How to prepare children for relocation?

Moving is not an easy process, and it doesn’t get any easier when you are moving with children. Depending on the age of your kids, you should adapt your moving preparations to their needs. Some children need more attention while other feel more than happy to engage in the moving preparations. If you are moving last-minute, spend more time with them and hire professional moving assistance to help you with your move. The best local movers Florida will make sure to adapt to your family situation and make the most convenient moving day timeline. Before you hire professional movers, make sure to get well informed about all the facilities near your future home. In the meanwhile, make sure to read this article in order to prepare children for relocation and reduce the moving stress for the entire family.

Moving with a baby – how to do it?

If you are moving with a baby, consider yourself lucky. By lucky – we don’t mean to say that it’s not going to be difficult to handle. However, babies are the easiest to adapt to the moving process. They don’t know the huge difference between their current environment and the new home. However, packing the moving boxes while moving with a baby might be challenging.

baby's room
Make sure to schedule the packing process while your baby’s asleep. This way you won’t be interrupted
  • Pack the baby’s room for relocation. Whether you are a single parent or a couple with more kids, you should choose the best time to prepare children for relocation. If you haven’t already hired professional packing service, make sure to adjust to the baby’s sleeping schedule. If your baby has napping times during the day, use the time to organize. You can make a Florida moving checklist and pack your moving boxes one step at a time. If you have some free time, make sure to de-clutter your home in order to avoid unnecessary moving boxes.
  • Get all the help you can while preparing for the move. Having a baby in your home takes a lot of energy, even when you’re not in the middle of the moving process. However, organizing movers, packing the boxes and decluttering are hard to maneuver while holding a child. The best way to prepare children for relocation is to hire professional moving assistance. Besides hiring movers, make sure to ask your family members to help you with your baby while you pack. If you are lucky to have a child who’s a good sleeper, make sure to read more tips for traveling with a baby.

How to prepare children for relocation – preschoolers

Moving with preschoolers has its pros and cons. On one hand, your child is old enough to understand the relocation process. Preschoolers also tend to fantasize a lot, so they should be capable of understanding the pros of the moving process. However, children at this age get too emotional and get attached to people and other kids easily. This means that you will probably need to prepare children for relocation by talking to them.

If you want your preschoolers to develop positive feelings toward their new home, make sure to tell them all the good things. You can make a whole story about new friends they are going to meet and all the attractions they’ll see. A positive attitude can go a long way while you prepare children for the relocation.

Moving with school-age children

Moving with school-age children might be fun, or you might be having some difficulties. The difference usually is the reason for the move. If you are moving after the divorce, your child might connect the moving process with something negative. In this age, children are capable of understanding more emotions that we think they can. If this is your moving scenario, make sure to think of a fun game you can play with your kids. If you see them avoiding the topic of moving, you shouldn’t pressure them to engage in the moving process. However, most children feel more than happy to help with sorting clothes and labeling the moving boxes.

talking to a preschooler
Your preschoolers will understand the moving process and make a game out of it.

The most important thing you should do is to prepare your child for changing a school. What you can do is look for a new school as soon as you know that you’ll move. Talking to your child’s teachers might also help with the transfer process. Make sure to get all the grades papers and contact the future teachers as soon as you can. In order to prepare your children for relocation, you will need to find out about their future school’s curriculum.

Moving to teenagers

Teenagers are known as the hardest ones to adapt to the moving process. Some of them might feel happy to move, especially if you have a close relationship with them. However, most teenage kids like to form their own opinion about changing the environment. In this age, your child has probably formed a strong connection to his friends. Not to mention, your teenager might act like your preparations for the move get on his nerves.

happy family holding hands on the beach to prepare children for relocation
Make the relocation feel like a positive change for the entire family.

The best way to prepare children for relocation is to talk to them in an honest way. If you are a parent of a teenager, being close to your child is necessary. Tell your teenager that the moving process is hard on you too. Also, don’t forget to mention all the positive sides of moving to a new home.

In the end, if you are moving to Orlando with children, consider hiring professional movers. They will help you organize the moving process and allow you to spend more time with your family.

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