Officially voted top Florida cities to move to

Are you thinking about moving to the Sunshine State? Well, you’ll be happy to know that this is one of the best places to relocate in the United States! Florida has the ability to pleases people of all ages and tastes, and you are no exception. However, you will have to make a tough decision before the relocation – deciding which city will be your new home. But how to choose between so many amazing places? Well, fear not because we’ve got you covered! In order to help you, we’ve created a list of officially voted top Florida cities to move to. Keep reading and find the best place for your future home!

A few words about Florida

If you’re preparing for the relocation to Florida, you should know that you are not alone. Florida is now the second fastest growing state in the entire country! Well, we can all agree that this happened for a reason. Florida is known for its natural beauty and perfect climate. It is home to sunshine, more than 500 picturesque beaches, famous festivals, but also family-friendly neighborhoods. Florida has it all and that’s what attracts most people to come and visit it and even relocate there! As soon as you experience Florida’s lifestyle, you will want to find reputable movers Florida and relocate there instantly. So, let’s learn what places are the most popular among Florida fans.

A van with people moving to one of the officially voted top Florida cities.
It seems like everyone’s moving to Florida because its population just keeps soaring.

Officially voted top Florida cities that will be perfect for your home

When moving to a new place, you will want to make sure your home has everything to suit yours and your family’s needs. However, if you have never been to Florida, choosing the place for your new home will seem hard to you at first. But with the help of our guide and our tips for choosing the perfect Florida neighborhood, all the troubles will disappear. So, here are the officially voted top Florida cities to move to!

1. Tampa – The fastest growing city

Tampa is a great city for people of all ages and tastes. It is one of the fastest growing cities that attract tourists from all around the world. Whoever wants to visit Tampa can do it right now because it offers hotel accommodations that can fit everyone’s budget! One of the main reasons why Tampa is on the list of officially voted top Florida cities is the fact that this city is still affordable even though it has transformed a lot over the past few years. This makes it perfect for young adults, new families, and others who are looking for their dream job. We can all agree that Tampa is a wonderful place to work, play, and raise a family!

2. Orlando – The theme park capital of the world

In the heart of central Florida, you’ll find this one of a kind city. Even though thousands of tourists come to Orlando to visit the amazing Disney World, Orlando is more than a Mickey town. Apart from theme parks, you can enjoy its beautiful downtown, homey neighborhoods, and lots of outdoor activities that. Locals are friendly and with their help, you will adjust to life in Orlando in no time. Orlando is one of the top places for sports fans, eco-enthusiasts, art lovers, and of course Disney fans. Whether you are one of these people or not, you’ll most definitely fall in love with Orlando and instantly wish to find moving services Florida to help you move there.

One of the parks in Orlando.
Every part of Orlando is worth visiting, not just the Disney World.

3. Miami Beach – The must-see city for young adults

If you want to live in a place with a warm climate, diverse culture and laid-back lifestyle, you’ll have to check out Miami Beach! Even though this is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, it is also a place where lots of people move every year. If you like to spend time on beautiful beaches, music festivals, or talking with interesting people, then you this is the place for you. However, Miami Beach is more than a place for parties. Its art scene is booming, there are plenty of museums and galleries, and the food is great! And if you are a history lover, you can’t miss visiting the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach and learning something new.

4. Gainesville – The college town

If you like places with the college town atmosphere, then you will love Gainesville! However, that’s not all that Gainesville can offer you. Residents of this vibrant community have access to great healthcare, some of the best schools in Florida, many parks, lakes, and so on. If you are moving here with the help of exceptional movers Gainesville FL, you should know that even though this is mostly a college town with many restaurants and bars, you can find neighborhoods that are more peaceful. Take for example the Duckpond area – the first Gainesville neighborhood. This neighborhood is full of small parks, sidewalks, and you’ll find many homes in the Victorian style. It’s perfect for new families!

5. The Villages – The amazing retiree community

The Villages is one of the officially voted top Florida cities for retirees! With the slogan “Free golf for life”, this lovely city sends us a message that there are lots of fun ways to spend your retirement in Florida. Housing in the Villages is quite affordable if you compare it to the rest of the US. And did you know that more than 80% of homes in the Villages have at least one person 55 years of age or older? So, if you are getting ready to retire and consider relocating, this is where you’ll want to be!

Elderly couple walking on the beach in Florida.
There is no better way of spending retirement than in Florida.

There you have it! These five cities are officially voted top Florida cities for moving to. As you can see, there is something for everyone’s taste. Think which of these five cities will be the best place for your future home and start enjoying it as soon as possible!

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