Tips for moving to Florida in 2020

Every month, thousands of people move to Florida. Like other states in the country, moving to Florida in 2020 is not for everyone. Americans from all over the country are moving to Florida, either because of good weather or to avoid high taxes. But it is not that easy to get used to it. We will give you some insight.

A simple tip for moving to Florida in 2020 – take your time

Moving to Florida is not a walk in the park. There are many factors you should consider, such as the price of real estate, good schools, access to health care, and career opportunities. So is Florida a good place to live?

Florida lifestyle
People in Florida have a completely different lifestyle than in most places in the United States

Ask yourself these questions to decide if you are ready to hire interstate movers Florida and move to Sunshine State:

  • Is the city you choose the best place to live in Florida?
  • Do you see yourself living there for several years?
  • Do you see yourself raising your family there?

Pros and cons of moving to Florida in 2020

It is believed that in Florida there are pros and cons to life. No matter which city or county you choose, there will always be some advantages and disadvantages. That is why it is so important to weigh all this before deciding to move with one of the movers in Florida.


Below are some of the reasons why it is great to move to Florida.

  • There is no income tax in this state, which makes moving to Florida in 2020 very attractive, especially for senior citizens.
  • The cost of housing in Florida is much lower than in the rest of the country.
  • The cost of living in Florida is lower than in other states on the East Coast.
  • Florida has some of the world-famous beaches and outdoor attractions.
  • In winter there is no snow, and it is mostly warm during the whole year.
  • Locals get discounts on some popular local attractions.
  • A growing number of retirement communities can be found in Florida.

Now that we have taken advantage, let’s talk about the reasons for not moving to Florida.


  • Florida is visited by several hurricanes every year.
  • “Florida heat” is not something everyone likes.
  • The state is mostly flat, so there are not many mountains or valleys.
  • There are more tourists as well as temporary residents than in other states.
  • Unlike most parts of the country, Florida residents pay higher insurance costs.
  • Since the weather is warmer, there are more bugs. Plus, they are bigger too.
  • Finally, there are quite a lot of snakes and alligators.
Florida beach
However, if you are ready to move to Florida in 2020, let’s move on to the preparation you need to do

Florida is a huge state, both in area and population. In fact, it is the third most populous and the eighth-most densely populated state in the country. In all, there are 10 major cities that include Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. Before thinking about moving to Florida, it is important to conduct a preliminary study of the various cities in which you want to live. Remember to weigh the pros and cons of each city. Despite the fact that these cities are in the same state, they still have their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, each city is unique and has its own culture. Keep in mind that the place you choose can create or destroy your experience of moving to Florida.

We have some tips for you if you are moving to Florida in 2020

Learn to adapt to Florida’s warm weather and frequent hurricane visits

For those coming from states with colder climates, experiencing Florida’s warmer climate can be a little more difficult. People who are considering moving to Florida should spend at least a year to get used to the warm weather and extreme weather conditions before finally deciding to move there.

Look for career opportunities

For people who will be moving to Florida in 2020, it is important to know if there is a suitable job that can support their lifestyle. It is not recommended that you move to Florida without work, especially if you have children to support.

In general, Florida has a thriving economy that is supported by several industries and large companies. Some of them are:

  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Banking
  • Health and Life Sciences Research
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Commercial space travel

Schools in Florida

It is believed that there is a big discrepancy regarding the quality of public education. Whether private or public, there really is an advantage in sending your children to schools that are funded by the local government. Families with young children must decide whether to send them to a private or public school. Their zip code will be an important factor if their district does not use lottery or tests to place students in school. Parents should take the time to find the best school in Florida and area for their family before moving.

Another thing parents can ask their future schools is whether they have bilingual educational programs. Learning Spanish at a young age may also be an advantage for their children in the future. Here are the 5 best school districts in Florida:

  • St. Augustine Jones County School District
  • Sarasota County Schools in Sarasota
  • Seminole County Public Schools
  • Collier County Public Schools in Naples
  • Okaloosa County School District at Fort Walton Beach
School in Florida
There are some more great school districts there, so don’t stop researching

Meanwhile, here are the top 5 universities in Florida:

  • The University of Florida in Gainesville
  • The University of Miami at Coral Gables
  • Florida State University in Tallahassee
  • The University of South Florida in Tampa
  • The University of Central Florida in Orlando

Write a moving checklist of what you need to do before moving to Florida in 2020

Moving to Florida is a big job, especially when choosing between one of the best places in Florida to move to. There are many things to prepare, so it’s best to have a checklist of what needs to be done. After that, break your list into weekly events. It is also a good idea to mark important dates on the calendar so you don’t forget. For example, pay attention to the date when the utilities will be disabled.

If you choose moving to Florida in 2020, it’s time to find good residential movers Florida. You will also want to start budgeting and find out how much it costs to move to Florida. Find the right moving company that will make your move a pleasant experience.

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