Emotionally preparing your kids before moving to Miami

Life is full of various opportunities, and from time to time, we need to make some changes. There are periods when it is hard, but you know the better times will come. And sometimes, when you want to start over, the best solution is to move away. For adults, relocating to a new place is understandable. But when you are moving with children, it is not the same. They are still kids after all and preparing your kids before moving to Miami, for instance, is very important. For the other parts of relocation, the best movers in Miami will have a plan and solutions for you. You just need to be prepared as a family.

Kid angry at her mother back facing her.
Preparing your kids before moving to Miami should be done with patience and care.

Preparing your kids before moving to Miami is very important for various reasons

No matter what their age is, preparing your kids before moving to Miami is important. Finding the best local movers in Miami shouldn’t be your biggest concern. Kids are very emotional and sensitive little humans. And they don’t understand things in the same way as adults do. You need to understand that they are used to their house, street, school, and friends. For them, this can be very stressful. And the worst thing about it is that they are not controlling it or affecting it.

When they don’t cooperate with you for the move, you might end up having even bigger problems. They can be very stubborn, and it can happen they try to do quite the opposite because they think it will prevent them from moving. If you don’t prepare them for a situation like this, they can experience various negative emotions they shouldn’t be experiencing. If you try to think like them and prepare them in the nicest way possible for Miami and the changes they are about to go through, everything will be much easier and the move will be smoother. Also, there are things you can tell them and give them for motivation, so you end up being on the same side.

Talk to your children and be completely honest

You need to talk to your children from the very first day you realize you will be moving. Even before you start looking for residential movers for this relocation. Reasons that are standing behind a relocation are very various. Some moves due to their job, others because of the weather, or even because of the costs of living. Whatever the reason you have for moving to Miami is, you need to tell them. For sure, they might not be able to understand it, but they need to feel how honest you are with them. And you have to try to explain it to them in the best way possible.

Also, you should be prepared for some tears during this conversation. In their heads, it is much different than it is in yours. Another important thing to have in mind when you do the talk is their age. Not all ages react the same. Teenagers are the hardest to get to, and you can already prepare yourself that it will take a lot of time until they accept it, if they even do. Toddlers are easier to handle, but it depends on how you talk to them. Being completely honest and including them completely in this process will help you a lot. This way, they will eventually be on the same side as you, and they will start helping you, instead of the opposite.

Two kids playing with toys in their room.
Let your kids design their own room to motivate them.

Sometimes, preparing your kids before moving to Miami can be stressful and hard

Before you are ready to emotionally prepare your kids for Miami, you need to prepare yourself. Kids are very stubborn, and when you take what is theirs, they can get very angry. So, before talking to them about this and starting the “war”, learn how to stay calm and relaxed in every situation. You can practice this with your partner, for instance. First of all, put yourself back in their age, and their place. For them, not being able to see their best friend from the next street, or crush from the school might seem like the worst thing in the world. And they have a right to get angry.

In this situation, you must have patience. If you lose your temper, there won’t be anything good coming from it. And for yourself, it would be better to make the situation stable before your long-distance movers come to start with the relocation process.

Give your kids some time to process, include them in this and motivate them

After you did the talk with them, and they get angry, let them be. You must give them time to process everything. If you don’t do it, and instead you keep pushing them, it will get only worse. Wait as long as it takes until they get calm again. And when they are calm, you need to talk with them about it again. But this time, a little bit differently. Now, you need to give them a reason to cooperate, a motivation. For instance, you can allow your toddler to completely decorate and arrange his or her room. And for the teenager, you can buy them something they always wanted, or take them somewhere.

What will also help quite a lot, is if you completely include them in the process. For instance, search for a moving company that you will hire together. Show them all the housing options that are available and ask for their opinion. When it comes to decorating the new home, let them choose some decorations and details. Maybe even some furniture elements. This will make them feel important, and they will be happy that you let their opinions matter. When you don’t include them in this, it can hurt your kids, and they can feel useless. You should never allow that.

Aerial view of Miami.
Learn facts about Miami together, before moving in here.

Together with them, learn some interesting facts about Miami before you even relocate

Now, there is a thing that can help you out as well. In addition, to adapt faster and better, you should learn more about Miami. Playing some games with your kids, and trying to explore as many facts as possible, will not only bond your connection but make you ready for this change in your lives.


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