Moving from Tampa to Jacksonville

If you are moving from Tampa to Jacksonville the distance between Tampa and Jacksonville is around 220 miles. It is approximately 3 hours drive from one city to another. Both cities are located in Florida, Tampa on the west coast of Florida on Tampa Bay and Jacksonville in the northeast region of Florida. Jacksonville metropolitan area has a population of around 1.500.000 people. It is the 12 biggest city in the USA when it comes to population. Many things make Jacksonville a great location to live in. Nice climate, not so high cost of living, high quality of life, and a good place for business opportunities are just some of them. Many say this is a great place to live and a good place to raise a family. Best movers in Florida are here to help you relocate easier.

Things you should know about Jacksonville

When moving from Tampa to Jacksonville there are some things that you for sure would like to know. Jacksonville is a beautiful city that is located along the Atlantic Ocean. It is a paradise for people that love nature. Jacksonville has around 10 national and state parks. It has more than 850 square miles of beautiful beaches where you can enjoy spending time with your friends and family. As it is the biggest city in Florida (yes, it is really bigger than Miami) to live here you will definitely need a car. As in all big cities, traffic can be a nightmare during rush hours. To get from one part of a city to the opposite end of the city, with no high traffic, you would need approximately 50 minutes, this shows you how big the city really is.

Sea during golden hour
Many people claim Jacksonville is the best place to live when it comes to living in Florida.

Moving from Tampa to Jacksonville – Start with the preparations in time!

Once you have decided to move from Tampa to Jacksonville it is advisable to directly order the moving van and boxes or start looking for the best movers in Tampa. If you want to do the moving yourself, remember that you will need some strong helpers. So let your friends and relatives know about your moving date well in advance. The best way to start packing is room by room. You should make a plan and stick to it. Plan by weeks and days. When you see tasks on paper it is easier to finish them. If you only think about what you still need to do you can get discouraged and stressed. If you have problems making a clear plan, ask someone you know is good with organizing things for help.

Perfect time to clean out properly

In the course of time, things accumulate in every home that no one needs anymore. So that they do not come at all with the removal boxes and with these into the new dwelling, a larger clearing out action is recommended as preparation. This involves clearing out all the things that are no longer needed. These things you can either donate, give to a family member, or sell it online. Things that are no longer of use to anyone you can dispose of. Moving is the perfect time to do so.  You can already pack some things that you no longer need until the moving date. This will save you time later and spare your nerves in the acute moving phase. But keep in mind that you won’t be able to clear out all the boxes immediately in the new home. 

Woman writing note on carton box with marker
Good labeling of the moving boxes will save you the trouble of searching later.

What kind of climate you should expect when you move from Tampa to Jacksonville

One of the good things that Tampa and Jacksonville have in common is nice weather. If you enjoy sunny days and warmer climates this will not change.  The hottest days of the year are in July, with an average high of 90°F and a low of 75°F. The cool season goes for 3 months, from the end of November to the end of February. During the cool season average daily high temperature is below 70°F. The coldest month is January, with an average low of 46°F and a high of 65°F. Florida is called Sunny state and with a good reason. Here on average, you will have 246 sunny days in a year. The beautiful blue sea of the Atlantic Ocean is pleasantly warm all year round. One more reason to go to the beach.

First thing you should pack in the moving boxes

The move is getting closer and you are starting to panic. You are thinking about what to pack first? It’s quite easy, although not literally. First, pack heavy items such as books or even file folders into the moving boxes Florida. These could otherwise crush light and delicate things. In order not to exceed 30 to 40 Ibs, pack on top of the heavy things the lightweights of your apartment equipment. It is important to protect fragile things like glass. Use cloths or bubble wrap to fill out space between items. In this way, you can prevent damaging your valuable belongings.  You can drive books or records over even distances, for example, instead of carrying them. That is how you can avoid injuries as well.

Moving from Tampa to Jacksonville
In case you absolutely want to pack heavy things together, whose weight, in the end, is over 50 Ibs, use travel suitcases with wheels.

Moving from Tampa to Jacksonville can be a challenge for you. But with a help of your friends or a good moving company, it can be a really enjoyable experience. Also, if you decide to hire a moving company, they can for sure help you by taking this task off your shoulders. Therefore call the best movers in Jacksonville and they can certainly help you every step of the way. This way you are free to relax and enjoy the changes that are coming.

Is moving from Tampa to Jacksonville a good choice?

Not every relocation is for everyone. As soon as you realize that, you can think about what do you actually want and need. You can’t move anywhere without having good reasons for that. Lifestyle in Jacksonville and in Tampa is quite different, and you need to be prepared for that. 

This one you probably already know, but Jacksonville is a beautiful city that is located in the Atlantic Ocean in Florida. If you are someone who is a nature lover, this will be like a paradise on earth for you. You are about to move to a place that has ten national and state parks. Could it be any better? Oh, yes! It also has more than 850 square miles of beautiful sandy beaches. There are many perfect places to spend time with your family and friends.

