How to handle moving delays

There are a lot of issues that can go wrong during the relocation period. These things can happen out of the blue and just make moving a bit difficult. So, what can you do and how can you handle moving delays? In the following article, you can find some of the tips and tricks on how to do it without stress.  Moving delays happen often and sometimes there is nothing you can do. Unpredictable weather, traffic jams, some minor inconveniences are just a part of it. Do not let yourself stress about it too much!

Handle moving delays by notifying people and utility companies

To be able to handle getting late with your relocation, you need to contact important persons and companies. First and foremost the utility companies. This will provide you with enough time to settle in and get things done without thinking about other tasks you need to finish quickly. The following list is comprised of top priority people and companies you need to inform about your schedule change, depending on how much time you have:

  • This is a good time for some extra job search if you haven’t found any in the meantime
  • Do more thorough research about your new neighborhood
  • Dedicate more time to better packing and labeling
  • Sell or give away excess items you do not need
  • Spend quality time by visiting a museum or some other gallery. This is one way to handle moving delays, based on how much time you have
  • This is a perfect time to check up on the paperwork you have before the
  • Call the utility companies and explain the situation
  • Notify your landlord to extend your lease until you move out
  • Consult moving companies Delray Beach on what you can do with the items before they arrive.
Woman visiting a museum as a way to handle moving delays
Visiting a museum is a good way to handle moving delays

These are some of the tasks you can finish up when you have that extra time when relocating. Make sure you finish them up before the movers arrive!

Get over your budget again

When something like moving delay happens, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing necessarily. There is a lot of option on how you can handle it without any stress at all. You can see where you stand with the finances revolving packing material, any additional moving service or just plain budget limits. It will be a sure way to stay certain you won’t over-exceed your budget limit.

a clamp on a wallet
Moving delays are perfect for going over your moving budget again

A good way to do it is to go step by step. See again where you can make some cuts and where you can invest more. It is a good idea to double check things before you commit to the relocation. You can surely end up saving a bit more money than you actually intended. This is especially good if you are moving to Tampa on a tight budget. You can rest assured that nothing bad can happen and that you won’t lose any money.

Spend more quality time with your family and friends

Do the things you thought you didn’t have the time for. Some of the examples are visiting a theatre, a restaurant or some other activities. IF you have a family and young kids, spend some time with them. Explain further to your children why moving is a good idea and how it will benefit you all. Remember, if they are young they are actually anxious about relocation. It changes their world completely and they might not be acceptable for the relocation.

A father and his doughter
Use that extra time to spend it with your family

That is where your patience and understanding must come in. Take your kids with you and try to visit the neighborhood once again. That way, they will get more familiar with the place. Also, if the delay happens during the travel, then make up some games. There are a bunch of games to shorten the road trip and get that bored feeling out of the way!

Think about your health

A very important part of the moving process is the way how you handle moving delays. You shouldn’t let it influence your health at all. There are a couple of bonus steps you can take to make sure there is no stress. Some of the mare:

  • Taking a walk
  • Riding a bike
  • Hitting the gym one last time before relocation
  • Any other physical activity
A bike
Don’t let stress hit you up over moving delays. Use that time and ride a bike

These activities will help you take your mind off the current situation with the moving delay. Remember, sadly there is nothing you can do about the delay. But you can do something about your reaction to it. Stress is a major cause of a lot of health problems. And the biggest “victim” of stress is your heart. But, as bad as this sounds, it is not impossible to avoid stress during the relocation, even with the moving delay. Learn about the ways to cut down stress when relocating in order to fully commit to your relocation and remain healthy!

Make sure you inform your boss about your relocation

This is very important since you probably took some time off to perform the relocation. And you already have planned it to the last minute. But, as fate has it, some moving delays happen, so you will relocate late. Talk with your boss, see if you can extend that “days off” period. It depends on how long is the delay. If it is just a couple of days, you should go to work until the moving day arrives. But, be absolutely sure about the correct date this time. If you are an employer, on the other hand, make sure you have all the information on how not to suffer business loss while relocating. The process can be stressful even without it.

handle moving delays - A man on his laptop
Inform your boss about the delay


Moving delays are not that bad, it is how we perceive them. And how much negativity we add to them. Furthermore, it is better to know the ways to handle moving delays without any stress. This way you won’t suffer any health or financial issues when moving to your new home. Do you know anything more? Have any trick of your own? Give us your feedback in the comment section!

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