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Portable moving containers are one of the most popular solutions when it comes to moving and storage. There are many ways in which they can be exploited. And it is no wonder why local mover Florida are starting to use them more frequently. However, even though it is a popular solution, there are still many unanswered questions concerning their implementation. Here are the portable moving container frequently asked questions and answers.

Portable moving containers are useful and very popular moving and storage solution. But people still don’t know enough about them

Moving is a complicated ordeal. However, there are many things that can ease this difficult process. One of the things that have proven to be very helpful is portable moving units. Those are essentially cargo containers that your pool table movers Florida will bring to you and unload it in front of your home. That way you can take your time and load your items at your own pace. You do not have to rush like when you are loading a moving truck. The portable moving container will be on your grounds for as much as you need.

Also, if you are renovating your home. You can rent a portable moving container that will stay at your place until you finish the renovation. Or you can order a container that you will load with excess and unwanted items, and your movers will later carry them to their storage facility.

truck carrying a container
Portable Moving Containers are a great moving and storage solution

Here is the list of frequently asked questions regarding portable storage containers

Even though there are so many uses for portable storage containers, people still do not know much about how this business works. So, residential movers Florida get a lot of questions about this service. If you are interested in renting a portable cargo container but you are not sure how it all works, we have prepared a list of FAQ that should help you decide whether this is a good option for you or not.

  • Where can the portable storage container be placed?
  • Is it possible to move a container after they place it?
  • Can I lock my container?
  • What is the moving container made of?
  • Is it safe to store my belonging in a portable storage container?
  • Who will load the container?
  • Are they suitable for overseas relocation?
  • Are there any items that I cannot store in a portable storage container?

Where can the portable storage container be placed?

The company that is delivering the portable moving container will place it wherever you tell them to. It can be on your front lawn, in on your driveway, or along the curb.  The important thing is that you think well about this before they arrive.

Is it possible to move a container after they place it?

Because it is not possible to move a portable moving container after it is placed on the ground, it is crucial to think well before you tell your storage services Florida where to place the container. Even though these containers have wheels, they are locked, and moving is not possible.

Can I lock my container?

Of course. How can your items be safe and secure if they are stored in an unlocked portable container? Depending on the company, you will either get a key or you will have to use your own locking system.

Storage container doors
Either the container company will give you the key or you can use your own locking system

What is the moving container made of?

When we think about cargo containers, we usually think of those metal boxes that we see stacked on cargo ships. And that is usually the case. But there are other types of containers as well. Some can be plastic or even wooden. But most commonly you will come across metal containers.

Is it safe to store my belonging in a portable storage container?

Of course, it is safe. Have you ever seen how sturdy these objects are? If you are storing your items, the storage company will be in charge of safety. If the container is at your premises, it will be in front of your eyes at all times.  

Who will load the container?

One of the best things about portable storage containers is when they place them in front of your home; they are at the ground level. Which makes them very easy to load. However, even with such convenience, some people will need help with loading. And, of course, they can ask their container provider to help them. So loading mostly depends on the arrangement you make with your container company.

Are they suitable for overseas relocation?

Portable moving containers were shipping containers in their previous life. Especially if you are thinking about metal ones. This means that they are suitable for overseas relocations. But it also depends on the moving company that you are working with. If they are offering international relocations as well, then there is no doubt that your portable container will travel overseas.

Cargo ship
Portable moving containers are perfect for overseas relocation

Are there any items that I cannot store in a portable moving container?

Most of the time, there will be things that you cannot store inside portable moving containers. However, that depends on the container company and their rules and regulations. And every company will have a list of items that you should not store in their container. Those are usually corrosive, hazardous, flammable, and other dangerous materials. Also, you should not keep live animals or plants inside. Nor perishable foods.

Portable moving containers are a great solution that will ease your moving or home renovation process. Now that you know enough about them, consider renting them next time you move.

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