Should you help your movers?

You hire movers so they will help you move. It makes no sense then that you should be the one to help your movers. Right? Well, it’s not as simple as that! Of course, when you hire pool table movers Florida, you do it so that you won’t have to move the pool table yourself. But that doesn’t mean you should sit back sipping on some ice tea while your movers struggle to take the table apart and carry it through the mess of your half-packed home. See, helping movers is less about doing the work you’re paying them for and more about making it easier for them to do it themselves. So yes, you should help your movers! Although perhaps not in the ways you’re thinking.

Why help your movers?

You may be wondering if you should help your movers at all and if so, why. After all, it is in professional movers’ job description to help you move, not the other way around. And when you hire reputable movers Delray Beach you expect them to do most of the heavy lifting. But that doesn’t mean you can’t lend them a helping hand here and there

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Are you wondering if you should help your movers?

By doing a few largely simple and quick things, you can make your movers’ lives so much easier. Not only will they be incredibly grateful but they will also finish the job faster, easier and safer. And at the end of the day, isn’t that exactly what you want too?

How can you help your movers?

It’s important to remember that professional movers know what they’re doing. They don’t need your help lifting heavy boxes or loading a moving truck. What they need is for you to make it easier for them to lift heavy boxes and load a moving truck. So how do you do that? Glad you asked!

Don’t get in the way of your movers

One of the best things you can do to help your movers is to stay out of the way. Usually, these are people who know what they’re doing and how to do it together. They don’t need you to try carrying the sofa with them or risk twisting your back by lifting something heavy the wrong way. So unless they explicitly ask for your help with something like that, don’t jump in!

Don’t let others get in the way either

Moving companies offer a variety of moving services, but childcare and pet sitting aren’t among those. So if you have children or pets, make sure they don’t get in the way of the movers either. If you can’t keep them contained out of the way in a manner safe for all parties, consider leaving them with friends, family or a sitter while movers are working around the house.

Two children.
Adorable as your children may be, movers shouldn’t have to deal with them.

Do clear the way for them

Carrying heavy, bulky things around in your own home is difficult enough. Movers have to do it in an unfamiliar home which is even harder. But making them navigate a cluttered, messy space can turn that inconvenience into downright danger. So clear the space for them as much as you can. Push boxes and furniture up against the walls, make sure there’s nothing on the floors that could be a tripping hazard and make sure there’s enough room to circulate around the house.

Don’t make their jobs more difficult

Movers will quite literally be doing a lot of heavy lifting for you. Don’t make that even harder than it has to be! If you don’t hire your movers to do the packing and unpacking for you, the very least you can do is have everything ready to go by the time they arrive. Use quality supplies and don’t overload the boxes to make carrying them easier.

Do help your movers by preparing for them

Being ready for your movers before they arrive is hugely helpful to them and will make the entire process go much faster.

Get rid of stuff

Surely you don’t need every single thing in the house to come with you? Less stuff means less time for packing and less weight to carry. Both you and your movers benefit from that! So why not donate what you don’t need to a charity and make moving easier for everyone involved?

Unplug your electronics

In this day and age, half the things you own run on electricity and batteries. Don’t expect your movers to deal with all those cables! Instead, unplug everything you can and sort your chargers and cables yourself beforehand.

Power cord.
Unplug your electronics before the movers arrive.

Drain fuel from power tools

Even a small amount of fuel can mean serious danger for your movers. So drain all your gardening tools and everything that runs on fuel, clean it and air-dry it before your movers arrive to ensure everyone’s safety.

Defrost the fridge

Much like power tools, the fridge cannot just be unplugged and packed up. Empty it, defrost it, clean it and wipe it dry before moving day.

Take furniture apart and empty it

Furniture is always tricky to move around. To make that easier, take everything out from your drawers, closets, armoires, and shelves. Then take apart what you can to make it easier to carry around.

Label boxes clearly

If you want your movers to handle your boxes right, then label them properly and clearly. Write down where each box is supposed to go and don’t forget to mark things as fragile when needed!

Don’t disappear on your movers

While you shouldn’t get in the way, disappearing altogether is not a great idea either. Stick around while the movers are at your home just in case they need your help with something or even to supervise their work. Remember, you’re in this together!

Do prepare refreshments and a tip

Moving is a lot of physical work. Your movers will appreciate if you prepare some refreshments for them, be it a quick homemade snack or a cold drink on a hot summer day. This is a very simple yet effective way to show your appreciation for their efforts and help your movers. And if you’re happy with their work, you should also tip the movers before you part ways! 10-15% is the norm, but even a small amount goes a long way.

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