Moving From Miramar to Davie

Moving from Miramar to Davie marks an important change in your life. This move can be for many reasons, such as a new job, being closer to family, or just seeking a different lifestyle. Davie offers a suburban lifestyle with access to natural parks and educational institutions, making it an appealing choice for many. However, the process of moving can feel overwhelming, with the need to pack, organize, and transport your belongings safely. This is where choosing the right moving company makes a significant difference. A good mover can make this move less stressful. If you’re looking for the right movers, Best Movers in Florida can help you!

Essential Factors to Consider When Relocating

If you’re contemplating moving from Miramar to Davie, several critical aspects will influence your decision and preparation process. To ensure an easy relocation, engaging with professional movers Miramar can provide valuable assistance.

an closeup shot of agenda
When moving from Miramar to Davie, a few essential factors need to be considered

Here are the key points to keep in mind:

  • Cost of living
  • Housing market comparison
  • Job market comparison
  • Education opportunities

A comparative look at living costs

When planning a move, understanding the cost of living in your potential new home is essential. For those considering relocating within Florida, comparing Miramar and Davie reveals some interesting contrasts and similarities that can impact your decision. If you’re gearing up for a move, working with residential movers Miramar can streamline the process.

In Miramar, an individual can expect to spend around $2,726 monthly, while a family’s expenses might reach $5,992. This includes housing, food, and transportation among other costs. With a monthly food expense of approximately $635 and transport costs of around $61.9, living in Miramar requires a balanced budget. The average monthly salary after taxes in Miramar is $4,044, which can cover these expenses, provided careful financial planning.

On the other hand, Davie presents a slightly different financial picture. The cost of living for one person is about $2,638, with family expenses averaging $6,082. Food expenses in Davie are comparable to Miramar, at $641 per month, and transportation costs are marginally lower at $57.5. Notably, the average monthly salary after taxes in Davie is higher, standing at $4,713, offering a bit more financial flexibility.

Both cities offer their unique advantages. Miramar offers a dynamic community and a range of amenities that cater to individuals and families alike. Davie, while slightly more costly for families, provides a higher average income and a smaller, closely-knit community feel, which might be appealing to those looking for a quieter place to settle down.

Comparing housing markets

Miramar showcases a robust housing market that is significantly above the national average. Miramar has a median property value is $434,300. This reflects a 9.92% increase from the previous year, indicating a strong demand for homes in the area. The homeownership rate stands at 71.7%. It aligns closely with the national average but highlights a community with a strong sense of ownership and stability. If you’re planning a move that covers a significant distance, partnering with long distance movers Miramar can be very helpful.

a couple looking for a house with a real estate agent after moving from miramar to davie
It is evident that you can expect fewer costs for housing after moving from Miramar to Davie

In contrast, Davie presents a slightly more affordable housing market, with the median property value at $344,800. This also exceeds the national average but at a lesser extent than Miramar, showing a 6.98% increase from the previous year. The homeownership rate in Davie is 65.8%, slightly higher than the national figure, pointing to a healthy but slightly more accessible housing market compared to Miramar.

Job market comparison

In the quest for new beginnings, understanding the job market of your potential new home is crucial. Both Miramar and Davie offer unique opportunities and challenges in this regard. As you plan your move, considering professional movers Davie can ensure that your move focuses more on these opportunities and less on the stresses of moving.

Miramar’s economy is dynamic, supporting 73.4k jobs across various sectors. Leading the employment sectors are Health Care & Social Assistance, Retail Trade, and Educational Services, illustrating a diverse economy that caters to a wide range of professional skills and interests. Notably, Public Administration stands out as the highest-paying industry, followed closely by Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services, and Finance & Insurance. This indicates that Miramar not only offers a variety of jobs but also provides rewarding career paths in terms of financial compensation. Furthermore, the income disparity between genders is present here as well. Males are earning on average 1.34 times more than females.

co-workers during business meeting
Miramar and Davie are dominating in similar fields – healthcare and education

Davie’s job market, while smaller in scale, employs 55.8k people and mirrors the diversity seen in Miramar. The largest industries are similarly Retail Trade, Health Care & Social Assistance, and Educational Services. However, Davie distinguishes itself with the Utilities sector leading in wages, followed by Public Administration and Finance & Insurance. These high-paying industries suggest that Davie, much like Miramar, is a place where skilled professionals can find lucrative opportunities. The gender income gap and the Gini index—a measure of income inequality—are consistent with the broader state trends, indicating systemic economic patterns.

Educational landscapes

Deciding on a new place to live often involves considering the quality and diversity of educational opportunities available. Miramar and Davie offer a range of options catering to diverse academic interests and career goals. For families and individuals prioritizing education in their move, understanding these distinctions can be as crucial as choosing the right long distance movers Davie for a seamless transition.

Miramar’s educational scene reveals a strong focus on career-oriented programs. The gender distribution among students leans significantly towards women, highlighting the city’s inclusive environment for female students pursuing higher education. The most awarded degrees span from business administration and dental assisting to medical assistant programs, indicating a strong emphasis on practical, vocational education that prepares students for the workforce. The leading institutions, such as Concorde Career Institute-Miramar and DeVry University-Florida, underscore this focus, offering specialized programs designed to meet the demands of today’s job market.

