Top Maritime Cities in Florida

Florida, known for its stunning beaches and sunny climate, attracts many tourists and new residents annually. Here at Best Movers Florida, we’ve seen an increasing trend in people choosing Florida as their new home. The state offers an appealing mix of recreational opportunities, economic growth, and cultural diversity. Among its many attractions, the maritime cities in Florida stand out as top choices for those seeking a coastal lifestyle.

Appeal, Population Trends, and Living Perks of Florida

Florida’s allure isn’t just in its weather and beaches. Over the years, its population has grown significantly. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Florida saw a 14.6% increase in population from 2010 to 2020, making it one of the fastest-growing states in the country. This growth reflects the state’s increasing appeal as a place to live and work.

Picture of a magnet from one of the maritime cities in Florida
Florida is very popular in the moving industry

Living in Florida has many benefits. One of the most appealing aspects is its year-round sunny weather, making it an ideal destination for those who love warmth and sunshine. Additionally, residents enjoy a significant financial advantage as Florida does not impose a state income tax. This is complemented by the state’s rich cultural diversity, providing a unique living experience influenced by a mix of traditions and lifestyles. For those seeking leisure and recreational activities, Florida is a paradise with its beautiful beaches, world-renowned theme parks, and many outdoor activities. Furthermore, the state’s growing job market offers a wide range of employment opportunities. These factors combined make living in Florida an attractive option for many.

Which Are the Best Maritime Cities in Florida?

When talking about the maritime cities in Florida, one cannot overlook their unique charm and lifestyle offerings. Each city has its own vibe, making them perfect for different preferences and lifestyles. These cities not only provide stunning coastal views but also have thriving communities and strong economies. Here’s a look at some of the maritime cities we will explore:

  • Miami Beach
  • Jacksonville
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • West Palm Beach
  • Delray Beach
  • Orlando
  • Clearwater
  • Siesta Key
  • Naples
  • Cocoa Beach
  • Daytona Beach

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a prime example of a maritime city in Florida, famous for its beautiful beaches and dynamic culture. This city isn’t just about sun and sand; it’s a hub of diverse cultural activities and nightlife. Here’s what Miami Beach offers:

  • Population: With over 80,000 residents, it’s a bustling yet manageable city.
  • Overall Vibe: Lively and colorful, perfect for those who love an active lifestyle.
  • Cost of Living: Higher than the Florida average, but many find the lifestyle worth it.
  • Housing Costs: Median home value is $527,807.
  • Entertainment Options: Known for South Beach, Art Deco District, and dynamic nightlife.
  • Main Industries: Tourism, real estate, and retail.
  • Average Household Income: Vary by industry, but the average is $60,000.

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Picture of a location in one of the maritime cities in Florida
Miami Beach has some of the most popular beaches in Florida


Jacksonville, another gem among Florida’s maritime cities, offers a unique mix of urban and coastal experiences. This city is perfect for those who want to balance city life and beach relaxation. Here are some key aspects:

  • Population: Jacksonville is the most populous city in Florida, with over 937,000 residents.
  • Overall Vibe: It has a more laid-back feel compared to Miami Beach.
  • Cost of Living: Generally around the state average.
  • Housing Costs: Median home prices are around $291,955, with lots of housing types available – which can all be moved into with the help of reputable movers in Jacksonville.
  • Entertainment Options: Offers beautiful beaches, museums, and a rich arts scene.
  • Main Industries: Finance, healthcare, and logistics.
  • Average Household Income: Typically lower than Miami Beach, at $58,000.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is known as “The Venice of America” due to its expansive and beautiful canal system. This city stands out for its waterways and boating culture. Key points about Fort Lauderdale include:

  • Population: Home to about 182,000 people.
  • Overall Vibe: Nautical and upscale, with a strong community feel.
  • Cost of Living: Slightly higher than the Florida average.
  • Housing Costs: The median home value is approximately $515,154.
  • Entertainment Options: Famous for its beaches, boating, and luxury dining.
  • Main Industries: Tourism, marine, and manufacturing.
  • Average Household Income: Competitive, at $67,000, especially in the marine and tourism sectors.

