Moving from St Petersburg to Fort Lauderdale

Whether you are moving from St Petersburg to Fort Lauderdale or any other city or country, there is a lot of work to organize and prepare for your relocation. To make your relocation smooth and stress-free you should start by making a good relocation plan. You should put on paper all the important tasks so you don’t forget about something. You can speed up the moving process and hire the best movers in Fort Lauderdale to help you. They can pack and relocate your belongings and you can focus on finding your new home or gathering important documents.

make a plan
Make a detailed plan for your move so you can avoid unnecessary stress.

Prepare for the move

Before you start packing your stuff you should make a plan. Think of callings to do and write them down. Prioritize your tasks and make a timeline. Important thing is to start early with preparations so you have enough time to organize everything. When planning a move, it is crucial to know your possibilities, which means you should set your budget so you can have a clear picture of the amount of money you can spend on your relocation. Make a list of all the possible expenses and your income. If needed, you can ask for a loan or start saving, if you have enough time. Once you set your budget you should make a list of tasks:

  • before moving from St Petersburg to Fort Lauderdale you should find a new apartment/house
  • gather important documents
  • decide what to pack
  • gather packing supplies
  • hire a reliable moving company
  • rent a moving truck
  • rent a storage
  • do the research city

The list of the things to do can vary depending on the distance, if it is a local, long-distance, or interstate move, or if whether you are moving alone or with your family. So you can adjust a list depending on your situation. Before you start packing, read about your new city. Research its neighborhoods, traffic, costs of living, job opportunities, places to visit, real estate market, etc. When you have all the important details you can decide whether to move or not and what neighborhood to choose.

Meet your new city

Fort Lauderdale is the largest city in Broward County. Fort Lauderdale has a program for designating and recognizing neighborhoods. There are more than 60 distinct neighborhoods that have received official recognition from the city. Also, there are 25–30 neighborhoods that exist without official recognition. This means you will have a lot of possibilities when it comes to choosing the right neighborhood for you. The wet season runs from May through October, and the weather is typically hot, humid. Winters are frequently dry and sunny. The dry season often arrives in November and lasts through early to mid-April. Seasonable weather is often warm, dry, and sunny.

packing boxes couple
Make sure you label your boxes so you can sort them easily by the room where they should be placed but also if the inside of them are placed some fragile items.

The city is a popular tourist destination and the Yachting Capital of the World. You can find a lot of schools, universities, colleges here so if you have kids there will be different options for them. The city is known for its beaches, bars, nightclubs, and history as a spring break location. There are plenty of restaurants, museums, night clubs.

Pack your stuff before moving from St Petersburg to Fort Lauderdale

Before you start packing you should declutter your home and decide what to take to your new home. Check your basement or the loft, all the drawers, closets, etc. Go through all your stuff and remove the items you don’t need anymore. Get rid of all the items that you haven’t been using for a while and that do not have any sentimental value. You can give some of these items to your friends, family, sell them on the internet, or donate. 

When you have decided what to pack, clean and wash all those items. Prepare them properly for packing. Unplug the appliances, wash your clothes, and clean your shoes. If you have figured out that you have too many items, you can store them. Ask your movers for storage services. Choose wisely your storage. Make sure you choose a clean and secured one, and also it would be good to find climate-controlled storage.

Once you have selected the items to pack, you need to gather all the packing materials such are cardboard boxes, plastic bins, you can use plastic bags, bubble bags, packing paper, packing tape, furniture sliders, moving blankets, scissors, etc. You will be needing some tools if you need to disassemble certain items and a dolly too. So you can easily sort the boxes by the rooms where they should be placed, you can label them.

reliable movers
Hire reliable movers to help you have a stress-free relocation.

Find reliable movers

Finding reliable movers is the best way to help yourself pare for your move. If you do not have enough time for buying packing supplies, searching for the appropriate storage unit, and a moving truck you should get in touch with the best movers in St Petersburg. They will organize your move, pack and unpack your belongings, find the right storage for you and the appropriate vehicle too. You will not have to carry heavy items. Just give the instructions to your movers and they will place all the boxes where you need them to be. Also, if you hire reliable movers, they will provide you with moving insurance. If your items get lost, stolen, or damaged your money will be reimbursed, or your items repaired, depending on your agreement.

Moving from St Petersburg to Fort Lauderdale is a long process, so start on time

Whether you are moving across the street or the country you need to start early. You will have enough time to decide about moving from St Petersburg to Fort Lauderdale, to choose a new home, and prepare your belongings. If you organize your time well and hire reliable movers you will have a smooth relocation. Which is exactly what you should be looking for. And you can do it only if you find the best long distance moving company on time. Yes, there are plenty of options available on the market, but every move has different requirements. And according to them, you can choose. 

