Moving to Davie guide

Moving to another place is always a challenge. Still, being well-prepared is crucial in order to adjust to the new city. Still, have no worries when moving to Davie. This is a city that offers a variety of activities. Entertainment is definitely at the highest level. Not to mention its people and friendly neighborhoods. In other words, make a detailed plan. Get familiar with what Davie has to offer. Rely on a professional moving company. Handle packing, paperwork, and other tasks. Be ready and organized.

Find reliable allies prior to the relocation

By all means, hire the best residential movers in Davie. Have faith in their abilities and assistance. Devote your time to packing and other tasks. Start on time. Good organization is a key to success. With the help of professionals, you’ll have more time for other things.

What to expect from moving to Davie?

Davie is a city located close to Fort Lauderdale. Also, it’s about a half an hour away drive from Miami. In other words, with the help of the best movers in  Davie enjoy the peace of the small city with a population of around 104,000 people. You’ll be away from city crowds and traffic jams. However, being bored isn’t an option. Its closeness to big cities will allow you to enjoy a diversity of activities. Furthermore, Davie is close to the coast. Thus, you’ll reach beautiful beaches in no time.

a sand beach
Moving to Davie will allow you to revel in beautiful beaches and high temperatures.

Costs of living

Unfortunately, Davie is one of the most expensive cities in Florida. Thus, put aside a significant amount of money prior to relocation to Davie. Overall costs of living are higher than the national average. As for the most expensive things, we can point to housing. The median home value is around $380,000. Expect a median home income of around $68,400. Hence, in case you plan to buy a home, start searching on time. On the other hand, you may opt for renting. The median home rent is $1,474. Thus, decide what best suits you.

Is the transportation good?

The local bus system is satisfactory. Nevertheless, you should use your own car. Needless to say, traffic jams shouldn’t concern you. Moreover, highway I-595 is very close. This eases up transportation for everyone, including the best long distance movers in Davie. Additionally, neighborhoods are well-connected. Therefore, wherever you’re headed, you’ll arrive rapidly.

Parents with children will be content with education

Education is at a high level. Schools are highly rated. Moreover, Davie is a popular place for college students. It has a number of campuses from big universities.

  • Florida Atlantic University
  • University of Florida
  • Broward University etc.

The weather has both positive and negative aspects

Thanks to the high temperatures, you’ll spend many days a year in outdoor activities. Enjoy the beaches and parks. Still, temperatures can go pretty high in the summer. Humidity can get high as well. Certain people don’t find this pleasant. Especially with the presence of a number of different insects all year round.

The residents will welcome you with open arms

Maybe one of the best things about Davie is its residents. They are friendly and open people always ready to help you. Certainly, you’ll get to know your neighbors swiftly. Hence, whatever neighborhood you choose, you’ll be satisfied with the people around you. Moreover, each neighborhood will satisfy your basic needs.

a woman with lots of bags from shopping
Both men and women can find something of their interest in the shopping malls in Davie.

Entertainment is something you’ll remember Davie for sure

Davie offers a variety of activities and interesting places. Golfing, horse riding, riding a bike, and taking a walk are just some of them. Act like a tourist for some time. Meet new places and people. Make Davie your new home.

  • good food and restaurants
  • nightlife is outstanding
  • go shopping
  • spend quality time at various places in Davie

Enjoy excellent food, restaurants, and clubs

A number of restaurants and shops offer satisfaction for the whole family. For instance, visit The Mustard Seed, Vienna Vine Cafe, and Laspada Sub Shop. Furthermore, local Grovers and farms provide opportunities for shopping for organic food. As well as daily life, nightlife offers several bars and clubs. Indeed, you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t miss shopping

Stores and shopping centers are the perfect places for relaxation. Hence, consider visiting Costco, shopping center Tower Shops, and the Sawgrass Mills Malls. Rest assured you’ll get everything you need in the Sawgrass Mills Malls.

  • sports equipment
  • cosmetics
  • home accessories
  • jewelry
  • toys
  • electronics

    a man riding a horse
    Spend quality time in outdoor activities. Ride a horse, take a walk. Both children and your pets will enjoy great places in Davie.

Don’t forget to visit interesting places

Thankfully, the whole family can enjoy many beautiful places in Davie. You’ll never be bored. Just have a look at some of these places.

  • Bergeron Rodeo Grounds – It’s known as Davies’s main attraction for 40 years. Over the years it has become home for airboat shows, car shows, famous concerts entertainment, dog and horse shows, and family shows. You can always search the internet to check the approaching events.
  • Flamingo Gardens – Enjoy tropical animals and greenery. Take a look at flamingos, panthers, alligators, eagles, and other animals.
  • Bar-B-Ranch – Revel in horse and pony rides. Both beginners and experts can enjoy this place.
  • Butterfly Pavilion at Flamingo Road Nursery – Fans of beautiful butterflies will visit this place frequently.
  • Tree Tops Park – Here you can rent paddle boats and canoes. Not to mention horse riding.

After thorough preparation, you can finally enjoy

All in all, each relocation is demanding. Prepare for moving to Davie. Start with reliable movers and a detailed plan. Then, handle all the tasks related to your move. Also, don’t forget to find out everything you can about Davie. Knowing certain facts beforehand will facilitate your relocation. You’ll know what to expect. In this case, Davie will certainly grow on you. Its positive sides are really unbelievable. Hence, we wish you all the best with the new period in your life.


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