A guide on preparing a moving day list of chores

Moving is definitely one of the biggest and most important events of everyone’s lives, especially if you’re moving to a new city. It’s exciting and adventurous and there are many things that need to be done. The countdown starts as soon as you decided to move. First, you look for a new state, then the new city, a new apartment, a moving company, and the list goes on and on. There are so many things to remember that it is pretty much impossible not to forget something. And forgetting to do something sometimes is benign, and you just make up for it. But sometimes, running late on something move-related can make unexpected expenses or other inconvenience. This is where the check-lists come to the rescue. Preparing a moving day list of chores can be just what you need to go through this day.

What checklists should you have?

Preparing a moving day list of chores is just one day worth of list. And that is just not the only list you will need to have. At least, if you want to make your life easier. There will be a bunch of them, actually. As it turns out, the best way to deal with the checklists is to make one for every week until the moving day. It goes back to about eight weeks.

A checklist
Making a checklist can be really useful,                            especially on the moving day

Some of the things you will need to do so you can make the checklists are:

  • Get the phone numbers of utility services to inform about the move
  • Make a decision on which moving company you will hire
  • Will you pack yourself?
  • Learn what is the best way of preparing a moving day list of chores
  • How many fragile items do you have?

These are just basic questions, and there are so much more so get ready. Preparing a moving day list of chores will help you out.

Why do you need to be preparing a moving day list of chores?

The moving day, as you will see, is one of the most exciting days. There are a lot of things that need to be done and the excitement is through the roof. Even if you are sure that you have everything under control, just one mistake can set you back. Time is limited on this day, and if the movers arrived and you can’t find your child’s favorite toy and have to open some of the boxes up again and then close them, this will take yours and the movers time. So you need a list so you know what needs to be done so there are no setbacks. Preparing a moving day list of chores will help you avoid all of these unwanted situations.

What should be on this list?

There is a number of things that need to be done on a moving day. Taking care of you, the kids, the movers, and your things are just some of them. Get to preparing a moving day list of chores so you need to know where to start. Moving companies Deerfield Beach will be grateful if you took care of your part of the world.

Check if you separated the things that are going with you from the things that are not

You need to be certain that the boxes of the things you are giving away or throwing away are not mixed with the stuff you are taking with you. If you have things you don’t need but won’t throw away give to somebody, make sure to get a storage unitThis will be easy in case you labeled all the boxes and made lists of items inside of each of the box. The more boxes you move, the higher the cost of the move so avoid carrying the things you don’t need.

Check if the moving company has a parking space

Make sure there is a free parking space in front of the building or house so they can park nearby. If you forget to check and there is no space for them to park at, they will be forced to create a traffic jam or carry the furniture and the boxes far away. This will lead to a prolonged move and they will get tired sooner. Long-distance movers Florida will have to drive for quite a while so they will need the energy.

A guide on preparing a moving day list of chores- A parking space in front of a house
Make sure there is a free parking space for the                               movers to park in

Pack the remaining things

This is important so you don’t lose the things that you left out to use. Especially if you have children, and they have sleeping toys, pack them as soon as you get up. Bedding, toiletries, medicine, and everything else that was left unpacked needs to be packed now. If you have a fish tank to pack, make sure you do it last.

Make sure you have refreshments for the moving crew

Get some snacks and cold beverage for the movers since their job is really hard and they will get tired and thirsty. Make sure to offer them refreshments, it will help them out and they will feel better.

A guide on preparing a moving day list of chores
Make sure you have the refreshments for the                                         workers

Tips for each worker

Decide how much you want to tip each mover and make sure you have enough bills to give each mover separate tip. It is much easier for them to get tips separately than to be forced to spread them later. Other than tips, make sure you reward them in other ways, like writing a nice review and give them food.

Important papers must be at hand

If you are moving to another state, make sure the passports and visas are at hand. Do not get yourself into a situation to search for them later on, it will inflict unnecessary panic and stress. Find your and your partners passport, and kids, if you have them. Same goes for IDs and other relevant documents.

a stack of documents
Do not forget the important documents

Trash goes out and pathway comes in

First, get all the trash out. Then get all the things you are donating out too. After you did that, make sure to create a pathway for the workers as they take the thins out. If there is no pathway and the things are everywhere, workers might trip and fall. This will lead to injuries and move will be running late and you don’t want that.

Final cleaning touch-ups

If there are things, mostly in the bathroom and the kitchen, you should do them as now. Do not leave the house messy to the new residents.

Leave the keys out and have a final inspection with the landlord

If you lived in a rented apartment, make sure you leave the keys to the new residents. Get the landlord and do the final inspection so they can see that everything is fine. This will also lead to their inability to complain about any damage later on.

Moving can be stressful, especially if you left to many chores for the last day. There will bu so many things to think about and remember, but by preparing a moving day list of chores, you will be able to make sure you did everything and not forget any of the important chores.

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