Leaving Florida: best places to move to

There are a lot of benefits to living in Florida. They don’t call it Sunshine State for no reason. The sunny beaches, the tourist attractions, the low cost of living… and Miami, the capital of beachfront parties. But like any other place in the world, its virtues come with some flaws as well. For some people, the flaws far outweigh the upsides and leaving Florida becomes the only recourse. And when moving out of state is inevitable, it helps to have some alternatives in mind. So we are here to help you by offering some ideas when leaving Florida: best places to move to. And we have to start with a piece of advice: find the best movers in Florida to help you relocate. If you find a company experienced in what they do, you can skip feeling overwhelmed. And your relocation can be easy and enjoyable. How great it would be!

Why is hiring movers so important?

Moving is always an exciting event. It brings a freshness of a new start and all those opportunities that await you, meeting new friends and finding new favorite places. But before that, you have to relocate all your stuff to the new place. Once the first wave of happiness flies away, you will face many different tasks that await you. And that all while you are working and have family obligations as per usual. That can be overwhelming to many people. So getting professional help is a smart move for sure, especially if you are about to make interstate moving.

moving company man
Hiring experienced movers will make your relocation so much easier.

Many problems can occur on a moving day. So having experienced movers by your side can be such a smart investment. Have in mind that there are all kinds of moving companies on the market. So take time to find the best ones. Go to their website, and read how long they are on the market. Don’t skip on looking for reviews because they could be just the thing that will make the decision. Also, you should know that there are so many different moving services. During the initial interview tell all about your move and ask movers what they can offer you. You can choose what you would love to do by yourself and what are you ready to release to them to finish.

Most common reasons when leaving Florida: best places to move to

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the Sunshine State. There are many reasons for leaving Florida: best places to move to are numbered in this post. While you can find a plethora of things to complain about wherever you live, some issues are more or less unique to Florida.

leaving Florida: best places to move to
There are many reasons for leaving Florida: best places to move to are numbered in this post.
  • hurricanes – Florida lends itself to frequent invasions by hurricanes that form over the Atlantic ocean; the most common reason for leaving Florida by far
  • dangerous animals – although Florida sports diverse wildlife, there are only so many alligators and snakes invading your pool you’re willing to put up with
  • pests – year-round warmth and humidity enables the population of mosquitoes and other pesky insects to spiral out of control
  • tourists – with favorable weather all throughout the year, and attractions such as the magical Disney World, the Daytona 500, and the Everglades National Park, Florida is constantly besieged by tourists from all over the country

For most people, there usually isn’t a single reason, but rather a combination of several that prompts them to leave Florida. So it is no wonder that many people think about long distance moving. Whatever your reasons for wanting to relocate, it might help to have some ideas as to where you should move to. Sit down and write down the list of non-negotiable. Also, make your wish list. That will help you make a decision. Because you deserve to have the best conditions in your new place. Don’t be in a hurry, rather consider all our suggestions in peace. With that said, we’ll jump right into giving you a suggestion or two.

Moving trends in 2022

In a post-covid world, the economy is again on the rise. Many people continued to work from home and that opened some more opportunities for a more comfortable life. In 2022, it is noted that many people decide to move to the suburbs, closer to nature and in places that are more affordable. Living easy is getting important, so it makes sense that people want to have all important spots for daily life close to their homes and easily reachable. Especially, if they work from their home. The statistic shows that more moving takes place in low-density areas where the housing prices are lower. Those migrations raised housing prices by over 33%. Long-distance moves are still mostly motivated with some good job opportunities.

We listed some moving trends for you in 2022.

Austin, Texas is the first on the list of most desired places to live in

People who decide to move to Austin, Texas are drawn to many opportunities to find a good-paying job. The market is overflowing with tech startups as well as big-name tech companies. It earned its nickname “Silicon Hills”. You will easily find many significant areas, so you can choose where your home will be. On top of that, living in Austine is really affordable and it is a safe place to live. For all that reasons many families decide to raise their kids there or start their own job.

The Metro area in Austin gains about 33,700 people every year. That number refers to domestic migration, while 6,660 people come from international migration and even 15,980 is a natural increase. Lower tax rates also play an important part in the overall decision of why people love getting there. Since Austin ranks first among the 50 biggest metros for new people who become residents, you probably want to hire local St Petersburg movers and tell them to help you relocate there. Austin is such a lively city so you will have plenty to do when you get there. The population of Austin is nearly 1 million. Obviously, this is not a small city. Yet, Austinites know how to make you feel welcome. This is probably one of the friendliest environments. Its musical and cultural life is very vivid, and you will always have some great events to visit.

Austin ranks first among the 50 biggest metros for new people.

Phoenix is the place to go when you decide on leaving Florida

Phoenix is not the only place in Arizona that noted population growth in 2021. But this is the perfect place for digital nomads who are looking for Southwestern heat. The closeness of the Grand Canyon is for sure a reason to move there. But not the only one. Beautiful warm climates have a positive impact on improving health, as well as the proximity of outdoor places for recreation. Grand Canyon National Park is an awesome place to visit and enjoys the natural beauty. You will be also able to enjoy Glen Canyon and hit the links at a higher-quality golf course.

Phoenix is a place with a strong and steady economy. And that is such an important reason to move there. Costs of living are relatively small. That means you will probably have a mobbing budget to find some good Daytona Beach movers and ask them to help you move to Phoenix. This is the place where some big tech companies are moving their headquarters to. So if you are in that business, you don’t have to worry about your job opportunities.

