The Best Florida Cities For Digital Nomads

Digital nomads call one place their home only for a short period of time. Their job allows them to travel the world and work remotely via the internet. By default, they don’t possess a lot of things. They live in temporary houses or hotels and work from cafes, public libraries, co-working spaces, or their smartphones. This way of life underlines a lot of freedom and a chance for often changes. So if you are one of those people and you would love to explore Florida, we are here to help you find the best Florida cities for digital nomads. But whenever you decide to relocate, one thing is sure: you will have a much easier transition with the help of one of the best moving companies in Florida. Try to find a reliable moving company to take on some of your obligations during this transitional period.

Finding reliable movers

So even though you probably don’t possess many items, and the majority of them aren’t heavy or bulky, you will still need to transfer them all to the new location. And you will have to plan and execute that and probably continue to work. It is understandable that you won’t have much spare time for that. Don’t hesitate to ask professionals for help. But you should get reliable movers. Because the last thing you want is to hire someone inexperienced who won’t be able to handle possible problems during the move. This will be especially challenging if you plan to move from one state to another. So the first thing is to try to find someone who is experienced in long distance moving.

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Find reliable movers to help you.

Always check the website of the company and find out how long they are on the market. Read all about the certificates their team has and don’t skip checking the reviews. Other people left there their honest experiences. This can be very valuable when you are about to make a decision. Have in mind that there are so many different moving services and that you can choose from them to find just the one that suits you the best. So don’t rush but rather take some time before you decide.

Which are the best Florida cities for digital nomads?

The work revolution has taken place and made the dream lifestyle possible. Working from anywhere on the planet and not from the office from 9 to 5 was a dream to many. In the last decade this became possible for many people, and even more in 2020, after the pandemic hit. And it is no wonder that digital nomads want to live and work in Florida, for at least some time. The weather is just perfect, as it is the closeness of the beach, but also many other natural and fun places. So if you want to learn which are the best Florida cities for digital nomads, we are about to reveal them.

best Florida cities for digital nomads?
We will help you find the best Florida cities for digital nomads.

The first place goes to Jacksonville

Jacksonville is the biggest and most populated municipality in Florida. Over 900,000 people live there. This is a very modern metropolis. It has towering flat buildings and beautiful contemporary architecture that make an awesome skyline. But under that concrete surface lies exciting culture, art, and history. So life there is very inspiring and anyone will find just the thing for themselves.

Digital nomads are looking for a stunning atmosphere, and that is for sure easy to find in Jacksonville. People are there able to enjoy wonderful views everywhere they go. But also, the weather is perfect almost all year round, so every day can be a beach day. One other important thing for nomads is the price of the rent. This place is popular by its low rent. Typically, rates hover around $960 each month. So it is no wonder that River City attracts many individual workers. There are many freelancer-friendly coffee shops there. It is no wonder that this place is called Mecca for digital nomads in Florida. If this appeals to you, wait no more, but call the best Jacksonville movers to help you get there.

Miami is an attractive spot for digital nomads, too

One of the most famous Florida locations for sure is Miami. Still, it has only 460,000 residents, which is considered to be a fairly small place compared to some larger cities in the United States. The name of the city translated means “big water”. This is completely justified because it lies on the outlet of the Miami River into Biscayne Bay. And that is a part of the Atlantic Ocean. For many digital nomads who already traveled a lot, it still is interesting to live on the coast of the ocean, so many decide to live there.

Miami is an attractive spot for digital nomads.

With a lot of coworking spaces and many different opportunities to have fun, Miami is very attractive for digital nomads. The city combined diversity in culture combined with wonderful nature views. It seems to be a paradise for digital nomads. Still, not everyone will be able to enjoy it. This place is actually not affordable. So if you have a tight budget, maybe you would want to have only a short visit to it as a tourist. Cities in Florida often don’t have great transportation, so you will need to have a car even as a digital nomad. But this is not true for Miami. One of the rare ones, this place is connected well even with public transportation. But, it also isn’t cheap. So put your budget on paper before you call a moving company Miami based to help you transport all your stuff there.

