Simple ways to declutter your home

Moving is never cheap. From paying for packing supplies to hiring movers, you are going to need to spend some money. Now, when movers come to give you an estimate, that estimate will be based upon the number of things they have to transport. The fewer the things the lesser the cost. Plus, you will be tremendously helping your movers by having figured out what needs to be transported. But what things should you get rid of? That’s where we can help you. If you want to declutter your home and avoid rookie mistakes while doing so, here are a few guidelines you should follow.

Declutter your home room by room

If you want to properly declutter your home you should go slow. When you rush things you do them sloppy. This is one of the things that should be done properly. During your sorting, you should make a list of all the things you would like to be moved. If you hire packing services Florida to help you out, they will be very grateful if you know what you want to be packed and that you present them with a sorted list that can be checked.


The first thing to do is to go to your medicine cabinet. Any bottle that has expired should be thrown away. If you have anything that is not expired but is easily perishable you should throw it away to. Next thing to do is to check all the drawers in your bathroom. Pull everything out and check what you need. You should have at least 2 boxes handy when you do this sorting. One of the things you will throw away and the other for the things you are giving away. Everything that you are going to need, put back in the proper drawer. Rember, you are not packing, you are just trying to declutter your home. Once you are done with decluttering, you should clean your bathroom. Now that all that unnecessary stuff is out of the way, cleaning will be much easier.

Clean bathroom
Having a clean bathroom is a necessity


Livingroom is usually the busiest room in the house. Everyone is going through it and everyone is leaving their trace in it. Therefore it can be hard to declutter it, but certainly not impossible. Since the living room is usually the impromptu storage room of the house, you should check for anything that hasn’t been used recently. Go slowly and thoroughly, and figure out what is useless. There are usually many electronics lying around in the living room. Check which ones are working and which ones are not. Take your boxes with you, a make sure to throw away what you don’t need. If you are not sure whether you need something, you don’t. For something valuable, you should consider giving it away. The things you know you should keep are only the things you are certain that you will need.


Make your bed. There is a reason why making your bed is important. Once you have done this, start with your clothes. Sort them into three piles, things you wear every day, things you wear sometimes and “oh my god, I can’t believe I still have this” pile. Clothes are usually the hardest things for us to throw away, but you should try to be ruthless. Next check your closet for any blankets, sheets, and pillows for anything that you no longer use. A good rule of thumb is to consider anything that you haven’t used in the last six months, useless.

Bedroom is clean when you declutter your home
Taking care of your bed helps you mentally by giving you a better quality of sleep.


Kitchens tend to be full of gifts and gadgets that we never use. We got them once, put them away somewhere and forgot about them. When you start to declutter your kitchen, the first thing to do is to pull everything out. Go to every little drawer and look into every little crevice to find it all. Then figure out what you don’t need. All the spices that have expired should be thrown away. Any kitchen appliances that you don’t need, either give away or throw away. They are usually big and robust and will noticeably add up to your moving price. If you are not sure whether you need something, try trying it out for a week. If it is useless, give it away or discard it.

How are you helping yourself when you declutter your home

Having an organized home is beneficial in many ways. Wheather you are thinking about moving to Orlando, NYC or Florida having a decluttered home will make it easy for you to pack. And packing easily will make your move much easier than they usually are.

If you declutter your home, you will help bring order to your life and therefore reduce stress.

The way you keep your home is the way you keep your mind.

We are beings that are influenced by our surroundings. If you live in a cluttered and messy environment you will have a hard time addressing everyday problems. The moment you start thinking about them you will be looking at your messy living room or your cluttered bedroom and you’ll find yourself thinking: “Ah, what’s the point? There is just too much to do. I’ll leave it for later.” By having a properly organized home, you motivate yourself to take care of things. Most of our life is spent maintaining, not achieving. Keep your home clean, and you will keep yourself grounded.

Health and stress

Buy having a cluttered home you add to your stress level. Stress is one of the biggest causes of health problems in today’s America. Dealing with everyday stress is hard enough that if you add a disorganized home to the list you are looking at a bad time. To keep your pease you should invest time and effort in keeping everything organized. It is much less stressful to be moving through life without unnecessary weight, and removing that weight from your home helps that tremendously.

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