How to pack toys when moving

Moving with children can be stressful, especially if you are not mentally prepared for it. It requires being really careful around the kids and trying your best to get them entertained by something or someone else so they don’t get hurt while things are being packed and carried to the moving truck. Having someone taking care of them and taking them out might be the best choice while your belongings are being handled. But, when it comes to children’s toys and other belongings, you should make sure you allow your kids to get involved in sorting and packing. There are many reasons to do this. Kids can really be helpful when it comes to helping pack toys when moving.

Involve the children so they feel in control

This is the main reason to allow the kids to help you pack toys when moving. You are doing a great job teaching them how to be responsible and make decisions. Moving and the entirely new environment will be more likable for the kids if they are included from the start. Make sure you don’t just allow them to make the physical part of the work. Allow and encourage them to make decisions as well. You will do them a huge favor.  And, don’t worry, moving companies Lake Worth FL will make sure your kid’s toys are safe during the move.

pack toys when moving- toys laying on the floor
You should allow the child to decide what toys                                     to donate

Sorting the toys is important when you are allowing  the child to pack toys when moving

Getting your kid to help you sort the toys is beneficial in more than one way:

  • The child is feeling important and will appreciate the trust you have in them while they are helping you pack toys when moving
  • You are making sure they have their opinion and encourage them to state it
  • The entire moving event will become fun instead of scary
  • Get them to go with you and get the packing supplies so they are even more included in the moving.

Also, make sure you talk to the child about the move so they are mentally prepared for it. There are many ways you can help your child deal with the move. Doing this will make life much easier to both you and your children, trust us.

What should you do before you pack toys when moving?

When it comes to sorting the toys, you will have to make some decisions. You shouldn’t keep the broken toys at all. Make sure you explain that to your child. Broken toys might not be safe for playing and they will take up a lot of room in the moving truck. Try making the deal with the child, so they get a new toy for five broken ones they decide to throw away, or something similar. This way you are motivating them to make the decision that works for you and still feel like they are in charge.

What is the next step?

Now that you made the deal on what toys will be thrown away, it is time to get to the next step. When you are trying to pack toys when moving, try to downsize as much as possible. Now that you made a decision on what toys are being thrown away, it’s time to get the ones that are not broken but are not used any more. You can donate these toys or give them to cousins or friends children. This means more space in the moving truck too.

A model train
Delicate items should be packed carefully, so don’t let your kids pack them

Now you are ready to get the packing started

You have the toys that are staying with you, and it is time to pack them. There are a few things to do first so the packing and unpacking are not unpleasant.

Get the water out of the toys

This goes for the toys that contain water in them, like water guns, any toys that use water to make bubbles, any toys you are using when the kids are taking a shower and so on. Packing the wet toys might lead to mold and it can spread on to the other toys too. Make sure you dry and then pack toys when moving.

Wash the dirty toys

Wash the toys before you pack them. This way they will be ready to use as soon as you unpack them. Having to deal with dirty toys and unpack at the same time will not be enjoyable. So take care of it right away.

Get the child to pick out the toys that will be with them during the move

See if the child wants to have some of the toys while the move is happening. If they want, they should be able to get their favorite toy or toys while you move, as long as that is just a few toys. If the child wants to take too many toys, explain that there is not enough space in their seat and that the rest of the toys will have a nice spot too.

Packing is the next step

The toys are clean and you separated them. Now is the time to get the packing supplies and start to pack. You can still let the kids pack toys when moving in this part. You can always get the Florida packing service to help you out.

Packing the plush toys

The good news is that plush toys can’t be damaged easily so you can just take the boxes and stuff them with plush toys until they are filled. But you can use the plush toys for packing fragile toys too, by using them as the packing supplies. This means you can pack the fragile toys and have plush toys between them.

pack toys when moving- Baby boy playing with the plush bear
Plush toys won’t be damaged so feel free to fill                                        the box

Delicate toys

You should wrap each toy into the packing paper. Get new boxes and put packing peanuts on the bottom and between each toy. This way they won’t damage. Make sure that they are not close to each other and not touching each other. Now that you filled the boxes, seal them and tape with the duct tape so they can’t open on accident. Label these boxes with the “Fragile” sign and tell the movers to be careful with them. The movers Bradenton FL will make sure your toys don’t get damaged, so try hiring them.  You should pack all fragile and delicate toys this way to make sure they won’t break.

Small parts

When it comes to packing toys that contain small parts, you should make sure that you put the small parts into plastic baggies so they don’t get lost. Especially when it comes to packing the boardgames with little figures. Put them in small plastic baggies and then put them in the original box so they don’t get lost. The residential movers from Florida are the best choice if you decide to get help moving since they deal with moving toys all the time.

No stains

You need to pack crayons or watercolors? Or anything else that can leave a stain? Make sure you seal them tightly and put them in a couple of bags. Then place them in a box and into the moving truck.

You need to be extra careful       when packing the watercolors

When it comes to packing the children’s toys, it can be done pretty quickly and it’s not that hard. It is an excellent opportunity to allow the kids to help you pack toys when moving. Just be patient and let them help as much as they are able to. It will help them adjust faster.

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