Moving to Sunny Isles Beach for the nightlife

After all the work is done it is time to just lay back and relax. And if you are into clubbing, then you are at the right place. Moving to Sunny Isles Beach can be stressful. We all know that, and just because of it, we will present you with the top clubs here! These dance clubs are very popular and you will certainly have a great time when you visit them. Make sure you chose one from our list and go out with your friends for a great time!

Nikki Beach club makes moving to Sunny Isles Beach great idea

This magnificent and very popular nightclub will leave you breathless. You just can’t visit Miami without coming to this club. The extravaganza and ultra-chic style combined here comes with cabanas, tiki bars, beds. This huge place is actually a part of a restaurant and day club you can visit and take rest from the heat. The outdoor part is meant for a good nightlife dance off with your friends. Highly popular DJs often come here to spin their records and invite people to the party. Be a part of a growing and very successful trend in Nikki Beach. Moving to Sunny Isles Beach is great because you will have access to all these clubs near you. They are so close, you won’t even need 20 minutes to get there. If you ever consider moving to Florida to be a great idea, you won’t make a mistake. Florida is full of great places you can visit and have a great time!

A restaurant on the beach that makes moving to Sunny Isles Beach excellent idea
Nikki club makes moving to Sunny Isles Beach a great idea

Club Dream Miami

This urban club is among the top nightclubs in Miami. Located by the beach, the locals often come here to have a great time. It is no different with tourists as well. If you like French styled theme interior and a lot of dance music then this is the spot for you! You can find Club Dream in a historic building, all the while surrounded by the most luxurious rental places here. They are among top clubs because they are revitalizing the clubbing scene. Throuought the year, you can enjoy a lot of different events here. Among those events are guest DJs, house nights, reggae nights and other popular events. There is one thing specific to this club. It puts the standard in peoples clothing style. You won’t enter if you are dress in sports clothing, and also, hats are prohibited. Instead, you must wear something classy and chic. In the end, this is a highly respectable and popular club. They need to keep a standard up to justify the title they carry. Have this in mind when you are preparing to relocate. Tell your professional movers Sunny Isles Beach to take care with the boxes that contain your clothes.

Club Dream has a strict dress code

Basement Miami Night Club

Basement Miami Night Club is located at the famous Edition Hotel. If you are looking to check out something new in the Miami nightlife, then Basement is the best place to be. There are a lot of different stages here. Therefore you can enjoy it to your own taste. Dance the night away with the most famous and latest dance hits! This will surely make your night more memorable than any other. Are you tired of some boring routines you have with other clubs? Not interested in them in any way at all now? Then come to the Basement and check out all the events they offer you! Among all the daily activities you can do here, you can easily enjoy a wonderful night our here. Figure out what you can do at night after a full day of the best water activities in Florida. Once you do that, relax and enjoy these clubs with your friends and have a great time!

Audience dancing in the club
You can hear only the latest hits in The Basement Club

Crobar nightclub

One of the oldest and longest lasting nightclubs in Miami, Crobar holds a special place on our list. Moving to Sunny Isles Beach wouldn’t be the same without visiting this place. It takes around 16,000 square feet of space, all the while it is located at the Art Deco movie theatre The Cameo. This nightclub is separated into two parts. The first part is 10,000 square feet large and it is meant for everyone. The other 6,000 are reserved for the VIP guests only. There is a specific catwalk that goes around the perimeter and it offers bottle service at curtained places. You can also have an excellent view of the club.

Crobar’s music

Are you a serious fan of dance music? Do you only enjoy the most popular and latest hits? Then Crobar nightclub answers all your needs with the top DJ’s and other artists that visit. Although there are a lot of tourists and other visitors here, the Crobar nightclub still holds the standard with their music. Only the most popular and professional DJ’s can appear here. Therefore any night out here will be the one to remember! But Crowbar is not the only nightclub in the region with great events. There are a lot of famous events in Florida you can attend this year. Make sure you visit at least one of them once you settle in.

Image of a DJ
Famous DJs perform at the Crobar


All these nightclubs make moving to Sunny Isles Beach far more tolerable and stresses. With all the issues revolving around relocation, it is a good idea to let the steam out from time to time. We hope our list of popular clubs will help you find the perfect one for you and your friends. If you wish to add something to it, leave a comment in the comment section down below.

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