How to include your kids in the unpacking process

When you are moving everything around you is pretty hectic and you may get anxious a bit. The last thing you need is to entertain your kids while packing and unpacking. That is why the best thing that you can do, depending on how old your kids are of course, is to include them in the packing and unpacking process. This will be fun for them, and they can even help you. So, how can you include your kids in the unpacking process? It is very easy because the kids can’t wait to have fun. And that is exactly what they will have while helping you. It is not all about finding the best schools for your kids, it is also about having fun with them and teaching them some responsibility and how through work they can still have fun.

Include your kids in the unpacking process by making it fun

Kids are very easily entertained. They can think that unpacking is the most fun thing to do in the whole wide world. So, what you can do is to give them their things to unpack. It will make them have fun. At the same time, they will feel that they are responsible for something serious. At the end of the unpacking give them something else you think they would like.

A boy with his dog
Teaching kids responsibility from a young age is really important

For example, give them to stay up a bit longer or let them watch that film they wanted. After all, they did a good thing. They had fun and they did help you out with a pretty boring thing for adult people. This will make them want to do some other chore as well because they will feel some sort of responsibility and happiness while they are doing what they are told to do.

Start on time

When you include your kids in the unpacking process, you are not only trying to keep them amused. You are also learning them from a very young age to have some responsibility. By giving them a treat, a present after a work well done, you are teaching them that hard work pays off. These little things that start from a young age are what matters later in life. When they become teenagers, and then young adults, etc. They will know the worth of everything they are doing because they have started to learn about hard work and responsibility from a young age.

When you want to include your kids in the unpacking process you have to consider their age
Safety is the most important part when you let your kids unpack

On the other hand, if your kids are the way too young to have them around packing and unpacking process, the best way to go is to have someone who can take care of them while you are unpacking. If a kid is way too young, you definitely need to wait a while because this cannot be safe for small kids.

Think about safety when you want to include your kids in the unpacking process

So as we mentioned it already if your kids are the way too small, you mustn’t even try to include your kids in the unpacking process for so many reasons. The main reason is definitely safety. Even though game unpacking can be unsafe and your kids can get hurt. So, try it this way. Give them boxes that contain their toys to unpack. Even if they are really young of age they will be more then happy to do this and you will successfully include your kids in the unpacking process in a safe manner, what more can you want? At the end of the day at least you don’t have to think about packing, because you do have packing services Florida, to check out. 

Type of things to unpack

When you want to include your kids in the unpacking process, you ought to think clearly about what can they unpack. It is not like you can give them something robust to unpack and hope for the best. You need to have a clear idea of what they are capable to unpack safely. So, here are the things that they can unpack:

  • Toy boxes
  • Their clothes boxes
  • Unpack their backpack
  • Things for their bedroom

Of course, all of this depends on how old your kids are. If they are already going to school, you can give them even more to unpack. Just keep them away from kitchen supplies, anything sharp, and similar. This is crucial. 

Have them pack as well

It is not all about having your kids included in the unpacking process. You should also include them in the packing process. Have them make a schedule what goes where in what box? Have them label their boxes. They may be reluctant to do so at the beginning but once they start to pack they will see it as fun. Of course, this may require more time from your side, because you won’t give them scissors to use, that art is all you. But, have some patience and make this a family activity.

It won’t be only fun for your kids, but to you as well. Make a day out of it. You will pack in no time, without realizing, not only because you had your little helpers by your side but also because you had fun while packing. Same can happen when unpacking. Once you guys are done with packing, let the professional movers Crestview FL, take over. 

A little girl sleeping
Don’t let them sleep through the packing and moving, involve them in everything you can

Moving, packing and unpacking can be so fun when you have someone to share it with. All that stress and anxiety about moving simply goes away. Having your kids help you will help them and you. They will learn something new and something great, and that is all that this is about. Have fun with your family and show your kids, that work doesn’t have to be hard and boring, not when you are all together.

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