DIY pool table disassembly – yes or no?

Are you a lucky owner of a pool table? Congratulations, you’re officially cool! Right up until the point when you need to move a said pool table. Because there’s nothing very cool or easy about moving a pool table. It’s a very particular piece of furniture. You can’t just move it like any other table. If you’re moving it more than a few inches, you will most likely have to disassemble it first. And that is a bit of a complicated process. So should you maybe hire pro movers Fort Lauderdale to do it for you instead? Or is a DIY pool table disassembly the right choice for you? If so, how do you disassemble a pool table?

The challenges of a DIY pool table disassembly

Because of its unique parts as well as the diversity of materials used, a DIY pool table disassembly is unlike disassembling any other piece of furniture. If you’re not careful, you risk damage not only to this expensive piece but also to yourself. Tearing the felt covering is easy, but it’s also a relatively easy fix. Damaged rails, on the other hand, will affect the game. And a scratched, cracked or broken slate? That will be your worst nightmare. You will have to replace the whole set. That kind of repair isn’t cheap!

In case you’ve never lifted one before, you should know that an individual slate can weigh between 150-250 lbs and 800 lbs depending on whether your table is a multiple-slate or single-slate one. That means you can’t even dream of doing this entirely on your own. Not to mention, with pieces this heavy the risk of injury runs high.

Pool table with balls and cues.
Disassembling and moving a pool table isn’t easy.

The downsides of DIY pool table disassembly are basically the same as the downsides of self-moving in general: the lack of knowledge and expertise. The vast majority of us aren’t paid to know exactly how to take furniture apart or carry heavy things without injuring our backs. So we don’t. But professional movers do! Hiring movers to disassemble your pool table will, therefore, ensure it is moved in the safest and most efficient way for all involved.

Hiring movers for pool table disassembly and moving

When debating whether to hire expert local movers Florida for your pool table or do it yourself, there are several major things to take into consideration:

  • size and weight of the table
  • age and quality of the table
  • the complexity of the move
  • the distance of the move
  • your budget

How do these factor into your decision? Well, the larger and the heavier the table, the harder it is to move and the better it is to hire movers for it. Even with the help of your friends, you will probably struggle to disassemble and carry large and weighty parts without damage or injury. And big tables come with big risks, so it’s better to leave them to professionals.

DIY pool table disassembly is also a terrible idea if you have an older, higher quality table. Antiques can be worth a lot of money. Damage to them will also be more difficult to repair as parts may be difficult to find or of lower quality. If you own an old, high-quality pool table, you should not risk moving it yourself.

Pool table.
Hire movers for large and high-quality tables.

Will your move involve a lot of doors, tight corners or stairs? Best let someone else worry about it then! And if you’re moving long distance, hiring movers is simply the logical choice.

Finally, you’re probably worrying about how much professional help will cost you. Well, the price runs between $400 and $600 for disassembly, packing, transport, delivery, and re-assembly. The exact amount will vary depending on the specifics of the table and the move.

The benefits of DIY pool table disassembly

The biggest upside of a DIY pool table disassembly is definitely that it’s easy on the budget. All you will need is time and some help from your friends. But if you do choose this option, do your research and be very careful. You don’t want to end up paying much more than the movers’ estimates for repairs or medical bills!

DIY pool table disassembly: how to

If you’re going to disassemble your pool table yourself, you should know how to do it. Although billiard tables come in different shapes and sizes, there are enough similarities that the same principle can be applied to almost all of them.

Unfastening the pockets

The first step to a DIY pool table disassembly is removing the ball pockets. They may be fastened with staples or screws, so check first to know which tools you will need. Get under the table to take out the fastening elements and remove the side pockets.

Disengaging the rails

Disengaging the rails comes next. Do this part in sections. Loosen and remove the bolts in the individual rail, then gently slide it out. Wrap it in something to protect it during transport and keep the bolts in a small plastic bag so they’re not lost.

Removing the felt

How you remove the felt covering depends on what you intend to do with it and how it is fastened to the table in the first place. If you intend on replacing it anyway due to old age or damage, just rip it off – that’s the easiest way to remove it anyway! But if you want to use it again, you will have to be more careful. If the cover is stapled to the table, simply take out the staples one by one before removing the felt. If it is glued to the surface, pull it very gently off in a backward motion (forward or up will tear the fabric). Fold the felt carefully after removing it to avoid creases.

Person playing pool.
Damaged felt will affect your game.

Removing the slates

Removing the slate is the most dangerous and difficult part of a DIY pool table disassembly. Unscrew it first, then slide it off the frame and onto a thick moving blanket to help you carry it. Do this for each individual slate if there are more. Be careful because pool table slates are very heavy and very fragile.

Taking apart the frame

Once all you have left is the frame, you should have no trouble taking it apart like any other table. Remove the legs and any other parts that are easy to detach for easier transportation.

Overall recommendation

Here at Best Movers Florida, we firmly believe that you should hire professional pool table movers to disassemble your pool table and relocate it for you. Their services are well worth the money when you consider the fact that both your pool table and you will be safer avoiding a DIY pool table relocation. But if you do decide to dismantle your pool table yourself, do so very carefully!

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