33 monthly for water, $105 for gas, $129 for electricity, and $70 for cable and internet. When considering grocery prices, the comparison between Jacksonville, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia, is quite interesting. In Jacksonville, items such as bread, eggs, and milk are relatively affordable, with bread priced at $2.40, a dozen eggs for $4.77, and milk at $1.01 per liter. This affordability is a reason why people hire Jacksonville movers to help them relocate. Conversely, in Atlanta, these essentials are slightly pricier, with a loaf of bread costing $3.59, a gallon of milk at $2.25, and a carton of eggs priced at $2.08.

a girl buying groceries
Make sure you know your financial limit.

Shifting the focus to Georgia, the average cost of living is significantly lower, estimated at $43,482 per year. Utility costs are marginally higher in Georgia, with electricity at $134, gas at $141, cable and internet at $108, and water at $28 monthly. Comparing Savannah, Georgia, and Tallahassee, Florida, we see a similar trend in grocery costs. Savannah’s prices for basic items like bread, milk, and eggs are slightly higher than Tallahassee’s, with a loaf of bread costing $3.69, a gallon of milk at $2.31, and eggs at $2.14. This difference in living costs is something you should think about when hiring Tallahassee movers for your relocation to Georgia.

a neighborhood with white houses
Exploring neighborhoods in your new city can be helpful.

Housing Market

The Florida housing costs tend to be higher. As of June 2023, the median home price in Florida stood at $478,500, surpassing the national median by 7%. This reflects a $30,000 increase compared to the national median of $445,000. When it comes to renting, Florida’s median monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment is also notably higher at over $1,682, which is nearly 25% above the national median of $1,346. In specific cities, the disparity becomes more pronounced. Miami, for instance, sees an average home price of $597,159 and an average apartment rent of $2,768. Pensacola, on the other hand, has a more moderate housing market with an average home price of $393,788 and an average rent of $1,480. This makes Pensacola an attractive option for those seeking affordability, and hiring movers Pensacola to help them with moving.

In contrast, Georgia’s housing market offers more diverse and generally lower-cost options. For central city locations, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $782 per month, while the cost drops to $549 for apartments outside the city center. A three-bedroom apartment in Georgia costs an average of $1,312 in the city center and $877 outside of it. Renters in Georgia can find a one-bedroom apartment or a house on the outskirts for as low as $310. However, renting a three-bedroom apartment in the city center can go up to $2,300 per month.

Cities in Georgia like Augusta and Atlanta also show a varied housing market. Augusta’s median home price is $307,072 with a median rent of $933.65 per month, which is considerably lower than Florida’s average. Atlanta’s housing market is a bit higher, with a median home price of $485,182 and a median rent of $1,475 per month, still competitive compared to Florida’s larger cities.

Moving From Florida to Georgia as a Job Opportunity

Moving from Florida to Georgia presents a landscape of new job opportunities, reflected in average salaries, unemployment rates, and key industries. In Florida, the average annual salary is $48,733. However, this varies significantly across cities. For instance, Everglades and Juno Beach stand out with average annual salaries of $79,275 and $78,031, respectively. High-paying roles in Florida include Neuroradiologist, Anesthesiologist, and Intensivist, with salaries soaring above $300,000. Orlando, the place for various industries, offers an average salary of $54,291, with most people earning between $39,064 and $68,945 annually. This range of salaries in Orlando makes it an appealing location for professionals, and movers Orlando play a crucial role in facilitating quality transitions for those seeking new job opportunities in this city. In Sarasota, another Floridian city, the average salary is slightly lower at $44,393 annually. Sarasota’s economy is diverse, offering opportunities in multiple sectors.

a man at his new job after moving from Florida to Georgia
Experience some new job positions after moving from Florida to Georgia.

Shifting focus to Georgia, the average annual salary is higher at $51,766, with most salaries falling between $36,062 and $65,500. Georgia’s top-earning cities are Gresham Park and Alpharetta, where average salaries reach $80,264 and $71,429, respectively. High-income roles in Georgia include Anesthesiologist and Pediatric Radiology, with salaries exceeding $340,000. However, it’s important to note that Georgia’s unemployment rate stood at 15.6% in the third quarter of 2023, a figure that remained unchanged from the previous year. The unemployment rate for men was higher at 17.7% compared to 12.8% for women. In case you’re moving from Sarasota to Georgia for the job, Sarasota movers are at your service.

Healthcare System

These cost comparisons highlight the diverse healthcare between Florida and Georgia. While Florida shows higher costs for general healthcare, Georgia offers more affordable options in certain areas but higher costs in others. In Florida, healthcare expenses vary significantly across cities. Jacksonville, for example, offers healthcare costs that are 18% lower than the national average. On the other hand, Tallahassee’s healthcare costs are about 12% higher. The average cost for a general doctor visit in Florida is $115, while a dentist appointment averages around $109. An eye doctor visit typically costs $97, and prescription drugs average $470.

Contrastingly, Georgia’s healthcare costs also show variation but generally lean towards being more affordable. In Douglasville, healthcare costs are approximately 13% lower than the national average, offering considerable savings. Atlanta, however, presents costs that are around 5% higher. Dublin, a city in Georgia, strikes a balance with healthcare costs about 4% lower than the national average. For example, a general doctor visit in Dublin costs around $75, slightly cheaper than the Florida average. However, dental and eye care in Dublin are slightly pricier at $118 and $116, respectively. Prescription drugs in Georgia average close to Florida’s cost of $468.

