Popular water sports in Florida

Summertime has come at last! And now is the time to enjoy the warm weather with your friends and family! Surely, there are a lot of activities you can do in Florida, but this time we will talk about popular water sports in Florida! Plan your time well and enjoy all the water sports you are interested in here! We are sure you will enjoy all of them!

Wakeboarding is one of the most popular water sports in Florida

Do you enjoy the tranquillity of water mixed with excitement and adrenaline? Then wakeboarding is the right thing for you! This sport is very popular in Orlando. You get on your special wakeboard, who was made specially to ride on the water. The boards that influenced its creation are those from surfing, skiing, and snowboarding. There are two ways you can enjoy wakeboarding in Orlando Florida. Either by being towed by cable system above you or pulled by a boat. Anyway, if you plan to relocate to Florida, make sure you take interest in this watersport. Plan you’re moving to Florida on time, so you will have more free time to enjoy this! Impress yourself and others if you are a pro wakeboarder by doing impressive skills!


A wakeboarder
Popular water sports in Florida include wakeboarding

Water Skiing

Next spot on our list of popular waters sports in Florida is Water Skiing. This phenomenal sport is so attractive not only to the younger generation but to older as well. Why? Because it is proven to be a very healthy activity for people. Whether you begin with slow and casual speeds and joyride, too fast ones filled with excitement. The answer to why is this water sport that popular in Florida can be found in its abundances of lakes. We can easily say that Orlando is the epicenter of this water sport. There are two ways you can enjoy this, either by riding on two skis, or one. That one is particularly made and it is used for slalom skiing. It all falls down to what you like and prefer. So if you are planning to move to Florida anytime soon, don’t forget about this water sport. Especially if you are relocating from across the country. Long distance relocations can be very hard! Use this opportunity to relax after you hire your long distance movers Florida and relocate.

Water skiing as one of the popular water sports in Florida
Enjoy water skiing like never before

Cave Diving

You can’t talk about the most popular water sports in Florida without mentioning cave diving. This water sports activity is perfect for people of all ages. It provides peace, tranquillity and it is a good stress release. Now, in the case of cave diving you need to have some sort of SCUBA experience and training. But do not worry! Diving training is not expensive and you can learn it quite quickly. There are various places where you can experience the beauty of cave diving. And an ideal fund for a family in one hot afternoon. The most popular diving places are Arch Sink, Naples Sink, High Springs, Ginnie Springs etc. For tourists and locals, this is one of the favorite activities. This is why Florida is a good vacation spot for everyone! Have this in mind when you are searching for the best places to spend a vacation in Florida this summer.

Scuba divers diving
Diving is something everyone enjoys

Sand sculpting festivals for families and professionals

Although this might not directly involve any kind of water activities in Florida, it is placed on its beaches. This is among popular water sports in Florida since years ago. People of all ages come to the beach to see professional sculptors build magnificent castles and towns out of the sand. This is especially popular with kids of any age. This is where their creativity comes out! Spend your leisure afternoon with this stressless activity! Bring out your kids, or the kid in yourself out and enjoy the warm weather and smiles. There are also a lot of other family-friendly activities in South Florida you can do this summer! Try to pick the ones you would enjoy the most and have fun!

a kid making sand castle
Making sand castles is great fun


Where would this list be without surfing? Surfing is one of the most popular water sports in Florida and its popularity never drops. From it’s early stages to the modern times, surfing finds its place in the hearts of many. Both young and old! The sheer excitement of running towards the wave, and taking care of your board is beautiful! Although it takes time to learn this particular skill, once you master it, the world is yours! Every surfer’s dream is to catch that perfect wave and surf as much as they can. And where can you find a better place to surf than Florida? Many surfing champions come right here to practice their skills to perfection! Although this activity drains a lot of energy you can take a rest in one of the clubs near you. When you are not surfing and searching for a perfect night out then check out what are the best places to go out in Florida. Refill your energy here and, if you are lucky, meet someone special!

an image of a surfer surfing
Surfing is maybe the most popular water sport

Florida Water Parks

Popular water sports in Florida are nothing without water parks. There are many water parks to chose from, so putting them on our list would be just another really big list. Take your time when you plan your vacation and relocation to visit some of the best water parks you have ever seen. Trust us, you will enjoy them as much as anyone else!

Every water activity is not only fun but healthy for you! Our list here is concluded with the top picks we think are the best suited for everyone! What popular water sports in Florida do you enjoy? Hit us up in the comment section down below and we will surely reply to you! We hope to hear from you anytime soon!

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