3 pitfalls of moving locally to look out for

You made a detailed schedule of the move, you bought insurance and did everything possible to prepare for the move. But sometimes the inevitable happens, and unexpected pitfalls of moving locally complicate your move. This can be frustrating, especially on such a big day, but don’t worry, you can do it! And, as always, Best Movers in Florida are here to help you.

Here are 3 toughest pitfalls of moving locally you should look out for

1. Illness and injury

Everything is ready for moving to Florida, then suddenly you start sneezing, your temperature rises, and it becomes clear: you are sick. In fact, you are so sick that you will not be able to help with the move. Or, maybe, in all the chaos and disorder in your house, you take the wrong step or lift the box incorrectly, and now you cannot carry anything because you threw out your back or broke a bone. If you have a cold or are stuck in a cast, illness and injury can seriously undermine your plans for moving.

Injured knee
First of all, the most important thing is to take care of yourself!
  • Get plenty of rest and fluid.
  • Stock up on tissues, throat lozenges, and other essential items.
  • See your doctor for diagnosis and prescription if necessary.
  • Keep everything clean and sterile so that others do not get sick.
  • Enlist the support of others.
  • Start packing early and in small portions so as not to get tired.
  • Keep paths clear and eliminate the risk of tripping.
  • Keep pets locked in a safe place where they will not be underfoot or get injured.
  • Dress appropriately in comfortable clothes that will not tear, and wear work gloves and shoes with good grip and protection.

2. Rain and inconvenient weather

Nothing can ruin a moving plan like bad weather – we all know how unpredictable it can be! Even if you check the Florida weather forecast before the move every day and everything looks good, an unexpected storm can easily come up on the day you move. If it is not an extreme weather event, such as a tornado or a hurricane, you will most likely want to move forward. The best way to deal with unforeseen weather is to make a plan in case of any possible conditions and to know what measures your moving company takes in case of bad weather.

3. Bad movers

There are several factors that show bad movers: they are inattentive or incompetent, they are inexperienced or – worst of all – they are just scammers. Bad movers can lead to unnecessary delays, damage to objects and property, emotional stress. And in the case of scammers, even to the fact that your things will be held hostage until you pay an additional fee that was not part of the original agreement.

Scammer with a mask
Scammers are certainly one of the worst pitfalls of moving locally you should look out for

The best way to deal with this frustrating scenario is to completely avoid it. Follow these tips to make sure you book reputable local movers Florida:

  • Carefully study the moving companies before making a choice, making sure that they are licensed, experienced professionals.
  • Read the reviews – it’s easy to check how well the company is working based on the experience of other customers. But do not forget to check more than one site and read with a critical eye. Some dubious moving companies pay for fake positive reviews.
  • Be skeptical of extremely low quotes and avoid the ones based on cubic footage rather than weight. This practice is illegal and is often a good sign that it is not a reliable company.
  • Get insurance – even after you have done your research, it never hurts to have a backup plan to avoid these pitfalls of moving locally.

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