Best vacation spots in Florida

When it comes to vacation it is easy to make mistakes and plan a wrong one. The one that you truly need takes time to prepare for. Especially if you are not certain what you want. But have no fear! Here we will discuss the best vacation spots in Florida and what you can expect. So pack your bags folks, we are going to have the best time this season!

St. Petersburg FL

Love sunlight? You really do not enjoy winter weather? Then St Petersburg is the perfect place for you. It is most popular because it has the most days of consecutive sunshine.  Ergo the nickname The Sunshine City. The perfect mixture of traditional beaches and urbanism is what makes this place great! Not only is he on our list of best vacation spots in Florida, but also in overall likely places to live in. The beaches are white and give a beautiful view of the sunset. There are quite a number of activities you can enjoy here. Such activities are:

  • Hiking! With a lot of hiking trails St. Petersburg is placed among other best vacation spots in Florida.
  • Camping
  • Kayaking

There are a lot of cultural activities here as well. Coming from the Dali Museum to the Museum of Fine Arts. Over 1000 events happen here during the year. From Triathlons to Ribfest. You can attend these events mostly in the downtown area. There are a lot of other shops, pubs, etc there as well. With everything this beautiful city offers, you will find it hard to check it all out. So make sure you prepare your relocation well. Coordinate with your reliable movers Florida in order to spend your time more on relaxing than stressing out about relocation.

A man hiking in one of the best vacation spots in Florida
The best vacation spots in Florida have good hiking trails

Sunny Isles Beach FL

This magnificent city is home to over 22,000 residents of Russian origin. This is why they call it The Little Moscow. You can find a lot of family-owned Russian restaurants here! You can try out a lot of traditional Russian meals and another east European cuisine as well. One of such places is Chayhana Oasis. The only restaurant in Sunny Isles Beach that is specialized in Uzbeki cuisine. Try out the varieties of meals here and enjoy some of the traditional teas as well. Sunny Isles Beach is also a place people chose to live in. So don’t let it surprise you if you plan to move here, and can’t find a spot. But, if you do happen to find it, hire your moving companies Sunny Isles Beach and let them handle your relocation to this gem of a city.

A pot with potatoes
Sunny Isles Beach is very popular for its Russian cuisine

St. Augustine FL

Are you a history geek such as myself? Then this is the best place you can visit on your vacation. St. Augustine holds the title as the oldest city in the U.S. Founded by explorers from Spain in 1565, there is a lot of colonial influence and architecture as well. You can find numerous historical places and monuments here you can enjoy! Lightner Museum, made in 1888 is a perfect place you can come to when you start your vacation here. Later on, you can walk to the Ponce De Leon’s Fountain of Youth. This is a beautiful park where people come to relax and enjoy the peaceful time it provides. But, what makes this city very popular is his ghost stories. The popularity of supernatural phenomenon here is outstanding! So, are you into ghost stories? Visit this “spooky” place for a sensational vacation time. This won’t spook St. Augustine’s place from the best vacation spots in Florida that easy! So if this place intrigues you, check out other spooky places where you can spend Halloween party. We are certain you will enjoy them as well!

Image of St Augustine harbor
St Augustine is the oldest city in the U.S

West Palm Beach FL

The list of best vacation spots in Florida wouldn’t be the same without mentioning West Palm Beach. This city is filled with hundreds of festivals you can enjoy. In every May you will enjoy SunFest, a large music and art festival. Among festivals, there are a lot of nightclubs, diners, and restaurants you can visit as well. Also, this is a transitional spot for every flight from across the globe. At least with every plane heading towards South Florida. One other famous event here is The Palm Beach International Boat Show. This city is host to the biggest boat show every year and it leaves you breathless. The variety of modern boats from small to the biggest you will ever see is great! But, this city is not only for singles. The families can enjoy their stay here as well. There are a lot of family-friendly activities in West Palm Beach as well. This is just one of the benefits of moving to West Palm Beach and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Audience cheering at concert
There are a lot of events in West Palm Beach

In today’s modern world it is very hard to find the best vocational spots in Florida. Especially when every city is racing to ensure your stay is good and positive. First things first, you have to decide yourself what you really need to do this summer or winter. The way you spend your time will fill you a lot of positive energy for the things to come. If you know such places in Florida, hit us up in the comments. We will respond to them and maybe write another article as well. Have fun on your vacation and remember to enjoy yourself as much as you can!

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