When is the cheapest time to relocate?

Whether you’re planning a long-distance move or relocating locally, it’s bound to put a strain on your wallet. From mover fees to gas prices, there are a lot of expenses that can cause you stress. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can ease the stranglehold on your domestic budget. Probably one of the lesser-known factors is choosing the cheapest time to relocate. And that is something which we’ll cover in-depth here.

Different choices of time that affect when’s the cheapest time to relocate

When talking about the most inexpensive time to relocate, it’s important to understand that there are a lot of different criteria for “time” in this sense. Each of those criteria has its perks and an underlying reason that would make moving cheaper. And you probably think there’s a simple answer to the question “when to relocate?”. Well, many moving companies Deerfield Beach FL is known for will tell you that it’s not that simple. There are four basic concepts of time when choosing the move date:

  1. Time of the year – unsurprisingly the biggest factor to consider when picking the cheapest time to relocate and by the same token the biggest money-saver if you make the right choice
  2. Is your move around the middle of the month?
  3. Should you move on weekend or workday?
  4. What time of day do you pick?

Although the time of day doesn’t carry a lot of weight when it comes to your budget overall, you might be surprised to learn in what way it influences moving costs.

A man sitting on a pile of boxes with his laptop, looking away from it, trying to figure out when's the cheapest time to relocate
With all the options to consider, figuring out the most cost-effective time to move can be a daunting task.

How each season affects your relocation budget

Naturally, the most important decision you need to make is choosing the best time of the year to relocate. Each season affects your moving budget in different ways. Depending on your family status or some other factors, some seasons might even be off-limits to you altogether. For this reason, we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about each season at least a little. At least to give you an idea of how it would affect your wallet.

Summer is not as cheap for moving as you think!

Your perfect moving plan might involve a hot, sunny summer day. If you have kids, that means school’s out too. Seems amazing, but is it the cheapest time for moving? Well, not really. Aside from the fact that your house would probably fetch a better price in summer compared to other seasons. The real problem with summer is drastically heightened demand. Other people will inevitably have the same idea as you. As a result, the price tags go up exponentially. There’s also the health hazard associated with moving to hot states such as Florida, Texas, and Arizona, to name a few. Some of the best Florida movers might caution you against moving during summer due to the dangers of heatstroke. The best ones always have your own health and best interest in mind.


A man in a blue shirt standing in front of a two-story house next to a red
You’ll have no trouble at all selling your house in summer and earning some extra money.

Spring and fall are cheaper times for relocating but not without their share of complications!

Spring and autumn share the same overall qualities moving-wise. One of the upsides is the low demand – so the movers’ rates are lower. Another one is generally favorable weather – in the later months of spring and early months of fall. While it’s true that you’ll be able to settle easier, there’s a huge downside to keep in mind. If you have children who go to school, they start the new school year in fall and all of their exams will probably be crammed into spring months. Moving when school’s in session is always problematic, but if you can manage it, it’s definitely budget-friendly!

Winter is by far the cheapest time to relocate!

Bet you didn’t see this coming! But yes, it’s true. The demand for moving during winter months is so low that the price tags are almost criminal. The reason why the demand is low is the weather, naturally. Only the bravest of the brave will dare to attempt a move during winter snows and sleet. Or the ones that need to save on money for whatever reason. Moving during a blizzard is not a pleasant experience to have, though. But if it’s worth it to you, we’re not judging! Just make sure to waterproof your boxes and to pour salt on the walkways to evade any nasty surprises.

A line of cargo trucks moving slowly on a snowy road and spruce trees on the side of it.
Winter relocation may be cheapest, but are you sure you want to brave the weather?

Other notions of time that make relocations go easy on your wallet

The factors that influence what time is cheapest for relocation go beyond just the season. They may not be as significant, but they still play a role. You should take both into account for a perfectly optimized, budget-friendly move. Around the middle of the month is the sweet spot. Leases typically begin on the first. This causes a notable drop in demand for moving halfway through a month so movers lower their price tags. As for the time of the week, try aiming for workdays. Yes, it sucks having to take a few days off work to pack and move. But avoiding weekend traffic jams is worth it. Lastly, the time of day is tricky because different movers will offer different rates. Moving in the morning would give you more daylight to unpack everything properly. On the other hand, moving in the evening would help you evade the traffic.

Now you can easily plan ahead and calculate the cheapest time to relocate!

If you’ve carefully gone through all the information presented in this article, you should be able to see how simple it is to pick out the time that would be most merciful for your wallet. Yes, the season of the year plays the most important role in your decision. But the minor ones put together carry significant weight as well. We’ll be glad just to know you’ll put this information to good use in the future.

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