Ideas for re-purposing your child’s room during college

Your child finally left its nest and went to college. As a parent, you are probably feeling a range of emotions. Maybe you are feeling happy because your child grew up and is now doing something great. But, maybe you are feeling lost and sad because your child is not home anymore. However, we have something to cheer you up. Using your child’s old and now, vacant room, you can create something that you always wanted. Whether it is a laundry room or something more exciting like a game room, the possibilities are endless. Florida is a country where people like to enjoy themselves, so why shouldn’t you do that as well. Make sure to prepare your child for the relocation well. And we will provide you with many ideas for re-purposing your child’s room. Keep on reading!

Before re-purposing your child’s room – declutter

There are two things you should do before you send your child off to college. First, find the best relocation assistance Florida offers. In this way, you do not have to worry about your child’s belongings arriving safe and sound. The best moving company will relocate the whole room safely and on time. Secondly, before you start re-purposing your child’s room, make sure to clean and declutter it. It is probably crowded with unnecessary junk. Make sure to get everything out, so that you can have a clear look at how to decorate it. But, before you actually remove all the things, have a conversation with your son or daughter and ask them if they need some of their stuff saved. If not, you can start decluttering. There are a few ways to do it:

  • Sell – If there are some items in the room that are valuable, but you do not need them anymore, just sell them. You can organize a yard sale, or sell them online.
  • Donate – If you do not like selling your old things, think about donating them to somebody who really needs it. Visit the local charity and see how can you help.
  • Throw away – If something is broken and completely unnecessary, you know the drill. Do not get too sentimental about your child’s old stuff.
  • Send it to them – Maybe your child forgot something when packing. Give them a call and ask if they still want some of what is left behind.

After the decluttering is done it is time for the next step. Decide what your new room is going to be. Here are a few ideas:

Wine Room

If you are a wine lover, you were probably thinking about creating this kind of room for a long time. Now is your chance.  You can create this kind of room without using too much space. And, it is a perfect getaway after a long day at work. Not to mention that all of your friends and family will be jealous and you will be the most popular person in the street. The secret of re-purposing your child’s room into a wine room is having the right kind of temperature and humidity level. All of these can be achieved with special shades for the windows and a good cooling system. Make sure to get some wine racks, bar table and stools, lighting and of course, glasses.

re-purposing your child's room - vine on shelves
Having a wine room is one of the best ideas for re-purposing your child’s room. If you are a sociable person, this will bring people to our house.

World’s Most Amazing Closet

Every woman dreams about this one. Having the world’s most amazing closet is to die for. Many people believe that this kind of redecorating is extremely expensive because you have to buy new wardrobes and they can be costly. However, you do not need to invest heavily in re-purposing your child’s room into a closet room. You can simply invest in some clothing and shoe racks. This way, all your clothes, and shoes will be on display, just like in movies. Moreover, you can create some vanity area for makeup and hair. Add some plush, cushions, a fancy chair, and a chandelier. And voila!

a walk in closet
Besides being a closet, this room can serve as a getaway for you and your friends. If you add a sofa and a few chairs, this room will become a gossip place for your best friends.

Movie Theater

If you are tired of always fighting for your time in front of the TV, it is time to create your personal movie theater. You do not need much for this. Depending on how much space you have, you can get a home projector system or just a flat screen TV. If the room is too bright, you might want to invest in some special curtains or shades for the windows. That will make your experience even better. If you can, you can buy some comfy sectional or reclining movie chairs, or simply use an old sofa. What is left is to make some popcorn and search for the best movies in 2019. Have fun!

re-purposing your child's room
Having a room like this can make you want to stay home as much as possible. So, do not think much, re-purposing your child’s room into a movie theater is a great idea!

Chill Out Room

Let’s face it, most theater, closet or wine rooms, or just any other hobby rooms turn out to be a chill-out room. People need some time off when they get home from work or during the weekends. So, why not invest in a chill-out room rather than a hobby room. It can be a room for a little bit of everything. You can use for hobbies, for relaxing, for reading a book or just anything you enjoy doing.

a chill out room
Fill the chill out room with things you like and make you relax! Candles are always a good choice.

Moreover, this is the simplest room to create. Just pick some old furniture, like sofas and chairs and tables. Decorate the room with pictures and some plants. In the end, make sure that your children are moving to Florida prepared! After they are gone, just sit back, and devote time to yourself.


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