In contrast, Davie presents a larger and more academically diverse educational landscape, awarding 7,097 degrees in the same year. Here, the student population also skews towards women, mirroring the national trend in higher education. The diversity of the student body is notable, with significant representations across ethnic groups, fostering a multicultural learning environment. Nova Southeastern University provides a wide array of programs from registered nursing to general education and pharmacy, reflecting a comprehensive approach to higher education. The median tuition cost for private four-year colleges in Davie stands at $33,510, indicating the investment required for such diverse educational offerings.

a group of students studying together
Both Davie and Miramar are providing necessary skills for graduates who seek high-paying jobs

Discovering Davie: A Guide to the Best Neighborhoods for Your Next Home

Choosing the right neighborhood is a crucial step in the journey of finding your next home. Davie offers a variety of communities each with its unique charm and benefits. Whether you’re planning a move from across the country or just a few cities away, enlisting the help of long distance movers Florida can simplify the process. This is allowing you to focus on what truly matters: selecting the perfect neighborhood to match your lifestyle and needs.

Long Lake Ranches stands out for those seeking luxury and spaciousness, set within a gated community that prioritizes privacy and serenity. It’s an ideal spot for families, given its proximity to excellent schools and a range of high-end amenities like a fitness center and tennis courts. Forest Ridge offers a picturesque setting that offers variety of home styles with lush, natural landscapes. It’s a community that places a high value on education, outdoor activities, and a friendly atmosphere.

Riverstone presents a serene retreat in western Davie, where large homes and generous lots provide residents with ample outdoor space. This gated community is not just about beautiful homes. It’s also about fostering a sense of community through shared amenities and engaging in an active outdoor lifestyle. Shenandoah attracts those looking for a well-established community. Its excellent schools and plethora of parks and recreational facilities offer a welcoming environment for families and individuals alike. Hawkes Bluff has this sentiment, providing a charming backdrop for a variety of homes suited to families of all sizes. Like its counterparts, it emphasizes educational excellence and community engagement.

a family taking a photo together
Choosing your next neighborhood in Davie can be difficult consider that all of them are charming in their own way

Top Activities to Enjoy in Davie

Davie provides many activities that cater to a wide array of interests, making it a delightful destination for both residents and visitors. If you’re contemplating a move to this lively town, connecting with residential movers Florida can help you with everything that comes to moving, so you can enjoy everything that this place offers.

Going on a tour of the Old Davie School Historical Museum is a perfect start to enjoy the rich history of Davie. This museum not only educates visitors about the town’s past but also hosts exciting events like Paranormal investigations and artistic gatherings, offering a unique mix of history and community engagement.

For those passionate about furthering their education or pursuing academic goals, the South Florida Education Center stands as a hub of learning and development. With institutions like Broward College and Nova Southeastern University, students of all ages have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources right in their backyard. Dining and shopping enthusiasts will find their paradise along University Drive and the Tower Shops. This area is a hotspot for a diverse selection of restaurants and retail outlets, where you can satisfy your culinary cravings and indulge in a shopping spree all in one go.

Explore the Nature of Davie

Outdoor lovers can revel in the beauty of Davie’s numerous parks, like Robbins Lodge Preserve and Owls Lookout Park, where the town’s year-round summer weather enhances every visit. Whether you’re picnicking, horse riding, or enjoying the splash pad and dog parks, there’s an outdoor activity for everyone. Exploring Davie’s park trails offers a chance to reconnect with nature and experience the town’s scenic beauty. From walking and equestrian trails to picturesque views at Pine Island Ridge, these trails provide a peaceful escape and a perfect opportunity for outdoor adventure.

Wildlife enthusiasts won’t want to miss the chance to visit Flamingo Gardens, where a variety of Florida native wildlife awaits. This botanical garden and wildlife sanctuary is an ideal spot for family outings. It is offering tram tours, wildlife encounters, and a historical journey through the Wray Home Museum. For those seeking more outdoor ventures, Broward County Parks within Davie, like Tree Tops Park and Vista View, offer unique experiences, from walking trails and equestrian centers to the breathtaking views atop Vista View’s hill.

family spending time in the park
Visit some of the most popular places in Davie

Moving From Miramar to Davie Has Never Been Easier!

Moving from Miramar to Davie presents an exciting opportunity to enjoy a new community. Davie’s array of educational institutions, recreational activities, and community events offers something unique for everyone. Whether you’re a student, professional, or looking for a family-friendly environment, you can find everything in Davie. This town not only promises a diverse set of activities and amenities but also a welcoming community that values education, nature, and local businesses. Moving from one city to another can be a significant life event, but with the right planning and resources, it can also be an exciting journey. Look forward to the new experiences, friendships, and adventures that await you in Davie. As you take this step, remember that the move from Miramar to Davie is not just about finding a new place to live—it’s about discovering a place where you can thrive!

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