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    So, are you looking to move to Kendall or Hialeah? You might be scratching your head and thinking which one is better? Kendall vs Hialeah? What are the benefits of moving to one city over the other? What are the drawbacks? These are all excellent questions. And if we are being honest, making a decision where you are going to relocate can be quite stressful. On top of all the things you have to do – plan, organize and relocate, you also have to know exactly what to expect from the city you are relocating to.

    Beaches of Kendall vs Hialeah
    Florida has the longest coastline in the USA. It also has over 800 miles of beaches for you to enjoy making it the perfect place to relocate to if you love summer vibes!

    Thankfully, today we are going to introduce you to that last part of the equation that will make your relocation a breeze. So, with that being said, strap on in, and let the top Florida movers show you what to expect.

    Kendall vs Hialeah

    Both Kendall and Hialeah are cities in Florida. They are separated from one another by a 23-minute drive (18 miles). This means that they are both located in Miami Dade County (the southernmost part of Florida). Both have equally the same population count – Kendall has an estimated population of around the lower parts of 300,000,000 people while Hialeah has around the lower parts of 200,000,000. This means that Kendall has a larger number of people here. However, before you decide to hire best movers in Kendall on that fact alone, make sure you check out the following benefits and drawbacks of moving here.

    The weather

    As you might imagine, given the fact that both cities are approximate to one another the climates are not that different from one another. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no difference between these two cities. These cities both have a tropical monsoon climate. This means that every day of every month the temperature doesn’t drop below 64 °F. So, you can say that both cities have that typical Florida weather. Hot winters, and even hotter summers. However, there is a bit of a difference.

    a man walking in swim shorts on beach
    Winter or summer, you can expect to wear swim shorts all year long.

    If you are a hot weather lover, you’ll be glad to hear that Kendall has a warmer climate than Hialeah, on average. On average, in Kendall, the daily temperature hits around 91.2°F, while Hialeah is just shy of 83.3 °F. However, with that being said, this is the average daily temperature. That doesn’t mean that Hileah can’t be hotter than Kendall some days of the year. So, make sure you keep that in the back of your mind before hiring the best movers in Hialeah.

    Kendall vs Hialeah: the economy

    Okay, so the climates are roughly about the same. What about the economy? Well, let’s break it down into the following parts:

    • housing
    • median income
    • median age
    • unemployment rate
    • average commute time

    Let’s start off by housing first. If you are planning on moving to Kendall you’ll be glad to hear that its housing costs are 11.5% less expensive than Hialeah. In fact, the average house cost in Hialeah is 317,000$, while the cost of housing in Kendall is around 280,400$. Just as a  reference, the average house cost in the USA is around 231,200$.

    The median income is higher in Kendall. In fact, it’s around 29794$ higher than it is in Hialeah. In fact, the median income in Kendall is higher than most of the United States.

    And while the median age is roughly the same, as well as the unemployment rate, the average commute time in Kendall is higher than in Hialeah. So, before buying real estate in Hialeah, make sure to keep these little tidbits of information in the back of your mind.

    Spare time: Kendall

    While there is a lot of things to do in both cities in your spare time, we really think you should visit these places before you relocate. In Kendall make sure to:

    • Kendall Ice Arena. If you are into ice skating, we definitely recommend that you visit Kendall Ice Arena. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional in ice sports or just a layman who is looking for a good time. There is something for everyone here.
    • Lock Bridge. Take a stroll to The Palms at Town & Country, 8268 Mills Dr., and make sure to visit the bridge where Kendalls have professed their love to their soul mates.
    • Dine in the dark. This is a must! Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar offer you the ability to eat gourmet food while blindfolded. It’s an exciting experience you must try!

      a bench in a park
      If you want to rest your eyes from the coastline make sure to visit Amelia’s Earharts’ park!

    Spare time: Hialeah

    On the other hand, if you decide that moving to Hialeah is the thing for you, then make sure you check out:

    • Amelia Earhart Park. One of the top spots every Hialeahan will recommend is, besides the beach, this place. Amelia Earhart Park is one of the best places to have relaxing fun in nature. It has a petting zoo, waterskiing, and tree fort where you can play till your heart’s contempt.
    • Bucky Dent Water Park. On the other hand, if you are moving with your kids here make sure to visit Buckies! This waterpark offers a wide array of activities from a large public swimming pool to slides that stretch 30 feet long! There is something for everyone here.
    • Leah Arts District. However, if you want to explore the culture of Hialeah then make sure to visit its Arts District at 1055 E 15th Street. The district is flowing in beautiful, breathtaking murals, and other cultural arts and crafts.

    In summary, who wins?

    So, Kendall vs Hialeah, who wins? Well, as you might’ve already concluded when you started reading this article, there is no definite winner. Both cities are much alike, and the main difference is the economy. While Kendall has a great booming economy, Hialeah is lagging behind. However, on the other hand, Hialeah offers a much more vibrant community and culture and a lot of different things to do than in Kendall. So at the end of the day, it all comes down to what you value more.

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