Arranging your plants after the move – a useful guide

Once you have moved with movers Deerfield Beach FL, after all that packing, planning, stressing, all you want to do is to take some rest. However, the reality is somewhat different. Yes, you have moved, and the bigger part of the move is over, but there is more. Lot more. One of the things that you ought to think about is arranging your plants after the move. Of course, there are some other things too, like what will go where, and all that while you are unpacking. So, here we will try and help you at least with some of the things you have to do post-move.

How to move them?

First thing first, you have to know how to move the plants in order to have them in good condition in your new home. It is very important how you are going to move them for so many reasons. You have to have good packing material for this action. You will need some firm boxes, you will probably have to buy them, because if you don’t, you are making the risk of having the box break and, well, you can guess the rest.

house flowers
Get plastic cups for relocating your plants

Another thing that you may do for a safer move for your plants, is to move them to a plastic cup and transfer them in that way. They certainly won’t break. So, make sure to have the right firm packing material! It will go way easier, if you simply create a moving checklist, in this way, you won’t forget anything, like ways to protect your pants during the transportation.

Arranging your plants after the move

So, let’s see about arranging your plants after the move. After all is done, the whole transportation thing and moving, then you get to move the plants around. See what would go where. One of the best tips that you can hear is to have the bigger plants arranged on your terrace. Assuming you have one of course, and that it is big enough. This is a great tip because there is nothing better for a plant then the natural light that it will be getting while on your terrace. Also, it is very pleasant to the eye, not only to you but to anyone who looks up to your terrace.

Use the furniture in your home

Now that you have moved, and make all the furniture arrangements, you should think about how to use that furniture to go perfectly with your plants. Now, of course, you may go with Feng Shui rules, and that is a great thing to do. However, sometimes you simply have to go with your own gut. If you feel like having a plant in your bedroom, dining room, or living room, simply do it. Imagine how it would look. Try to put it there for a couple of days, see if you like it. If you do live it there, if not change its position. You should do what makes you comfortable.

plants on the front porch
Not all plants are meant for being inside

Keep in mind that plants shouldn’t be in every single corner of your room. Not only it will look bad, but it can be actually bad for you. For instance, because of the processes that are happening inside of a plant, some of them you should not keep in the bedroom. It is important to keep the room where are you sleeping in good condition. And some plants are actually nor suitable for such a place. Therefore, you need to learn about the types of plants you have or planning to get. Some plants are more suitable for open space, others you should keep inside.

One more important thing is to decide on what you are going to do with plants that can’t fit your new place. Even though there are many moving and storage Florida services that can come across your mind, you need to know that storage units are not meant for keeping plants. Therefore, you need to plan upfront arranging your plants after the move. This is very important, especially if you have very sensitive pieces.

Use Feng Shui for arranging your plants after the move

There is a big chance you already heard of Feng Shui before. These are rules dating from ancient China that are meant to help harmonize your living space. In Feng Shui, everything is about energy flow. The idea is to set up your home in a specific way. And all in order to attract positive energy and get rid of the negative one. Important to realize is that you do not need to buy new stuff to arrange your place in this way. All you need to do is to follow principles that will help you set up your place using items you already possess.

Now, speaking about arranging your plants after the move, you need to know that plants are very important in Feng Shui. If you start to study this ancient rule-book, you will see that different plants have a different purpose in your home. So, if you have some free time, it would be great to learn about these principles. They will be very useful while arranging your plants after the move. Here are what you can attract this way:

  • Money and wealth
  • Lucky
  • Peace and calamity
  • Health
feng shui plant
Use Feng Shui principles

It is all about preparation

The most important thing when arranging your plants after the move is to have a good plan. If you already know how your new place looks, it is easy. Plan what will go where and how you are going to organize your plants. This will not take you a lot of time, but it will save you a great amount of it once you move. Additionally, make sure you secure your plants and prepare them for the move. As plants can be very delicate, it is important to find a way to give them enough water and light.

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