How to sanitize your home before moving in

We’re living in a time when the news and all the people around you are talking about one thing and one thing only – the coronavirus. Due to the global pandemic, people are eager to pay more attention to their personal hygiene as well as the hygiene of their homes. So, if you’re moving during this time, you want to make sure you remain safe and healthy during and after the relocation. If you’re looking for a way to sanitize your home before moving in, we’ll give you some useful pointers. Of course, you can use these tips for cleaning your home post-moving even once the world returns to normality.

Hire professional cleaners to sanitize your home before moving in

Moving can be very demanding, tiring, and time-consuming. So, having to clean your home before moving in isn’t exactly something that you’re happy about.

A woman with cleaning supplies for sanitizing the home before moving in
To make sure your house is deep cleaned before moving in, hire the pros.

Luckily, just like you hired movers Lake Worth FL to help you relocate, you can hire cleaners to sanitize your home. They will do the job quicker, more efficiently, and probably more thoroughly.

Sanitizing the kitchen before moving in

If you’re not hiring cleaners, but you’re the one sanitizing your house before moving in, you should start with the most important areas – one of them being the kitchen. So, once you say goodbye to your nationwide movers Florida, it’s time to dig in.

If you’re starting with the kitchen, make the fridge your main priority. So, put your gloves on, get a sanitizer, and clean your refrigerator. You want to be able to put away your perishable food as soon as possible, after all.

Once you’re done with the fridge, move on to the rest of the kitchen. Make sure to thoroughly clean all the countertops, the stove, and all the surfaces in the kitchen. Also, don’t forget to clean the floor of the kitchen.

Thoroughly clean the bathroom

Once you’re done with the kitchen, sanitize your bathroom and make sure it’s safe to use. Disinfect all the areas in your bathroom. You can simply use dish soap and a sponge. Don’t skip anything – clean the toilet bowl, the shower or bathtub, the countertops, the sink, and the mirror. You need to dedicate your time to the bathroom when cleaning your home before moving in.

Clean the floors before moving in

The time has come to focus on the floors. First of all, you should vacuum the floors in the entire house. While you’re at it, you can take extra time to vacuum some of your furniture items.

Vacuum cleaner
Clean your floors before moving in by vacuuming and mopping them.

After vacuuming the house, take a mop and go over the floors once again. You should make sure to get rid of any potential trace of the virus, dust, and dirt you may have dragged in on your feet.

Sanitize all surfaces and handles

As you know, now more than ever, we’re supposed to clean all the areas that we touch often. So, when you’re deep cleaning your home before moving in, focus on the details as well. Sanitize and disinfect all the handles and other surfaces and objects you touch a lot. This is one of the ways of protecting yourself from the virus.

Wear gloves and keep your hands clean

Of course, it’s important to sanitize your home before moving in, especially today. Even though this is only one of your moving day chores, your health is still a priority. You need to protect yourself too and stay safe. So, make sure to wear gloves during the move and while cleaning. Also, don’t forget to wash and sanitize your hands multiple times a day to avoid contact with the virus.

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