How to prepare your former home for the moving day?

Moving day is notorious for the stress, hectic activities, and to some extent the inherent moving mistakes. Ideally, preparation for the move should begin when the move with movers Clermont FL is confirmed. And ideally, it should end shortly before the moving day knocks on your door. Here are some of the most important tasks you should complete in order to prepare your former home for the moving day.

What you need to do in order to prepare your former home for the moving day

1. Take an inventory of the entire home

One of the first tasks on your move checklist should be to take an inventory of your home or apartment. Now, before you ask why you should consider completing this potentially time-consuming task, let’s quickly point out the benefits for you. A detailed inventory list will help you:

  1. sort your belongings before the packing marathon starts;
  2. make a list of things to know what each box contains;
  3. keep track of your belongings throughout the move;
  4. have your moving costs estimated by sending the finished inventory to the moving company.
Movers checking inventory
Your movers will also have a much easier job of making sure everything is loaded

2. Get rid of the unnecessary

As you prepare for the moving day, one thing should be very clear – the weight of the entire load will have a big impact on the final move bill. In other words, the fewer items you decide to move, the less money you end up paying. Which isn’t so bad, right? Make a note of any household items in your inventory that you shouldn’t move for one reason or another, and then just dispose of them. You have good options – sell some online or at a pre-move sale, give to friends or family, donate to charity, or just throw them away.

3. Start the packing process

You are faced with the most important task before you move – packing your home for the move. If you don’t understand how extremely important it is to the success of your move, you will soon. Before you roll up your sleeves, there are three most important things to keep in mind:

  1. start thinking about packing as early as possible when preparing your former home for the moving day;
  2. the rooms you take care of first should be the hardest to pack;
  3. packing the whole family is not a job for one person, so get help – from your good friends or professional movers Florida.

4. Take care of your kids and pets

If you are moving with a child, things can suddenly become more complicated than you need to. Aside from worrying about their safety, you want to make sure that they are your allies and will work with you during the tough preparations for the move. While there are many things to keep in mind when moving with children, their safety and well-being remain your number one priority. And of course, the same goes for any pets you may have – dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, etc. After all, they are also part of your family.

Girl with a dog
Rule number one is to keep small children and pets away from the move in order to prepare your former home for the moving day

Triple check everything

Take a last look around your home, not only to make sure nothing is left behind but also to ensure that your old property is in perfect condition and say goodbye one last time. Knowing how to prepare your former home for the moving day will help you ensure a smooth and successful move. All the best for your thrilling adventure!


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