Another thing that not many people know is that it’s the biggest city in Florida. And yes, it is bigger even than Miami. So probably for living here, a car would be perfect. But, you must expect terrible traffic during those rush hours. But this is in every big city, so you probably can connect this. You won’t need long-distance moving services, but it is better to find your movers right on time!

Discover interesting facts about Jacksonville

  • The most recognizable landmark of Jacksonville is the Friendship Fountain. It’s a massive self-contained fountain that can blast 3500 to 6500 gallons of water 100 feet in the air every minute. And at the same time, there are 265 multicolored lights that turn the mist into a rainbow-hued spectacle.
  • Florida’s oldest farmers market that was found in 1938 is in Jacksonville. Each week more than 20,000 people visit it.
  • Jacksonville is the 12th fastest-growing city in all of America.
  • Every year for Thanksgiving, Jacksonville holds a Jacksonville Light Boat Parade. Thousands of people enjoy watching these festive happenings.
  • In Jacksonville, you have around 270 average days of sunshine per year! So expect sunny weather almost all the time.
  • The state of Florida’s average age is 42 while Jacksonville is the youngest city with an average age of 36.
  • In Jacksonville, there are 7 State Parks, 2 National Parks, a National Preserve, 400 City Parks, and Gardens and an Arboretum. There is definitely no better place for nature lovers.

If these facts are enough for you, then better find your long-distance moving company and start with the relocation! If not, you should definitely make a pros and cons list of moving from Tampa to Jacksonville.

Realize moving from Tampa to Jacksonville with the best movers in Florida.
Prepare yourself for a relaxed lifestyle and enjoyment.

Pros and cons of living in Tampa

We all have different preferences and not every city is for everyone. To understand if moving from Jacksonville to Tampa is good for you, better understand the advantages and disadvantages of both cities. After you realize that, it’s easy to find interstate movers or whichever movers you will need to move to Jacksonville. First, figure out if you want that. Start with the city where you currently live, and in that case, it’s Tampa.


  • The biggest pro of Tampa is the rent prices. This city is extremely affordable, especially when compared with other major cities. Rental prices in Tampa don’t even break the top 40 most expensive in the country. So expect quite a lot of savings for other things.
  • Neighborhoods are quite quiet and you can have your peace all the time. You won’t be exhausted by the noise and you will be able to relax whenever you want and need that.
  • There are quite a lot of festivals to attend to. If you are a festival lover, this is perfect for you.
  • On the other hand, if you are a history fanatic, you will find plenty of rich historic areas to explore. 
  • When it comes to working, in Tampa you will have the opportunity to get bilingual options for work.
  • If you have children, this should be important for you. Education in Tampa is a top-quality one. 


  • The first con of living in Tampa is definitely the humidity. Especially in the summer. When the heat index is rising, also the humidity level is also rising. And that can be really uncomfortable.
  • There is a risk of tropical storms. Also, that leads to extreme flooding during hurricane season.
  • If you are someone who prefers public transportation, unfortunately, in Tampa there are poor options. 
Moving from Tampa to Jacksonville is going to be exciting.
Moving from Tampa to Jacksonville will sure be a great adventure!

Pros of living in Jacksonville

  • It’s not only Tampa that has a lower cost of living. Jacksonville is also in that group of cities. 
  • The weather is great all the time! Definitely, the warm weather is a huge advantage of living in Jacksonville. Winters are mild and autumn is warm.
  • A perfect thing is that when you live in Jacksonville, you are never too far away from a fabulous beach. 
  • Unlike Tampa, Jacksonville has a small-town atmosphere. It’s a cozy city with a tight-knit community. And it’s really nice.

Cons of living in Jacksonville

  • The same problem like in Tampa, in Jacksonville public transportation, is really weak. So better get a car instead of stressing out.
  • This is not quite a problem, but the job market is still developing in Jacksonville. There has been a steady struggle with the economy. And they are still working on that.
  • This is definitely the biggest con. The crime rate is very concerning. Over the years, the crime rate in Jacksonville is increasing more and more. But you should know that there are neighborhoods that are completely safe. Not all Jacksonville has a high crime rate.
Night view of buildings in Tampa.
Tampa is for sure great, but have you thought about Jacksonville?

Be one step ahead of your moving from Tampa to Jacksonville

Sometimes, no matter what is the season you are moving in, rain can come out of nowhere. This is quite bad when you are moving somewhere. That is why you should look up in advance and check the weather in Jacksonville. Luckily, this is the thing in common that Jacksonville and Tampa share. They both have nice weather that consists out of sunny days and a warm climate. But just in case, make sure you are moving completely prepared. Even if it’s hot weather we are talking about, it can be risky to heavy lift and to other things for the move. Be careful!

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