How to keep your home clean while moving?

Keeping your home clean is a real challenge, especially if you have small children. But, want to know what is even a bigger challenge? Well, it’s to keep your home clean while moving. Trust us, it is not so simple if you don’t have your cleaning kit by your side. Oh, and if you don’t follow our tips. If you are preparing for your long waited relocation, know that you’ll probably end up with big chaos after your movers leave. And cleaning everything at the end of the moving day is something you should avoid at any cost. So, when planning your move, make sure you plan it in a way that will allow you keeping it clean as much as you can.

Be prepared

The most important thing when planning a move is to be prepared. This goes for cleaning, too. Even though you are trying to keep your home clean while moving, you’ll need to be ready for any possible accident. And let’s face it – cleaning needs to be done after the move. But if you have everything organized, and you protect your home everything will be clean as a whistle in no time. Preparation for the upcoming relocation means you’ll have to keep in mind these four important tasks.

  • Clean before the move. Cleaning before the move is necessary even though it sounds a little crazy. You’ll have much less work to do after the move.
  • Clean after the move. On a moving day, people will be going in and out of your home during the whole day. Your home will get dirty. The question is how much. Even though you managed to keep your home clean while moving, dust needs to be swept up.
  • Have your cleaning kit ready. Accidents happen all the time. Make sure you have your cleaning kit ready and you’ll have everything under the control. Also, try to avoid harsh chemicals. Instead of using them, go with the all-natural cleaning recipes that are as good as those harsh chemicals. Maybe even better.
  • Create the perfect playlist for your moving day. Since cleaning is necessary, try to make it easier for you. Do you wonder how to do that? Well of course, with music! Find the rhymes that will help you get in the zone.
If you want to keep your home clean while moving, have mops by your side.
Creating less mess during the move means you’ll finish with cleaning faster.

If you want to keep your home clean while moving you’ll want to…

Okay, you’ve planned everything, what now? Now you’ll try to keep your home clean as much as you can. In order to keep chaos out of your home, try to complete these tasks and you’ll have no problem after the move is over.

Find the necessary help

Everything is easier and finished quicker with the help of others. You can ask your friends or family to help you with the move. Some of them can carry your furniture, others can help you clean. Having two teams with different tasks will make your move over in no time. But, if your friends aren’t available on your moving day, no worries. You are in luck because there are many reliable moving companies Lake Worth FL. Hiring professionals will make your relocation faster, and you’ll have more time for cleaning.


Decluttering is something everyone should do before the relocation. Start separating your unwanted items as soon as you can. Decide what to do with them and clean those rooms immediately so you don’t have to do it on a moving day. Keep in mind that having less stuff makes cleaning easier. Also, decluttering will create much more space in your new home and will give you the opportunity to finally put some home improvement ideas to good use.

Cover all of your floors

The most important things for you to do when you want to keep your home clean while moving is to cover your floors. You don’t have to cover every inch of them, but make sure the most important paths in your home are protected. You can use cardboard, plastic materials, but also fabrics. If you have old sheets or towels, use them because they can be great protection for your hardwood floors during the relocation. If you have quality moving boxes Florida, keep them for your future relocation so you can use them as floor protection or for packing your stuff.

Clean as you pack

Start packing on time. Last minute packing will create chaos in your home. Instead of doing this, you should pack ahead and you should pack room by room. Packing room by room will give you a chance to clean in the same order. To make the job even easier, ask for packing services Florida to do the job instead of you.

Messy dining table.
Keep your home clean while moving if you don’t want to end up with chaos.

Know how to clean

All of us need to know how to clean. And once you learn how to keep your home clean while moving, you’ll learn the tips for cleaning, too.  These tips can be used for your everyday cleaning, or you can tell them to your family. There are two cleaning approaches you should follow:

  • Cleaning one room at a time. Before the move, you should clean as you pack. Do it in any order. But after the move, you should always clean the kitchen and the bathroom first. Next are the bedrooms.
  • Cleaning top-down. There is no point in cleaning your floors first if you will clean ceilings after them. Instead of this, clean top-down. Work smart, not hard.
Close up of women ands holding a yellow sponge.
Cleaning can take a lot of your spare time if it isn’t done the right way.

Additional tips for keeping your new home clean

It is very important to live in a healthy environment. This means that it isn’t important only to keep your home clean while moving, but to do it after the move, too. When unpacking, know how to do it so you don’t end up with a mess and empty boxes all over your new home. Consult the ultimate unpacking guide and keep your home clean even after the move.

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