Alternative storage solutions in Orlando

If you just moved to Orlando, or you just decided to declutter your current home, you might need additional storage space. Moving boxes, as compact as they are, will not always be the best solution for storing your belongings in the long run. This is why you should consider some alternative storage solutions in Orlando. After all, we all want to have as much space in our homes as we possibly can.

Finding a good storage solution can be easy if you follow a few simple steps. For once, you should make a decision on whether to rent a regular storage unit or to look for an alternative one. If you don’t have too many boxes to put in a public storage unit, consider making a DIY storage solution at your home. It could be a great alternative, and you can have your belongings within reach at any time. Keep reading to find out more about the choice you have when it comes to storing your personal belongings.

What are the storage solutions in Orlando?

If you are moving your property to Orlando, you could use some of the public or self-storage units in the city. If you hired professional movers to relocate you, you could always ask them for a good advice. Most of the good moving companies offer storage services Florida. However, some people decide don’t always have enough belongings to put away. A public storage unit might not always pay off. If this is your case, you should consider one of the alternative storage solutions in Orlando.

Making the inventory

Before making the decision about storing some of the moving boxes, you will need to sort out your belongings. Making an inventory list is recommendable, whether you make it prior to the move or after it. Some of your belongings might be still useful in your home, while others may only bring you clutter.

sorting out clothes
Making an inventory list is recommendable, whether you make it prior to the move or after it.

The steps for making an inventory are pretty easy. The first thing you have to do is to declutter your home. You might want to do it before the moving day, in order to reduce the number of moving boxes you have to relocate. Decluttering will help you minimize the number of items you out in one of the storage solutions Orlando. It will also help you decide which items you should keep and which ones you could give away. The next step is sorting out your belongings, which you can do in these categories:

  • Sorting out by the rooms
  • By their size and weight
  • Sorting items by the material they’re made out of

How to make the most of the space you have

If you are don’t want to use one of the public storage solutions in Orlando, you can always count on the alternative one. There are many ways you can make your own custom-made storage space and save the room in your home. What you should keep in mind is how many things you have to store. If you have 1-3 moving boxes, some alternative storage solutions in Orlando should do fine. However, more than 3 moving boxes can take a lot of space and overcrowd your home.

custom-made couch
There are many ways you can make your own custom-made storage space in your home.

Making the most of the space in your home is not complicated if you know where to start. If you just moved into a big house, you can always use a corner of the room that you don’t use much often. However, making alternative storage solutions in Orlando in the apartment might be tricky. What you can do is look for hidden and less visible places in your apartment and transform them into a storage.

Consider investing in multifunctional furniture

Whether you just moved into your new home or you want to adapt your current one, investing in multifunctional furniture is always a good idea. This kind of furniture can not only change its shape and adjust to your needs. It can also be made with a few hidden drawers or shelves you can use as a storage solution. On the other hand, you can always make your own multifunctional furniture pieces. If you are handy with wood and tools, you can find many online tutorials to help you make your own storage at home.

Border walls can hide additional storage in your home

In some homes, a good border wall can make a huge difference in making additional space. Of course, this applies mostly to bigger apartments and houses. If you are renting an apartment, make sure to ask our landlord to make small renovations in it. This border wall is usually made of wood or plaster and it can vary in size. Its point is mostly visual – it’s supposed to hide an additional storage space in your home.

Consider buying custom-made furniture

The best thing you can save space in your home is to invest in custom-made furniture. This includes everything from the bed, closets, shelves, kitchen cupboards and a custom-made couch. The way this kind of furniture works is simple. It can fit perfectly between any walls and fill small corners in any room. If you don’t want to waste any space in your home, custom-made furniture could a perfect solution for you.

public storage lockers
Public storage unit or an alternative storage solution? It’s your choice.

As the last option, you can always ask the moving company you hired about the alternative storage solutions in Orlando. Experienced nationwide movers Florida will offer you help with finding the perfect storage solution, whether you are moving your home or your business. Moving companies offer climate-controlled storage units of various sizes, so you can choose the one that is the best for you. You should want to make sure that the storage unit you pay for is good-quality. This is why it’s always better to ask for a professional advice.

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