Consider the Best Place To Improve Your Education

Both states boast a range of educational institutions, from well-regarded high schools to prestigious universities. Here’s a closer look at what each state offers:


  • Florida has a diverse range of educational options, especially in its larger cities.
  • Top high schools include Pine View School in Osprey and Design and Architecture Senior High in Miami.
  • Renowned universities such as the University of Florida in Gainesville and the University of Miami offer a lot of programs.
  • Florida’s education system is known for its strong emphasis on research and innovation, opening up numerous job opportunities in various fields.
  • Cities like Tampa and Orlando are known for their educational environments and growing job markets.
your books for university
Move from Florida to Georgia so you can chase your educational dreams.


  • Georgia’s educational landscape is equally impressive, with several highly-rated schools and universities.
  • Notable high schools include Northview High School in Johns Creek and Walton High School in Marietta.
  • Prestigious universities such as the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta and the University of Georgia in Athens stand out.
  • Georgia’s universities are renowned for their strong business, technology, and agricultural programs, leading to diverse job possibilities.
  • Atlanta, as a major city, offers a dynamic educational environment with a strong link to the job market, especially in the tech and business sectors.

Getting Around

Transportation options and costs in Florida and Georgia vary significantly, reflecting the different lifestyles and needs of residents in both states. Florida’s transportation costs range between $5,477 and $15,530 annually. This variation depends on factors like family size and transportation needs. For instance, a single adult incurs an average annual cost of $5,477, whereas a family with two working adults and three children may spend up to $15,530. These costs are influenced by factors such as vehicle ownership, fuel prices, and public transportation usage.

a family packing for their first picnic after moving from Florida to Georgia
See what transportation options suit you the best.

Georgia’s transportation costs mirror those in Florida, with annual expenses ranging from $5,477 to $15,530. Like in Florida, these costs fluctuate based on family composition and earning members. A single adult in Georgia, for instance, faces the same average annual cost as in Florida, while larger families with multiple earners will see higher expenses​​. The distance between Florida and Georgia cities plays a significant role in transportation considerations. For example, the distance from Miami, Florida, to Atlanta, Georgia, is approximately 638 miles, whereas Jacksonville, Florida, to Savannah, Georgia, is around 140 miles. The distance from Orlando, Florida, to Macon-Bibb County, Georgia, is roughly 330 miles, and from Florida’s capital, Tallahassee, to Albany or Columbus in Georgia, the distance varies between 90 and 130 miles​​.

In Gainesville, Florida, a city known for its living culture and educational institutions, the need for reliable transportation is important for residents and students alike. After you move there with the help of the movers in Gainesville you should understand the local transportation system, including public transit options and the logistics of traveling to neighboring states like Georgia.

The Places To Be in Georgia, USA

  1. Atlanta: Known as “The City of Trees,” Atlanta boasts a remarkable tree canopy, covering nearly half of the city. It’s a good city for business and fun, with attractions like the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, and the Atlanta Botanical Garden. The city’s parks, such as the expansive Westside Park and Chastain Park, offer ample green spaces for relaxation and recreation​​.
  2. Savannah: Often called the “Hostess City of the South,” Savannah is renowned for its legendary hospitality and stunning historic district. The city’s beauty is enhanced by repurposed old cotton warehouses, now luxury hotels, and iconic city squares. Savannah is perfect for exploring on foot, with horse-pulled carriage tours and Hop-on Hop-off Trolley Tours adding to the charm​​.
  3. Athens: “The Classic City,” named after Greece’s capital, is the home of the University of Georgia. Athens is known for its walkability, with numerous trails around the university and downtown, offering easy access to shopping and dining​​.
  4. Alpharetta: This city, located just outside Atlanta, is often ranked as one of the best places to live in the USA. Alpharetta offers a blend of green spaces, art galleries, and reputable restaurants. It’s an excellent destination for day trips from Atlanta and serves as a gateway to the North Georgia Mountains​​.
  5. Marietta: Founded in 1834, Marietta has a rich history with many of its original structures surviving the Civil War. The city’s downtown area is a treasure trove of history, housing the Marietta Museum of History and the Gone with the Wind Museum​​.

Average Moving Cost

Relocating from Florida to Georgia involves various costs, especially when opting for professional help. The overall cost varies significantly based on factors like the amount of belongings, the moving date, and whether you choose a moving company or a DIY approach.

a woman putting her moving box in the car
Moving is a time for new chapters in your life.

For smaller spaces such as a studio or one-bedroom apartment, hiring a moving company can cost between $894 and $2,751. A larger home with 2 to 3 bedrooms may require $1,571 to $4,316, while a move involving 4+ bedrooms can range from $2,469 to $6,019. If you opt for a moving container, the expenses for a studio or one-bedroom setup range from $640 to $1,531, for 2 to 3 bedrooms it’s $1,159 to $2,213, and for 4+ bedrooms, the cost is between $1,535 and $2,817. In cities like Panama City, seeking assistance from professional movers in Panama City can be a wise choice to ensure everything goes as planned, making your journey from Florida to Georgia more manageable and less stressful. With their expertise, you can navigate the complexities of relocation efficiently, making the process easier.

Pack Your Bags for Georgia!

Moving from Florida to Georgia offers a refreshing change, blossoming with new opportunities. Georgia’s fantastic cities, each with unique attractions and cultures, promise a rich, fulfilling lifestyle. You’ll find lower living and housing costs in Georgia, alongside a diverse job market that caters to a variety of skills and industries. The healthcare and education systems in Georgia are strong, providing quality services for all residents. Embracing this move means stepping into a world where tradition meets modernity, where every city has a story to tell, and where new adventures await. Truly, this relocation can be the best decision for a fresh start and a promising future!


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