How should you assist your movers?

The best movers should have the expertise to organize your move, pack and transport your belongings. With your mover’s professional help don’t have to worry about organizing the entire relocation. On the other hand, when you have to move and pack by yourself, you may need local movers Florida to transport your belongings. When organizing your move, you may ask yourself about ways to help your movers be more productive. Follow these simple tips and assist your movers in a way you won’t get in their way.

Pack properly to assist your movers

To save money on your move make sure to declutter before you move. Getting rid of the unnecessary items is the best way to cut down on relocation costs. You may sell the items you don’t need online or in a garage sale. If you don’t, you can always donate to charity. Either way, while you de-clutter your entire household, you will sort out all of your belongings. On the other hand, you can use this process to create the detailed inventory list. This list may help your moving professionals for insurance purposes. In case you relocate long-distance, your movers will create the official inventory list, so your belongings may transport interstate or to another continent.

It is dangerous to pack dangerous items when moving.

Before you start packing all of your possessions, make sure to contact your packing services Florida. Your moving professionals will let you know about the items you shouldn’t avoid during packing. Those items may be dangerous while in transport. That is why most moving companies have the list of non-transportable items.

You will help your movers and avoid most common moving mistakes if you put aside the items they don’t pack:

  • Hazardous materials
  • Perishable foods
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Important documents
  • Cash
  • Items of special value
  • Flammable fluids etc

In case you have to pack by yourself, consider getting detailed instructions from your movers. They know the import and export laws and they will explain the entire relocation process. If you pack with these items in mind, your movers will be able to transport everything without delays and fines.

Prepare for your mover’s arrival

Know your delivery date

After you find reliable local movers, make sure you already plan your moving schedule. It is very important for the moving professionals that you know the delivery date for your move. With the moving schedule in mind, you will assist your movers and it will be easier for them to organize everything.

Get packing supplies on time

After you get your moving quote from your movers, ask about the details regarding packing and get your supplies before the moving day. Depending on your move, your moving company may include packing supplies in the final price of your move. Make sure you know who is responsible for the packing supplies needed on a moving day. If you have to buy new packing supplies, ask your movers for the best deal. However, if you pack by yourself, you can save money and find cheap packing supplies online. Also, you can ask friend and family for the cardboard boxes they don’t need.

Take everything off the walls

You may need time to organize the entire relocation process. Make sure to spare some time during the last few days before the moving day to start partial packing. You can assist your movers and save them time if you take everything off your shelves. Your books, magazines, little decorative items should be packed before your movers arrive.

If you take everything off the walls before your movers arrive, you will save them time.

Defrost your fridge and freezer

It will be a great help to your movers if you prepare your fridge and freezer for transport. Make sure to use up all the food left over in your fridge and freezer. Unplug them and let them defrost and dry overnight. That way you will assist your movers and they will be able to start packing everything as soon as they arrive.

How to assist your movers on a moving day?

Be on time

It is very important to be home and ready for your mover’s arrival. The moving day will require most of your energy so you should be well rested and on time. In case you are not at home when movers come, you may delay the entire relocation process. Make sure to assist your movers and be ready to start before they arrive.

Make space for your movers

When preparing your home for the moving day, it can get quite messy. It can mean a lot to your movers if you clear the hallways and a path to the door. Assist your movers and make way for them. They will work more efficiently if you make room for easy access through the house.

Plan ahead for the moving day

You can assist your movers if you have someone take care of your small child or a pet on a moving day. Keep in mind that your moving crew will carry and push heavy pieces of furniture around on a moving day. It is a great help for them not to have children or pets running around when they do.

ice in the box
Defrost your fridge before your movers arrive.

Get refreshments

Your movers will be grateful if you prepare water and refreshments. They carry heavy furniture pieces and numerous moving boxes. That is why your moving crew may need fluids to stay energized and work fast.

Label every box

You will assist your movers if you label each box you pack. When you mark the boxes with fragile items, your movers will take special care. Also, labeling the boxes by rooms will be a great help to you and your movers after your movers arrive at your new location.

Have your future home floor plan

When your movers arrive on a moving day, let them know about your future household and the floor plan. They will be more efficient while working if they know if your future home is in the apartment building or a house. Assist your Florida movers and show them where everything goes in advance.

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