Don’t skip going to Tampa

Money Magazine ranked Tampa as one of the top 5 places to live in the United States. And sunshine is not the only reason for it. This place is rich in culture and history. It is one of the major cities where you can go to the beach after the work day. And if you are a digital nomad, you can work from the beach and have a swim during the launch break. This city is also considered to be one of the cleanest ones, even though it blooms in population and also has a lot of tourists. So check with the availability of Tampa movers if this caught your attention.

best Florida cities for digital nomads
Tampa is for sure one of the best Florida cities for digital nomads.

Digital nomads are appealed to go to this place and they even don’t have to take care about which period of the year it is when they move. Every season guarantees beautiful weather when it comes to living in Tampa. Another important thing for digital nomads is an internet connection; we have to say it is decent there. Still, you will find the best internet speed downtown. You will also be able to choose from work-friendly cafes and a variety of work-friendly spaces as well.

Downtown Tampa is known as a business core and it is full of exciting cultural spots as well as museums. You’ll also find nice restaurants there, so this is just the perfect part of the town to place yourself. The Tampa Riverwalk will give you nice break from the hustle and bustle.

Let’s go to St Petersburg, Fl

Sunshine State has a lot to offer to digital nomads. And not all places are fancy and expensive. Among the best Florida cities for digital nomads, we have talked about St. Petersburg. The city is, for sure, the most affordable for a living and pretty cozy, too. Since you want to work there as well, we have to recommend Novel Coworking. This place will offer you 24-hour access which many digital nomads would appreciate. On top of that, they will offer you some quality espresso.

This place is just perfect for people who want to avoid the buzz of a big city and enjoy some beautiful nature and beaches. You will be able to work there without distraction. Still, when you feel ready for some change, you can hit the Howard Franklin Bridge and go to Tampa downtown where you will find the change of scenery. Movers St. Petersburg will give you a hand and some starting tips to help you get along in your new neighborhood.

Palm Bay is among the favorite places of digital nomads

The first houses were built in Palm Bay in the 19th century, but the city exploded in the second part of the 20th when many decided to call it home. There are about 30 parks in the area. Many of them are places around Turkey Creek, which is a Turkey Creek Century. As you can expect, you’ll be also able to find many playgrounds and pavilions around. Through the town, you’ll be able to see the net of canals and enjoy the waterfront view. These are all the things that will offer a secure, peaceful, and easy life for a digital nomad. Palm Bay movers will be glad to offer you their service and help you get there as soon as you wish.

Man working on his computer
Digital nomads love the calm but modern places where they can work

Boca Raton

Wonderful weather, beautiful beaches, and stunning houses – there is a lot to find in Boca Raton. This can be a dream place for a digital nomad. There are only a few cities that are located better than Boca Raton. It is only 20 minute’s car ride from Miami and also close to Tampa and Orlando. That means that Universal Studios and Bush Gardens are within reach when you get tired of paradise-like beaches. On the other side, you will have to pay rent for a house that is highly above average.

This is a little bit different during winter months. So there are many people called snowbirds who come to spend here winter months and get all the advantages. Remember that Boca Raton movers will give you a better offer if you plan to relocate during the winter months. Have this in mind because this is just the part of the year when you can all the pros of this place on the lower side.

Fort Lauderdale is the last place on our list of the best Florida cities for digital nomads

If your work as a digital nomad offers you the freedom to travel, yet you don’t want it to be luxurious when it comes to pricing, Fort Lauderdale can be just the fit for you. There, you’ll have an easy approach to beautiful beaches, but housing prices are not over the roof, so to say. You can find a studio for a little bit over $1,000. Another great advantage for nomads is great public transportation because many of the people who often travel don’t possess vehicles. And in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll be able to put transportation on a Pro list.

Palm Bay is among the best Florida cities for digital nomads since it has around 30 parks in the area.

Museums, parks, or natural reserves – you will have plenty of places to check and have fun. The period from December to February is a time of the year when it is not as hot as during the summer, but New Yorkers will refer to it as a tropical paradise. So, wait no more. Call today your Fort Lauderdale movers to help you get there.

We made a list of the best Florida cities for digital nomads

If you are a digital nomad, we do hope that this article was helpful to you. We made a list of the best Florida cities for digital nomads to help you decide where to go next. It is obvious that Florida, US is a wonderful state to be in. So it is no wonder that you want to get to know it since your work gives you chance to do so. When it comes to the weather and beautiful beaches, it is pretty much sure that you just can’t get wrong whichever city of those you choose. So don’t spend too much time thinking but start planning your move.


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