Privacy policy details you should look into when hiring Florida movers

It’s no secret that scams have been plaguing the moving industry for decades at this point. You might have heard of people’s belongings getting stolen or held to ransom. But making sure you’re not getting outright scammed is only a small part of securing your safety during a move. Your personal information requires just as much protection as your belongings. Perhaps even more. That’s why all the best movers in Florida, who really hope to establish trust between themselves and their clients, openly publish their privacy policy so that their clients can better understand how their personal info is being handled. But even though all that information is readily available, many people view reading the privacy policy document as a nuisance. So they simply skip reading it altogether. However, you absolutely shouldn’t do that. There’s some seriously valuable information in there that you should be aware of. That said, some of the info is more important than the rest. That’s why, today, we’ll point out to you all of the privacy policy details you should look into when hiring Florida movers.

What even is a privacy policy?

You could say that a privacy policy is a document that clarifies how a business handles information that clients entrust them with. Most reliable businesses, including the best interstate and local movers Florida offers, make their privacy policies public. They do so in order to be transparent with their clients. After all, if there’s nothing shady going on, why shouldn’t they let their clients know what’s happening with their personal information? Moving companies, as well as other businesses, gather all sorts of information. And that information is rather easy to abuse. Because of that, it’s important for a client to understand where their personal data is going and how it’s going to be used. That’s the only way for them to be able to trust their movers fully. That’s why you too should read the privacy policy of the Florida movers you’re hiring. No matter how legitimate they may seem.

A man reading.
Before you hear about the Privacy policy details you should look into it when hiring Florida movers, first, you should understand what a privacy policy even is.

I really want to look into some privacy policy details but I’m not really sure where to find the document, where should I look?

If you’re thinking this, it’s really great that you understand the reasons why privacy policies are important. But, a privacy policy is sometimes hard to locate on a website. Since it’s not really the focus of the service. That’s why, even though available, it’s not really where you’d expect it to be. Most of the time anyway. You would expect it to be among the services or in the “About Us” section but it usually isn’t. Most of the time you’ll find the privacy policy document at the very bottom of the page. Right next to the terms of use, contacts, and maps. Found it? Great! Now that you have your privacy policy document sorted, let’s discuss some of the most important privacy policy details you should look into when hiring movers in Florida.

Top privacy policy details to look into when hiring Florida movers

While it’s important to read the entire document, some details should be your primary focus. This might sound like a lot. Perhaps like we want you to take notes and then take the quiz on privacy policies later on. But we promise – It’s not like that. All you have to do is read the document thoroughly and focus on a few key details. If you do so, you’ll know all you really need to know to safely hire local, long distance, or even interstate movers Florida offers. So, without further ado, here are the top privacy policy details to look into when hiring Florida movers.

Two movers holding moving boxes.
There are some Privacy policy details you should look into when hiring Florida movers if you wish to understand more about the handling of your personal information.

Florida movers usually collect information in more than one place

You would expect a company to collect your information through a request form, right? Everyone knows that. However, you may forget all of the other places a company could be collecting your personal data. For example, if you were emailing one of the long distance movers Florida residents recommend, know that they may be gathering information from those emails. That’s why, before getting in touch with a company, you should read about where they collect the information from. As a general rule, though, movers usually collect information through:

  • Quote forms
  • Emails
  • Texts
  • Website electronic messaging
  • Phonecalls

Still, a company you’re interested in may be different. That’s why you should make sure to read their privacy policy before you get in touch with them.

One of the privacy policy details you have to look into when hiring Florida movers is what the policy applies to

Companies oftentimes work with third-party websites, apps, and advertisers. And, they may be connected with other businesses. It’s important for you to understand that most of the time the privacy policy you’re reading doesn’t apply to those websites. Of course, things may vary from company to company. But, that’s exactly why you should first make sure to read the privacy policy and focus on what the policy applies to. You won’t benefit from reading one privacy policy and then using some other app or website that doesn’t follow the same rules and regulations. In a case like that, it’s best that you read both of the privacy policies just to be safe.

Business partners shaking hands.
Your Florida movers may share your information with third-party websites and companies they’re partnered with.

A privacy policy can tell you what information a company is going to ask of you

All the best movers Miami and other cities in Florida offer are going to need some information from you to be able to do their work. Luckily, you can learn exactly what information that is even before you get in touch with them. By reading a business’s privacy policy you can decide whether you wish to work with them or not. Usually, a privacy policy will include all of the information about the data the company in question is going to collect. Usually, things like your name, email address, address, phone number, cookies, and usage data, are something you can expect a company to save.

