Downsizing before a long distance move – the best ways to do it

Downsizing before a long-distance move can be a good way to lower your moving costs. But also to simplify the complicated moving process. Of course, downsizing itself requires some time and effort. But if you start dealing with it on time, even before booking Boynton Beach moving companies, not only that your move will be easier and cheaper, but you could also earn a few bucks along the way. If you’re still not sure if this is the way to go and how to do it properly the following lines will clear out all your dilemmas. Here is why and how to do it.

Benefits of downsizing before a long-distance move

First, you need to learn about the benefits of downsizing before a long-distance move.

  • The first and most obvious reason is to simplify your move. Long-distance relocations are complicated even if you manage to hire the best movers in Florida. Your items need to travel, sometimes, even across the country. And preparing them for the difficult journey can be very tiring.
  • Second, you will lower your moving costs. Long-distance relocations are very expensive. And the price is calculated according to the size of your moving inventory. By removing the stuff that you do not need, the price will be lower.
  • Third, you will save money on packing supplies. For packing a 2-bedroom apartment, only for boxes, you will need to pay around $100. But do not forget that you will also need to get plastic wraps, bags, moving blankets, packing tapes, straps, etc.
  • The final reason for decluttering before a long-distance move is a potential profit. Yes, you can even earn money on your move. If you gather enough items, and you do it on time, you can sell your stuff and earn decent money. Of course, depending on their condition.
Pile of money
Long-distance move is expensive. Downsizing could be a good way to lower your moving costs.

Downsizing before a long-distance move takes time

Now that you realize how smart it is to declutter before moving you can think about the ways to do it. Of course, the first thing you should know that downsizing takes time. You cannot start doing it a week before your West Palm Beach movers arrive and expect good results. First, deciding what to remove is difficult. Sometimes from an emotional standpoint. But sometimes reasons could be of financial nature. As you will need to do some research and calculating.

How to remove items that you are emotionally attached to

If you are having emotional problems with deciding what to get rid of, try to think pragmatically. Do you ever use the items you are thinking about? Have you used them in the previous 6 months? Do you ever plan to use them in the future? If the answer to all those questions is no, then there is no dilemma, get rid of them.

Look this from a financial standpoint

The other way of looking at this subject is financial. And it usually refers to large and heavier items as you will have to pay your movers Jupiter FL a lot of money to move them. Is the condition of the items good enough that it can withstand the long trip? How much the same items cost in your destination town? How much money you will spend on packing supplies for this particular piece? Maybe it will be more expensive to move that wardrobe than to buy a new one after you arrive. Of course, consider the money you will get if you manage to sell it before the move.

A calculator on a paper
Do your calculations before you start removing stuff

How to downsize before a long-distance move

Now that you decided which items to get rid of, you can think about the ways to do it. Here are the suggestions:

  • You can organize a yard sale if you gather enough items and you have enough time to advertise your event.
  • Think about the online sale.
  • If you are in a hurry, you can sell your furniture to a used furniture retail store.
  • If you do not want to bother with selling, you can donate your items.
  • Maybe your items are not in good condition. In this case, recycle.

Organize a yard sale to downsize before a long-distance move

A yard or garage sale is probably the best way to earn money from your excess belongings. However, if you decide to downsize this way, you need to know that organizing a successful garage sale is not an easy task. And you will need a lot of time to gather required permits and to advertise your event properly. However, if you manage to do it, the returns could be significant.

Using the internet to downsize before the long-distance move

A lot of times, people just do not have enough items to organize a sale. That is when they should use the internet to try to sell their stuff. Luckily there are many good used stuff websites that you can use for this purpose. But you can also try your local Facebook community group.

Illustration of an online sale
The internet could be a good solution for downsizing before a long distance move

Used furniture retail stores are the fastest way to remove excess furniture

If you are in a hurry, but you still want to earn a few bucks from your used furniture, you can try your local used furniture retail store. You probably won’t earn that much. But it is the fastest way to get rid of used furniture and earn.

Donating your items before the move

If you do not want to sell your items, maybe you would want to donate. There are numerous charity organizations in almost every place in the US that you can call and organize a donation. Most of them will even come to you to pick up the stuff. The good news is that by donating during a move you can become eligible for certain tax deductions so you can also count this as a way to earn.

Recycling your old stuff

Your final solution for downsizing before a long-distance move is recycling. If your items are not in such a good shape to sell or donate, do not just throw them in the junk. Find a recycling center in your vicinity and take your stuff there. You won’t be earning any money, but at least you will be environmentally responsible.

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