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Picture of a beach in one of the best maritime cities in Florida
The Venice of America is a great place to visit and live in

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach combines sophistication with seaside charm, making it an attractive location within maritime cities in Florida. This city offers both artistic culture and beachside relaxation. If you are a creative soul looking for an ideal place to move to, movers in West Palm Beach are the ones you should hire.

  • Population: Roughly 115,000 residents.
  • Overall Vibe: Elegant with a touch of artistic flair.
  • Cost of Living: On par with other coastal cities in Florida.
  • Housing Costs: Median home prices are around $389,731.
  • Entertainment Options: Known for its cultural venues, upscale shopping, and beautiful beaches.
  • Main Industries: Healthcare, retail, and tourism.
  • Average Household Income: $56,000

Delray Beach

Delray Beach is a charming city that offers a small-town feel while providing big-city amenities. This balance makes it a sought-after location among the maritime cities in Florida. Here’s a closer look:

  • Population: Approximately 66,000 residents enjoy a close-knit community.
  • Overall Vibe: Relaxed and friendly, with an artistic twist.
  • Cost of Living: Comparable to other Florida coastal cities.
  • Housing Costs: Median home values are around $354,575.
  • Entertainment Options: Lively downtown area, beautiful beaches, and cultural events.
  • Main Industries: Tourism, retail, and healthcare.
  • Average Salaries: Vary across sectors, with a focus on service and healthcare jobs. The average is $70,000.

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Picture of a senior couple in Delray Beach
Delray Beach is great for all age groups


Orlando is well-known for its theme parks, but this city offers much more. It’s an urban center with a variety of living options. Orlando is a great choice for families and professionals alike. Key details include:

  • Population: Over 2.6 million in the metro area, making it a bustling hub.
  • Overall Vibe: Energetic and diverse, with plenty of attractions.
  • Cost of Living: Slightly higher than the national average.
  • Housing Costs: Median home prices are about $373,235.
  • Entertainment Options: World-famous theme parks, a growing arts scene, and outdoor activities, which you can all get to enjoy faster if you move with the help of movers in Orlando.
  • Main Industries: Tourism, technology, and aerospace.
  • Average Household Income: Competitive, especially in the tech and tourism sectors, with an average of $57,000.


Clearwater is another jewel among Florida’s maritime cities, famous for its pristine beaches and family-friendly environment. It’s an ideal place for those who love the beach and want a peaceful lifestyle. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Population: About 116,000 residents, offering a moderate-sized community feel.
  • Overall Vibe: Relaxed and welcoming, perfect for families and retirees.
  • Cost of Living: In line with the Florida average.
  • Housing Costs: Median home value is around $367,035.
  • Entertainment Options: Award-winning beaches, Clearwater Marine Aquarium, and parks.
  • Main Industries: Tourism, healthcare, and retail.
  • Average Salaries: Reflective of the tourism and service industry predominance, averaging $54,000.

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Picture of a beach in Clearwater
Clearwater is one of the best maritime cities in Florida

Siesta Key

Siesta Key, famous for its breathtaking beaches and serene environment, is a tranquil haven for those seeking relaxation. This small barrier island provides a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle. Here are the highlights:

  • Population: Around 5,400 residents, creating an intimate community atmosphere.
  • Overall Vibe: Peaceful and laid-back, ideal for relaxation and beach life.
  • Cost of Living: Higher than some other Florida cities, due to its exclusivity.
  • Housing Costs: Median home prices are about $960,586, reflecting its upscale nature.
  • Entertainment Options: World-class beaches, quaint shops, and casual dining.
  • Main Industries: Primarily tourism and service-based.
  • Average Household Income: Tend to be higher in the service sector due to the upscale market, $107,000 on average.