If you’re leaving Florida for a big city, New York is the place to go 

If you’ve got an itch for that big city atmosphere, New York City can more than scratch it. The city is the quintessential melting pot of nations with around 800 spoken languages within communities scattered along 5 boroughs. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more culturally diverse place in the whole world, and that’s saying something. Being so rich in culture, it’s a perfect place for budding artists and actors. Not just because of Broadway, although it’s definitely a point in the city’s favor. New York also hosts a lot of independent theater and art displays. It’s a Big Apple, and everyone wants a bite out of it. Living in NYC doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth it.

new york
New York is always an interesting spot for people who look to relocate.

It is noted that 264,000 people moved to New York in the previous year, and even 65% of them are from the United States. Just about anyone can find the right place for themselves in New York so those numbers are not such a surprise. And even if you are moving from a hype place like Miami, you will find joy and excitement in New York for sure. If this big city calls your name, wait no more. Call the best Miami movers today and let them put you on an offer to help you relocate to the Big Apple. We really think that you won’t be disappointed.

There is an advantage to hiring a local moving company

Local movers will know just the best way to approach your home. They are also familiar with the traffic jam and all other specifics of your neighborhood. On top of that, it will be easy to go to their office for an initial interview where you can ask all you would love to know from them and check their equipment, as well as the certificates their team has. So whenever in Florida you live now, try to find the best local movers you can.

Atlanta, GA is another neighbor-state to Florida, and also a great choice for singles

For some reason, Atlanta is one of those big cities that’s essentially heaven for single people. Its growing job market is well-suited for career development. And it boasts a nightlife scene that can easily be described as legendary. Both of these qualities make for a very comfortable life for singles, but in general as well. Compared to most places in Florida, it’s definitely more peaceful, even for a big city.

Atlanta is a great place for finding a romantic partner.

There’s a strong spirit of indie music in Atlanta, which you can get a feel for at Woodruff Arts Center. Midtown Atlanta is home to the High Museum of Art, famous for its HIGH-Frequency Fridays, where you can enjoy lovely music, dance, and have drinks. A perfect place to go out on a date, or even meet someone new. If all of this has you convinced that Atlanta is the place for you, feel free to contact some of the best Tampa movers if that is the area where you live now. They’ll be all too eager to help you with your relocation.

On the flip side of the affordability coin, you could leave Florida for Kansas City, Missouri

You might want to go somewhere cheaper than NYC after leaving Florida. You could move to Kansas City, Missouri, and stop pinching pennies. It’s ranked as one of the most affordable places to live in the US. It will still give you that feeling of a big city because it has a population of a little over two million. Despite being smaller than NYC, Kansas City has a lot of cultural manifestations year-round. It’s well-known for something called First Fridays, a sort of a mini-festival on the first Friday of each month. You can go outdoor dancing at the Crossroads Arts District. And if you don’t have hot feet, you can still enjoy smooth jazz music and soul ballads. Alternatively, you could try your hand at making art at the Hallmark Kaleidoscope studio. The best part is, First Fridays are community-driven, so they don’t really cost you anything.

If you want to save some money, think about moving to Kansas City.

So it is no wonder that in the last 7 years over 40,000 people came to live in Kansas City region. That number covers U.S. residents but also people abroad. This place is proud to have the lowest prices of living in the state. You’ll be able to find just the place for yourself since there are a ton of different options and also prices. If that information convinced you that Kansas is the place for you, don’t wait. Call today your Boca Raton movers, if this is where your home is located now.

If you’re leaving Florida but prefer staying on the East Coast, Charleston, SC might be perfect for you 

Maybe you’re still connected to Florida with some friends or family members and your favorite places. So you don’t feel like going too far out of Florida. Maybe you want to remain on the Atlantic coast but get out of the humid tropical climate of Florida. If that’s the case, Charleston, SC might just be the perfect fit for you. More than 30 people move there every single day. Charleston experienced rapid population growth. If you hire your Orlando movers to help you get there, you won’t be the only one who decided that. The place has award-winning dining and a thriving arts community. You’ll be also able to choose the right neighborhood for yourself.

Fun fact – it’s the hometown of Stephen Colbert, the host of “The Late Show”! On a more serious note, the most unique thing about Charleston is that it has access to four different rivers that all flow into the Atlantic. This, in turn, translates to a lot of waterfront property and especially waterfront promenades! Combine that with the town’s rich history and Victorian architecture, and you’ll simply fall in love with Charleston’s charm. The traditional southern cuisine is an added benefit. Husk and Jestine’s Kitchen have been famous for its soul food for over two decades.

Boise, Idaho is on the list when leaving Florida: best places to move to are named

Idaho is actually one of the least populated states. It gives its residents to spread out open space. But it also offers some great growing economic opportunities. In 2020, almost twice as many people were moving in than those who moved out. This is one of the best states for jobs and Boise is at the top of the list of job opportunities. The costs of living are 2.3% lower than the national average and that is very compelling. The crime rate is low there, so this Gem State is an awesome place both for families and retirees. You’ll find some great attractions there and you will never get bored. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy some great weather conditions for sure.

We made list for you when you are leaving Florida: best places to move to
We made list for you when you are leaving Florida: best places to move to and Idaho is on it.

We made list for you when you are leaving Florida: best places to move to

No place is perfect for living. You’ll always find things to complain about (either silently to yourself or vocally) if you’re looking for them. But if leaving Florida is something you’re absolutely resolved to do, at least now you have several ideas as to where the grass might be a bit greener. We made list for you when you are leaving Florida: best places to move to.  If some of them seem appealing it would be great to talk to some of its residents. Always keep in mind that everyone has their own point of view and that all of us validate different things. So listen closely and make the choice based on your personal preferences. Take some time before you decide. Or sit down and make a list of all the pros and cons of places that are on the top of your list.

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