Learn more about St. Petersburg before you leave

No matter how long you have lived in St. Petersburg, you should still remind yourself why you are living right now here in the first place. Since reasons for the move are various, and you normally look for the benefits in the other place, just for a moment think about your current place. This won’t make you change your mind. It will, in fact, only help you out with making your decision more strong. So, let’s see what are the facts you almost forgot about your place before you find your commercial movers and get to Fort Lauderdale.

A beach
Hire reliable movers to help you have a stress-free relocation

Pros of living in St Petersburg

  • St Petersburg is located on the west side of Tampa.
  • This city belongs to Pinellas County.
  • There are plenty of stunning beaches around where you can spend your free days and time.
  • This city is also very popular among tourists.
  • The weather here is most of the days in a year very good. It is sunny and warm.
  • The costs of living in St Petersburg are quite low.
  • Many people are moving in here because they can realize the benefits and goods of it.
  • On the whole of Florida, St Petersburg is the fifth largest one.
  • The median household income is around $48.183.
  • You can often hear people referring to St Petersburg as “Sunshine City”. It is because it still holds the record of the sunniest days in a row.

Most of these basic facts you already know. But also, at the same time, you probably forgot them. And once you get bored of one place, and you need the change, you forget why you once liked it here. Well, here is a reminder. While you are still there, you should use every free minute that you can get to explore the forgotten places where you used to come very often before. You might regret it if you don’t do it. 

Moving from St Petersburg to Fort Lauderdale has a lot of benefits

Every decision that we have to make in our lives has both advantages and disadvantages. And sometimes, when we don’t include both parts, we can end up not being satisfied with your final decision. For that reason, the best thing you should do is make a list of the pros and cons of moving from St Petersburg to Fort Lauderdale. It is not a huge chance you will make, but still, you got to know what you are getting yourself into. Let’s start with the benefits of living in this place before we move on to the cons.

Benefits of moving from St Petersburg to Fort Lauderdale

  • What is for many the biggest pro and advantage of Fort Lauderdale is that this city is extremely affordable? Even more, than St Petersburg is.
  • There are many nice and amazing neighborhoods to choose from. And the rent won’t be high.
  • Since the city is on the coastline, you can already expect amazing beaches and a lot of tourists.
  • The weather is not that much different from St Petersburg. It is almost the same.
  • No matter if you were a sports person before moving here, or not, now you will become one for sure. And this is an amazing thing for improving your health and lifestyle.
  • Here, diversity is well accepted. It is open to everyone, and all of the people are welcome. By saying this, you can also notice that the way of living is quite different. People don’t run and rush, but instead, they live completely relaxed.
  • If you are moving in with children, or you plan on having them, you should know that you chose a good place when it comes to their education and schooling programs.
  • If you don’t own a car or any vehicle, this won’t be a problem. This city is small, and everything you need is within a short distance. And since the weather is always good, you can walk or bike to your work each day.
Cityscape with residential buildings
Soon enough you will realize there are more benefits of living in Fort Lauderdale than cons

But it has some disadvantages as well

There is nothing in this world that has only one side. Where it is good, there is bad. And the opposite way. So, you already know that once you made a list of these amazing, interesting, good things about Fort Lauderdale, it is time to make the page turn. Now, you will have to list out all the disadvantages and things that are not good when it comes to living in this city. This is how you will make a final decision and be sure you made a proper one.

  • Many people list this on the top when it comes to the disadvantages of this beautiful city. You will have to get used to insects and animals. Which sometimes is not nice at all. But you learn to live with it.
  • Since this place is quite popular among tourists, it can get very crowded. And many people find it disturbing.
  • If you decide to choose a car or another vehicle, be prepared for horrible traffic. Sometimes, it can get even worse than in New York City.
  • Not everyone finds it as a con, but Fort Lauderdale has a specific style of home. So you won’t have a chance to choose exactly what you desire.

When moving from St Petersburg to Fort Lauderdale, you will need to find a suitable neighborhood

No matter where you are relocating, you can’t just move anywhere. You need to figure out and find the list of the best neighborhoods in one place, so you know what your options are. Most likely, your residential movers can help you with some quite useful tips. They moved many families to these neighborhoods, so they probably know better than you do. When it comes to Fort Lauderdale, you should be aiming for Victoria Park, Las Olas Isles, or the Tarpon River. Among many others, these three are the best ones. But you can also check out Rio Vista, Coral Ridge, Harbor Beach, and many others. Just make this decision before you start relocating.

cityscape of the illuminated megapolis
Don’t forget to explore Fort Lauderdale at night as well

In the end, it’s only left to move

Now that you know everything you should know about Fort Lauderdale, it’s time to relocate. Once you come here, take a few days to rest and relax a little bit, and meet the place. When you are settled in, you should start looking for your new job, while you are still on time.



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