How to get ready for moving during Thanksgiving

If you are thinking about moving during Thanksgiving, you may find yourself in quite a problem. As you know Thanksgiving is a holiday, therefore, as for most of the holidays, people do not work. A lot of stores and companies are closed, and a lot of them are taking a long weekend in the week of Thanksgiving. So, if you simply have to move in this time, you will have to take this seriously and get ready for moving during Thanksgiving, by following very important tips and tricks we are about to give you. One way to have things speed the paste-up is to hire packing services Florida, before Thanksgiving, so that at least you won´t have to think about this. Other than that, let´s see what else we can do to make this moving easier for you.

Get ready for moving during Thanksgiving without stress

Ok, so the first thing that you need to do is to relax. It is easier said than done, but this is something you have to do in order to get ready for moving during Thanksgiving. If you get all stressed out, you won´t be able to move and you will end up waiting for the holidays to pass and just then you will be able to move. Such a waste of time, right? So, let’s see some ways to get ready for moving during Thanksgiving. The first thing that you need is a good packing material:

  • Boxes
  • Scissors
  • Packing paper
  • Moving blankets
  • Labels/ markers

You need this in order to pack on time, you cannot lose any time if you think about moving successfully during a holiday. Also, everything will go so much smoother if you make a moving list.

Moving during the holiday season, is it possible?

So, if you are thinking about moving right on Thanksgiving Day, think again. No moving company will move you then. However, if you are considering this move to be a DIY project, then it is definitely possible. There is one very good thing that happens when you move exactly on a Thanksgiving Day. There are absolutely no traffic jams, whatsoever. Mostly because everyone is at home with their families eating turkey.

car on the street
You will avoid traffic jams

If you don’t feel like resting and enjoying some traditional Thanksgiving food, then maybe it is not a bad idea to use this traffic-free day to move. However, keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that there will be any available moving company, friends or even family to help you out. Do not blame them though, it is still Thanksgiving.

Finding a moving company

Ok, so we already kind of mentioned that there is no way to find a working moving company for a Thanksgiving Day. However, we can be wrong. This definitely depends on when do you start your research for the right moving company. If you start on time, chances are way higher that you will find a moving company that works on a Thanksgiving Day. Check some of the best in business such as movers Bradenton FL, to check the schedule. If you are lucky, and we cannot stress this enough, you start looking on time, you will be able to have a great moving company on a Thanksgiving Day.

Get ready for moving during Thanksgiving and say thank you

If you do manage to find a moving company that works on Thanksgiving Day, treat them well. Of course, you always should take care of your movers, especially when they are serious professionals in the business. However, since it is Thanksgiving, you should go above and beyond, by simply getting them some pizza and beer, just to say thank you. They are of course working for money like the rest of us, but since it is a holiday you can have some fun. So, what is a better way to say thank you than pizza?

Find a way to say thank you to your movers

Don’t forget to enjoy

Since moving time is really stressful, and you need to move during Thanksgiving, you can get pretty anxious. This feeling is completely normal. However, you don’t have to feel this way. Do not forget to have fun. After a hard day of working, packing and moving, try to have a family dinner. Yes, you will be tired, and probably not in a mood for a company, but you won’t be sorry if you do this.

Have some delicious Thanksgiving food and enjoy family stories. Of course, you shouldn’t do anything just because someone told you to do so. If you really don’t feel like it, or you have finished with the move very late, try to have a Thanksgiving Day some other day. Once you have moved, and once you are well rested you will be able to enjoy and have fun. So, this is a great solution if everything else fails.

Having a good plan is half of the work

By having a good plan ahead of time, you can think that half of your work is done. The moving timeline goes something like this:

  • Hiring the right moving company
  • Getting the right packing material
  • Getting your new home ready
  • Organize decluttering

Talking about decluttering, this is another thing that you should do before Thanksgiving. Depending on the way you are decluttering, you should do this a couple of days, even weeks before Thanksgiving. If you want to arrange a garage sale, then you have to create a group of items that you want to sell. That can take time, and also there is no logical explanation as to why you should have a garage sale on Thanksgiving. Nobody will come. Therefore, think in advance.

man writing a plan
Always make a good plan in advance

If you want to get ready for moving during Thanksgiving then you have to think ahead. Making good plans is half of the work. This is definitely a possible thing to do, however, it can get somewhat more complicated then it would be if you decide to move some other day of the year. Take notes, and start packing.

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