How to prepare your art collection for moving

Moving to your new home can sometimes be more complicated than you hoped it would. Things like moving fragile and valuable items can be stressful and can get the moving price up. You will have to prepare your art collection for moving. This is not really avoidable unless you want to do it by yourself and that is just too risky. The thing is- if you try moving it by yourself and get something damaged, you won’t be able to refund it. But, if you leave it to one of the best moving companies Bradenton Fl offers, you can relax and have an amazing moving day, without having anything to worry about. So it’s obvious that your first choice will have to be to get moving professionals and have a stress free moving experience.

How should you prepare your art for relocation?

You will handle this with ease, you just have to try. If you are moving to Miami, you will have a stress free relocation if you plan it right. So, start planing as soon as you can. This is the only way for you to have a good relocation.

Make sure you know how to do this so you can have a stress free relocation

Once you decide that it’s the time to prepare your art collection for moving, all you have to do is get the right moving company. This part is crucial since careless movers can damage even the art that is packed in the best possible way. These are the steps you have to take:

  • Make sure you pack the unframed paintings in the right way- wrap them in the acid-free packing paper and put it in a suitable box. You should label it as well. Notify the movers that there are fragile items inside.
  • Framed paintings should be wrapped in an acid-free paper as well, and surrounded by the cardboard. Wrap it in a bubble wrap once it’s done and that is it. Once you are done, pack it in a box and make sure it doesn’t move around. You will need to pack packing paper inside the box so it keeps the painting in place. Label it as fragile as well.
  • Statues should be packed one per moving box, and you will have to use plenty of packing peanuts. Make sure you get a bigger box so you can completely surround it with the packing peanuts. Label it once you are sure that they are ready to move.
You will have a great relocation if you know how to pack your statues

Your art collection will be safe if you prepare

If you follow the basic rules, your art will be safely moved to your new home in no time. If you are buying art, notice the way the artists pack it before they send it out. You must prepare your art collection for moving if you want it to get to your new home undamaged. There is no other way. You have to be sure that you did a good job so the movers can do their part in the right way.

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