So, before giving out any of your personal information, it’s best that you look into things a bit deeper. What information are they going to ask me to provide? Are they going to save any of my personal information? What are they going to use it for? All extremely important questions you should have the answers to.

Another extremely important privacy policy detail you should look into when hiring Florida movers is what they’re going to do with your personal info

Companies use customers’ information in various ways. They may use it to generate statistics. Perhaps to figure out what moving services Florida residents require the most. Or to better understand moving trends. But, not all businesses do that. Some businesses instead use clients’ information for simpler things, like marketing. Most of the time, a business will use a client’s personal data to send them newsletters or promotional materials. Or, any other sort of information that may interest that particular client. For example, if you live in Orlando, and the company has your address and postcode, they’re likely not going to send you offers regarding moving companies in Miami. It seems like companies mostly collect personal information to better understand their clients and help those clients find what they need, and also better their own services. You can expect a company to need your info for:

  • Bettering and changing their website, as well as notifying you about those changes
  • Future ease of access
  • Providing customer support
  • Technical issue detection and prevention
  • Providing you with newsletters, promotions, and other marketing features
  • Statistical purposes
A mover carrying a sofa.
Florida movers may use the information they collected from you to improve their services.

These are the most common, yet not the only reasons a company may ask for your information. That’s why you should inform yourself of all the privacy policy details regarding this topic when hiring movers in Florida. Especially if you have personal reasons for not wanting to participate in any of these activities. And even if you don’t, it’s still really important to know and understand how a business you’re entrusting with your information is going to use that information.

Movers also track cookies and usage that

It’s no secret that companies like Google have been tracking every inch of our online activity. And while moving companies are obviously not as intrusive, they also track some of your activity. With similar motives albeit. For example, a moving company may record your previous interest in storage services Florida offers and then use that information to promote storage services to you in the future. Or they may track your online data for a completely different reason. To do that they use cookies and track your usage data. One of the great benefits of this is that it becomes easier for you to access the content on the company’s website in the future. Plus, it gets easier for a company to understand your behavior on their website.

All in all, tracking cookies and usage can be quite useful. That said, if you’re unsure if you’re comfortable with the company tracking all that, you can decide to refuse their cookies. But to know what you’re accepting or refusing you have to read the company’s privacy policy. It’s always best to look into privacy policy details when hiring Florida movers since that can help you better understand how your online information is being handled.

A woman using a laptop.
Florida movers you choose will likely use cookies to track your behavior on their website.

Understand that company has the right to share your information with certain bodies mentioned in the privacy policy

Perhaps the most important privacy policy detail you should look into when hiring Florida movers, aside from how a company uses personal data, is who the company can share it with. Most companies will disclose this information within their privacy policy document. If you consent, all of the information you consented to share is fair game for all of the parties enlisted in the document. Your Florida movers of choice may share your information with their service providers, subsidiaries and affiliates, contractors, buyers, or another successor in the case of a merger or similar occurrence, or any other third party they work with.

Your Florida movers of choice are also free to disclose your information in a non-work-related setting, in a very particular case. They may have to reveal your information to comply with the law. A court order, legal process, or a government or regulatory request, all warrant information disclosure. They may also use your information to enforce terms, agreements, or laws. You can expect a company to disclose this and more in its privacy policy. We understand that not knowing all this may sound scary. But, worry not! If you simply look into privacy policy details before hiring Florida movers, you’ll know precisely who can access your information through the company you’re hiring.

A person signing a contract.
If you consent to share your information, you can expect the company to share it with those mentioned in the privacy policy.

There are quite a few privacy policy details you should into when hiring movers in Florida

It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring Florida movers for packing services Florida residents recommend, you’re signing up for the iTunes store, or you’re buying a car from a dealership, you should always, ALWAYS, read a company’s privacy policy. It’s a goldmine of information that may help you protect yourself and feel overall safer. Obviously, there’s a lot to know. A lot more than we mentioned. But, these are the most important privacy policy details you should look into when hiring Florida movers. Still, it doesn’t hurt to know more. So, the next time you go to hire Florida movers, give their privacy policy a thorough read. No doubt you’ll feel better for doing so!


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