How to label moving boxes

People who move frequently know how easy it is to get lost in piles of identical boxes when the time for unpacking comes. This is one of the biggest reasons why unpacking has a reputation as one of the most difficult parts of the moving process. Moreover, it is one of the reasons why unpacking can last so long after moving into a new home. If you do not want to fall into that trap and start your life in your new home living among boxes for months after moving in, learn how to label moving boxes. But labeling your boxes has another important purpose. To help your relocation assistance Florida identify boxes with fragile items. Those boxes need to be handled carefully. And if your movers do not know which box contains your dishes, how will they keep them safe?

Plan your actions before packing

There are numerous ways to label moving boxes. And planning your actions before moving to Miami will greatly ease the labeling process. First, you need to decide how you want to label them and then acquire appropriate tools and materials. Of course, you can decide to use a combination of different labeling systems. It all depends on whether you already have suitable supplies or you need to go out and buy them. If you do not know which items could serve the purpose, here is the reminder.

Sticker for fragile items
Label your boxes with ‘fragile items’ to help your movers keep them safe

Supplies for labeling moving boxes

  • Using color stickers is one of the quickest and easiest ways to label moving boxes. If you have kids, you probably already have them at home.
  • Kids stickers. If you do not want to go out for labels, you can use your kids’ stickers. You just need to come up with a system that you will recognize later.
  • Color coding labels. You can buy them like stickers or in the form of packing tape.
  • White address sticker labels. They come on continuous rolls. Easy to use.
  • Permanent markers for white labels or writing directly on the box.
  • Plastic tag holders and paper if you will be renting plastic containers.

Forget about packing, labeling, and unpacking by hiring professional packing and unpacking services

Labeling your boxes is a good way to ease the unpacking process. Unfortunately, it will make your already complicated and difficult process of packing even more difficult. Nobody wants that. Everyone is trying to come up with ideas to simplify it. Of course, there are many good and efficient ways to ease the unpacking process. If you are thinking the same, consider hiring packing services Florida. Of course, this will cost extra.

However, if you consider the costs of boxes, wraps, packing tapes, labeling materials, and effort you need to invest into buying them and packing itself, paying professional packers doesn’t sound so bad. Right? Moreover, professional packers will not only ease the packing process but also you can rest assured that your items will be packed right, thus secured properly. Think about this solution before you begin.

Using a color system to label moving boxes

So, you’ve decided to pack your items on your own. OK, then you need to come up with a labeling system. If your goal is to tag your cardboard packages in the quickest and easiest manner, color stickers could help you do just that. First, you need to dedicate a color to each of your rooms. For example, you could use yellow for your kids’ room, blue for the bedroom, red for the kitchen, and so on.

The important thing is to put a sticker on each side of the box. And, of course, to remember your colors for when the time comes. If you do not have confidence in your memory, you can use the marker to add additional information to your color stickers.

Colorful stickers
The color-coding system is a good and easy way to mark your boxes

You can try with your kids’ stickers, but be careful!

If you have kids, surely you have an abundance of animal and cartoon character stickers. This is not the most efficient way to label your boxes as you can easily mix things up. However, if you have many stickers, and you do not want to go out to buy proper labels, you can use those to quickly tag your moving cartons.

Of course, the biggest problem with this approach is that you can easily forget the labeling system that you’ve used. But if you have a specific series of stickers things could be easier. Alternately you can use the piece of paper to write down the reminder. Another problem is that your movers Crestview FL will have trouble identifying boxes with fragile items. So you will need to label those additionally.

The best way to label moving boxes

Of course, color labels and packing tapes are, without a doubt, the best way to mark the contents of your moving boxes. You can buy them as stickers. They come in various colors with names of the room already printed. Or you can buy them in the form of packing tape. This option also comes in different colors with printed room names. The good thing about color label packing tape is as you are taping your boxes you are simultaneously labeling. Great, right?

Using white address stickers to mark your cartons

Unfortunately, the aforementioned option is not so cheap. Especially if you have many boxes to tag. Luckily, there are cheaper options for labeling your content. White address labels are one of those solutions. You can buy a roll, and easily stick them on your containers. The bad thing is that you will also have to put some effort into writing. Or you can simply forget about white labels and write directly on boxes.

A white sticker label
White stickers are a cheap but time-consuming way to label moving boxes

Plastic tag holders for labeling rentable plastic containers

Renting plastic containers for your move has many advantages. However, when it comes to labeling you could encounter some difficulties. You cannot put stickers, and you cannot write directly on them. One of the solutions is to use plastic tag holders and attach them to your plastic bins. Of course, you will also need paper. Unfortunately, this is a very time-consuming option. But if you have time and will, it could be the only way to label moving boxes that you rented.

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