Naples, nestled in Southwest Florida, is synonymous with luxury living and pristine beaches. It’s a prime choice for those who appreciate upscale lifestyles and natural beauty. Here are some key aspects of Naples:

  • Population: Around 19,000, offering an exclusive and intimate community feel.
  • Overall Vibe: Upscale, peaceful, and perfect for luxury living.
  • Cost of Living: Higher than the Florida average due to its luxurious nature.
  • Housing Costs: Median home prices are about $800,000, reflecting the city’s high-end market.
  • Entertainment Options: High-end shopping, fine dining, and beautiful beaches.
  • Main Industries: Tourism, real estate, and retail.
  • Average Household Income: Generally higher, especially in sectors catering to the luxury market. The average is $125,000.
Picture of a couple that is enjoying Naples
Naples carries a luxury price tag

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach, known for its excellent surf and space industry connections, offers a mix of leisure and innovation. This city is a haven for surf enthusiasts and space exploration fans alike. Cocoa Beach highlights include:

  • Population: Approximately 11,500 residents, creating a close community.
  • Overall Vibe: Laid-back and friendly, with a focus on outdoor activities.
  • Cost of Living: Comparable to other coastal cities in Florida.
  • Housing Costs: Median home values are around $491,266.
  • Entertainment Options: Famous for surfing, close to Kennedy Space Center.
  • Main Industries: Aerospace, tourism, and retail.
  • Average Salaries: Varied, but generally around $74,000, with a strong presence in the aerospace sector.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach, renowned for its motorsports and stunning coastline, is a city that thrives on excitement and natural beauty. It’s an ideal destination for those who love speed and the sea. Key features of Daytona Beach include:

  • Population: Over 71,000, offering a lively and diverse community.
  • Overall Vibe: Energetic, with a focus on outdoor and motorsport activities.
  • Cost of Living: Generally affordable compared to other Florida cities.
  • Housing Costs: Median home prices are around $254,480, more affordable than most cities in Florida.
  • Entertainment Options: Motorsports, beaches, and cultural events.
  • Main Industries: Motorsports, tourism, and healthcare.
  • Average Household Income: Lower than in the previous places, at $42,000 – but enough for a comfortable lifestyle due to the low prices.

Specialized Moving Tips for Relocating to Maritime Cities in Florida

Relocating to one of Florida’s beautiful maritime cities comes with unique considerations. Here are specific tips to ensure an easy transition to your new coastal home:

  • Understand the Climate: Florida’s coastal areas are known for their humid, subtropical climate. When packing, prioritize items suitable for warm weather. Also, consider the potential for occasional storms and prepare accordingly.
  • Research Flood Zones: Many maritime cities in Florida are susceptible to flooding. Before choosing your new home, check the flood zone maps. This knowledge is crucial for insurance purposes and peace of mind.
  • Prepare for Salt Air Maintenance: Living near the sea means dealing with salt air, which can accelerate corrosion on cars and affect home exteriors. Plan for regular maintenance to keep your property in top condition.
  • Consider Proximity to Beaches: If beach access is a priority, look for homes that offer ease of access to Florida’s beautiful beaches. However, remember that closer proximity might mean higher property prices.
  • Explore Boating and Storage Facilities: For boating enthusiasts, check the availability and cost of boat storage facilities. Some maritime cities offer excellent marina services, enhancing your coastal living experience.
  • Plan Your Move During Off-Peak Seasons: Florida’s coastal cities can be busy with tourists, especially during peak seasons. Plan your move during quieter times to avoid traffic and logistical hassles.
  • Connect with Local Movers: Choose a moving company familiar with the specific challenges and nuances of moving to a maritime city in Florida. They can provide invaluable advice and services tailored to your needs.
  • Community Involvement: Once settled, get involved in local community activities. Coastal towns often have lively local communities with regular events, which can be a great way to meet neighbors and make new friends.
Picture of a beach in Cocoa Beach
When you move to Florida, you need to consider specific things

Which of the Maritime Cities in Florida Will You Choose?

Each of these maritime cities in Florida offers its own unique lifestyle and advantages. There’s a perfect fit for everyone. Whether you’re seeking tranquility, luxury, or adventure, Florida’s maritime cities have it all. Find the perfect one for you and enjoy all that these cities have to offer!

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