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Moving is always a big project. Before you start planing it you may think that it is simple and small. What’s to it? Pack, load, move, done. But, you will soon find out how wrong you are. There are a lot of things that have to be done, and you need to find the right movers to help you with relocating to Florida. But, where can you find the right movers? Well, technically, there is no one place where you can find them. You need to do some research and we are here to tell you about all the sources to find reliable movers Florida you can use. So, let us start.


Since you are here, we will suppose that you know how to use the internet. But, there are some guidelines you can follow in order to find your desired movers in Florida. The Internet is a big place and you need to know how to filter the enormous amount of information it gives us. You need to be careful and attentive while you are looking for cheap movers online. Especially if you want to avoid moving frauds.

Google thumbtack

A great place to start is the Google’s thumbtack. Thumbtack is what is put in front of you when you google something like “moving companies Florida” or “relocation services Miami”. Companies that work with Thumbtack have to be good standing. It is not cheap to come up first when someone searches you on google. Therefore, you can assume that they are reputable, as they have substantial income.

Google is one of the best sources to find reliable movers Florida.

Review websites

There are websites that can offer you reviews of moving companies. When looking at them, you need to try and figure out if the moving companies are paying them for the reviews. If the reviews are paid for, they will not be honest. A good review site will post both the positive and the negative aspects of companies. While review websites can be good as sources to find reliable movers Florida, you should not solely rely on them. You need to find a review from an unbiased source if it is going to be reliable.


Another way in which companies can market themselves is the google ads. Those are search results in google that have the add marker beside them. The same rule that applies to thumbtacks applies to adds. If a company has enough money to spend it on a google add, it is certainly not looking for a quick buck. They needed to spend a lot of time making enough money so that they can purchase an add on the Google. On average Google will charge between $1 and $2 for every click on the add.

Company website

The last in internet sources to find reliable movers Florida is the company’s website. Once you have a company in mind you should always check their website. Reliable companies like to prove that they are reliable. Therefore, they usually post comments and reviews for customers. If the reviews are all overwhelmingly positive, be warned. It is not difficult to lie and manipulate your own website. If there are both good and bad posts, you can be more assured that they are honest. Also, don’t get carried away by an online estimate. Some companies offer them, but they are usually just a guess. The company is in no obligation to charge you for the price you received on your online estimate.

The difference between the online estimate and the final bill can be staggering.

Personal sources to find reliable movers Florida

Once the online search is over, you need to do some legwork. While the information you got online is one of the sources to find reliable movers Florida, you need to be even more inquisitive. Some things are simply not possible to check out over the internet.

Visiting the company

After you check out the moving company online, you need to schedule a visit. Once you go there make sure to check out their equipment. If it is brand new and unused, be warned. A good moving company is always busy. Therefore, if the equipment they are showing you is brand new you should be suspicious. Either they are not having a lot of business or they are not showing you the equipment they normally use. Whatever the case, showing brand new equipment as the one they normally use is a red flag.

Talking with movers
There is simply no substitute for talking to people. No matter how much time you spend looking online.

After you check out the equipment you should talk to them. Ask them how they handle difficult clients and what they do if there is an emergency. An experienced mover will tell you all about the difficult situations and how they handled themselves. You need to judge their honesty if you are going to let them transport your possessions.

Ask for referrals

When you are talking to your movers, you should ask them if they can give you any referrals. Those are people who have used their services and who are willing to tell you about them. Ideally, there will be people who lived close to where you are currently living and who can give you valuable tips for moving to Florida. Good moving companies know how nervous people can be, and should be more than happy to connect you to people who can give you advice.

Talk with people who recently moved

If you are visiting long distance moving professionals Florida you might as well talk with people who recently moved to Florida. Ask them about sources to find reliable movers Florida. They have gone through the moving experience and can at least recommend movers that are in the neighborhood. Just remember to be polite and to not ask too many questions. Usually, when people finish moving they are tired and not very talkative. Keep your questions short and sweet and you will have your information.



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